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Eye Tracking Coming To Video Games

RubberChainsaw Easily solved. (102 comments)

Standard mouse control remains. Some alternate keypress is used for "interact with what I am looking at."

about 9 months ago

Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

RubberChainsaw Is Google the same as the NSA? (841 comments)

I give my information to Google willingly. The NSA, on the other hand, takes my information from me without recourse. The gap between the two entities is wide enough that I feel vastly more animosity towards the NSA.

about 9 months ago

The Quietest Place On Earth Will Cause You To Hallucinate In 45 Minutes

RubberChainsaw Re:BULL CRAP! (332 comments)

But the rest of your office mates desperately wish that you would.

about 10 months ago

Electric Cars: Drivers Love 'Em, So Why Are Sales Still Low?

RubberChainsaw Re:money? (810 comments)

Cost of Unleaded Regular gasoline in 2003 was avg. $1.50 (, and is $3.60 in 2013. We can likely expect similar rises in price over the next 10 years.

You might want to run your cost calculations with a higher value on the price of gas to see a more accurate picture.

about 10 months ago

Elon Musk Talks About the Importance of Physics, Criticizes the MBA

RubberChainsaw Re:couldnt agree more (343 comments)

Will the higher up members of the party be able to turn down the volume on their telespeakers?

about 10 months ago

Slashdot Asks: What Are You Doing For Hallowe'en?

RubberChainsaw Re:Dressing up... (273 comments)

This is only a problem because you are 22 years old..

about a year ago

4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television

RubberChainsaw Re:I would love 4K!!! (559 comments)

Scale up the DPI. Even relatively young eyes need the fonts scaled on these.

about 10 months ago

4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television

RubberChainsaw Re:I would love 4K!!! (559 comments)

I sit about 4 feet away from a 50" 4K monitor. It works for me. One thing to keep in mind is that the further away you place the monitor, the more DPI scaling you're going to want. The font gets pretty small at these resolutions.

about 10 months ago

4K Ultra HD Likely To Repeat the Failure of 3D Television

RubberChainsaw I have this monitor. (559 comments)

I have the Seiki 50" version of their 4K monitor. The 39 inch version shares the same limitations and benefits.

The quality of the picture produced by the monitor is all that I can ask for. Having 4K of usable desktop space at home makes me hate my tiny little 1440's at work. The best part of having 2160 vertical space is the sheer amount of code that I can see in each IDE. For some reason, tilting a normal monitor to stand in portrait mode bugs me. Too little horizontal space engenders its own type of claustrophobia, I guess.

The only problem with the monitor is the poor refresh rate at 4K resolutions. I can tease 120Hz at 1080p, so its great for gaming, but at 4K I am limited to 30Hz. The 30Hz refresh rate will either result in signifigant input delay, with desktop vsync enabled, or, with vsync disabled, will result in lots of tearing every time you update a large portion of the screen (scroll the screen or move a window, etc). I can't recommend the 30Hz versions of 4K monitors, unless you know what it's like.

I'd recommend that you turn your current display into a 30Hz display for a few days, see if you can stomach it, before buying a Seiki.

about 10 months ago

Inside the Guardian and the Snowden Leaks

RubberChainsaw Re:Modern journalism (239 comments)

What we need to get the attention of the average person are stories about Lindsay Lohan being spied on by the NSA.

about a year ago

4K Computer Monitors Are Coming (But Still Pricey)

RubberChainsaw Re:50" 4k costs 1/4 the price of the 32" (286 comments)

I'm using one of the 50" seikis right now. 30Hz is a little annoying (there is a slight flicker at the edge of my vision), but it is perfectly acceptable compromise in exchange for the sheer amount of desktop space I'm granted. The vertical resolution is key. 2100 pixels down without the annoyance of bezels? Yes, please.

This panel is capable of 120hz. There is a good business opportunity for anyone skilled in FPGA programming. Make a board capable of accepting multiple hdmi or displayport inputs to combine for 4k @ 60hz. Since the only competition to this set is currently 4x's the price, there is a lot of room for extra costs. Even adding several hundred dollars to the set will make it cost-competitive. Its times like this that I wish I had studied more electrical engineering rather than pure math..

about a year ago

How Colleges Are Pushing Out the Poor To Court the Rich

RubberChainsaw Re:Average public univ = $13,600 a year (668 comments)

GPA does definitely matter, especially for continuing one's education. A very close friend of mine desires more than anything to become a practicing physical therapist. Unfortunately, her undergrad grades are quite poor. During her undergraduate work, she thought (like you espouse) that GPA was not important. Her GREs are middling, and due to her GPA, no medical school is giving her a chance. It is rejection letter after rejection letter. I actually admire her tenacity. Its been more than two years and she is still applying and searching for a way to achieve her goal.

about a year ago

The Text-Your-Parents-Your-Drug-Deal Experiment

RubberChainsaw Re:really? (267 comments)

This is a bit of performance art and comedy using the internet and its social networking capabilities. Since it demonstrates a novel use of the internet, this type of thing would have been relevant content in the earlier days of slashdot. Now, however, it is just another type of bog standard performance art and probably doesn't belong here.

about a year ago

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

RubberChainsaw Right that we'll lose (1105 comments)

I suspect that this event will lead to legislation to increase surveillance powers for the intelligence gathering agencies. Any red tape that still exists which allows agencies to tap communications of suspects will be removed. Whether this event was perpetrated by foreigners or americans is irrelevant. For example, if it is a homegrown attack by some disturbed person, then the agencies will claim it could have been prevented if they were allowed to eavesdrop on all communication of former mental patients, and felons without warrant. Then we've got a law that states ISPs and telcos have to allow access to any agent who can show that the account holder is a former felon - which will end up meaning that anyone with the same name as a former felon is fair game for eavesdropping. If the attack was done by foreign elements, then we'll see calls for warrantless eavesdropping for anyone who has recently entered the country, or recently convicted felons (since nobody ever stands up for felons). Either way, we're all boned.

about a year and a half ago

AMD Reveals Radeon Sky Series For Cloud Gaming, Previews Radeon HD 7990

RubberChainsaw The 7990 is bigger than some motherboards. (53 comments)

It finally happened, add-in graphics cards are bigger than the rest of the computer.

about a year and a half ago



Carpool Lanes for Corporations

RubberChainsaw RubberChainsaw writes  |  about a year and a half ago

RubberChainsaw (669667) writes "A San Francisco Bay Area man was arrested while driving, as the sole human occupant of his vehicle, in a carpool lane. On his passenger seat was the set documents of incorporation for his family's charity. The Marin County Superior Court rejected his argument that, since corporations are people, and his corporation was with him inside the vehicle, he wasn't violating the state's 2 person minimum. It is worth noting that California's Vehicle Code 470 states that a "Person" includes a natural person, firm, copartnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation."
Link to Original Source


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