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Soda Pop Damages Your Cells' Telomeres

RubberDogBone Re:Telomeres, tiny 'hairs' that split DNA for dupi (237 comments)

As someone who has invested a fair amount of effort and money into making a machine to make his own carbonated water, because I LOVE it and drink a lot of it, I can firmly tell you any excess CO2 you might consume in beverages leaves the body one of two ways: you burp it or fart it.

The kidneys are not involved in handling food CO2 because the process of digestion will free the gas and it will then vent directly in which ever way is easiest. Even if the gas stays in solution deep into the gun, it will not be absorbed by the body in gas form so it won't enter the blood.

Further evidence of this is from normal food digestion. The microbes in the intestines are always making CO2 and other gasses as they do their thing and likewise those gas products are vented directly as gas rather than being absorbed into the intestine membranes and then into the blood. Otherwise you would not fart. And everybody does.

Now, any CO2 that IS in the blood from normal biological processes (exercise, burning calories, etc) is cleaned out by the lungs, not the kidneys. Whatever you don't burp or fart is just whisked away when you breathe. You won't notice it.

So the bottom line is that consuming CO2 in food is fine. Harmless.

6 hours ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

RubberDogBone Re:outsource your wedding (445 comments)

I dated a Filipina for a while and was eventually blessed with a lot of lumpia.

Regret very much that relationship didn't work out. She was cool, her parents and siblings were cool. It was nice being a part of their family. Or would have been anyway. I can eat a lot of lumpia.

about a week ago

Kmart Says Its Payment System Was Hacked

RubberDogBone How do you hack a crank calculator (101 comments)

KMart is well known for having barely any IT infrastructure, and what they DO have doesn't work well. They are literally one step removed from only hand-crack adding machines.

How DO you hack that?

Yes this is a serious question. One of the key differences between Walmart and KMart was how each company approached IT back in the 80s when this stuff became affordable and powerful. Walmart embraced data and wrapped their whole process around it and still uses it quasi-magical ways to glean trends, predict sales, do reorders, and find efficiencies. They extract value from data just like they squeeze their suppliers.

KMart, on the other hand, looked at computers and laughed and went on laughing for years, not noticing as Walmart out flanked them and eventually drove them into the ground head first. KMart is barely alive now, because they spent decades not having any idea what was even in the stores or what was selling. They didn't know, didn't care, had no way to handle the data even if they had it, and generally treated IT like nothing more than office internet connections to surf Yahoo.

Baseline Magazine, I believe it was, did a stellar piece on Walmart vs. Kmart and how each handled IT as of about 10 years ago. KMart is not painted on a good light. It's actually amazing an organization as incompetent as KMart is even still in business. .They have never gotten it and still don't.

Walmart had them beat years before it happened, because Walmart knew all the data. They won the war in the server room. KMart never had a chance and didn't even fight back.

about a week ago

The Greatest Keyboard Ever Made

RubberDogBone Keytronic clone (304 comments)

My office spent a fair amount on a Keytronic clone of the Model M. It looked more or less identical and fell like you could kill someone will it, but the durability was actually a disaster. None of them lasted more than a few years.

We got new PCs with the cheap-in-the-box HP keyboards and those have held up for 8 years so far, hardly any problems. New Dell PCs replaced those but we kept the HP keyboards. Kinda weird but it worked. All the Keytronics went in the trash.

The moral here is that it may LOOK like a Model M, it may even sort of feel like you can kill someone with it. But it's got to be the real thing or nothing,

about two weeks ago

The Era of Saturday Morning Cartoons Is Dead

RubberDogBone The causes of death were several (320 comments)

The causes behind all these are several. In the 80s, there was a big push for so-called program length commercials, glorified toy ads. A lot of US fondly remember these shows decades later so it can be argued about the value if the shows being far beyond ads for toys.

The pressure to crack down on these programs -and corresponding flops in the fickle toy markets- caused fewer cartoons to be made, fewer for networks to air and also fewer for independent stations to run in the mornings and afternoon. This used to be a mainstay with multiple channels in some cities throwing out the best shows they could get to compete with each other. My town had three stations which fought for every show and bought anything they could find.

At the same time, the Fox network began picking up these independent stations to form their network, meaning the syndicated cartoons that did exist now had many fewer outlets to air, which caused even less of them to get made in the first place. My town had a series of musical chairs that resulted in the two biggest cartoon-airing stations dropping all their programs, cold. The third stations couldn't afford to buy them so basically they went away entirely locally.

And also around the same time, Cartoon Network launched and began picking up viewers that way. Nickelodeon responded and Disney with DXD, but no matter where they watched, in large part once kids went over to watching cartoons on cable, they never went back to broadcast stations looking for cartoons. And then after a few years, they forget they ever existed anyway.

about two weeks ago

Could Maroney Be Prosecuted For Her Own Hacked Pictures?

RubberDogBone Re:Rick Falkvinge on the subject... (274 comments)

THIS. The idea that a girl making peace signs in her bra then has to write an ESSAY basically about what's wrong with being a girl. WTF is that supposed to tell her about being female, which is already not an easy thing for a lot of girls and women?

You, because you are female and wear a bra, are teh suck for your entire life and are unfit to even take selfies. WOW. Way to clobber self esteem.

I always wanted to have a daughter but I wouldn't want one to have to deal with society like this.

about two weeks ago

Senators Threaten To Rescind NFL Antitrust Exemption

RubberDogBone Easy fix: lots of football tickets (242 comments)

All this huffing and puffing from Congress Critters can be solved by dumping some football tickets into constituent service offices, you know, to invite the staff to come see all the value a football team contributes to the community and see what NFL is all about.

Free of course, no strings attached. Just have some tickets.

And forget you were upset about blackouts and antitrust, okay? Okay!

about two weeks ago

Will Apple Lose Siri's Core Tech To Samsung?

RubberDogBone Samsung has worked with Nuance forever (161 comments)

An ancient Samsung flip-phone I had, gosh, 10 years ago maybe, had a sort of rudimentary voice command operation powered by Nuance. Between that and other similar things Samsung has done, they were working with Nuance long before SRI and Siri came along.

Rather than being something to damage Apple, I would say the current idea of buying them probably has more to do with "OK Google" now being mandated on devices, which in turn cuts Samsung and Nuance out of the game. I am not sure what buying Nuance is supposed to do but it has to be a defense of some sort.

about two weeks ago

eBay To Spin Off PayPal

RubberDogBone Re:Since when do eBay and Paypal compete? (76 comments)

They compete in the sense that eBay + PayPal is a competitor to something like Amazon which means Amazon won't let people pay via PayPal.

Split off, with PayPal on its own again, then only eBay will compete with Amazon directly, although PayPal will still compete with Amazon payments, there is a better chance Amazon will accept it, since they want to let people spend money.

And on the other side, there is no real advantage to eBay in keeping PayPal linked. It will still be a payment option just as it is now.

about three weeks ago

eBay To Spin Off PayPal

RubberDogBone Fantastic! Bring on Paypal payments on Amazon (76 comments)

The holy grail for me would be the ability to make payments on Amazon using PayPal, something not currently possible since they are rival companies with eBay in the mix.

But once it gets spun out or sold, perhaps, maybe, Amazon will begin accepting it. And I would love that.

about three weeks ago

The Physics of Space Battles

RubberDogBone Space Wars will be one-hit conflicts (470 comments)

Unlike most fictional versions of space war, the real thing will likely be a one-hit, one-fight battle, simply because spaceships are typically sensitive machines that don't tolerate damage too well. Even an armored space battleship would still have weaknesses, namely in whatever it uses for sensing and aiming.

In a battle scenario where missiles or even lasers were used, these sensors and other equipment would likely take on significant damage and immediately be rendered inert. The attacked ships might be so deaf or blind they might be unable to fight back even if they wanted to. Repair facilities would be weeks or months or years away, and spare parts probably not an option given how long it takes the ISS crew to plan, train, practice, and actually execute even simple repairs.

It would not take a formal battle to accomplish this either, merely a first salvo surprise attack of some time, perhaps a surprise only in that the target didn't see it coming until it was too late rather then a significant sneaking operation. The attacker would be able to do this at a huge distance and maintain their own safe condition at the same time, so it would present little risk to them to try it. Which means they would be that much more likely to give it a go.

So in summary, it will be easy to damage enemy ships at the start of a fight, there will be little consequence to doing so, and there will be no way for the losing side to repair and resume the fight. Thinking as a military commander, it would be much better to keep forces on the planet where trading bullets or bombs results in significant tactical opportunity to change the battle. No commander would like a battle where one salvo ends it. There is no fun in that. There is no tactics in that.

Who wins comes down not to planning or anything valued by traditional military colleges but instead because a factor only of who fires first and perhaps has the best results hitting a target.

about three weeks ago

Indian Mars Mission Beams Back First Photographs

RubberDogBone Re:This is good: we didn't send a camera on ours (113 comments)

You are correct, we know what it looks like, and I said as much too, but new photos of Mars look good on the news and remind us things like this are worth funding.

To be sure, NASA did some nice animations to fill the gap.

about three weeks ago

Solar System's Water Is Older Than the Sun

RubberDogBone Re:Bet most water is older than the sun (173 comments)

Well of course. It takes Supernovae to make things like Oxygen and gold and to disperse Iron and other elements, so ALL this stuff had to exist or be made long before it coalesced into the Solar nebula and eventually formed planets and a star.

The iron in your blood was made inside an exploding star a very long time ago. Look at your hand and think about that: what you take for granted has already been through some of the most violent explosions in the known universe. But today, you mostly use it for .... well... we know.

about three weeks ago

Indian Mars Mission Beams Back First Photographs

RubberDogBone This is good: we didn't send a camera on ours (113 comments)

This is good stuff, as the NASA mission that just arrived at Mars lacked any sort of camera instruments. Nothing but a UV detector. Wow. So we won't get any Mars photos back from this one. I suppose we sort of know what Mars looks like but still... India sent back pictures. Not bad, India. Congrats! Welcome to Mars!

about three weeks ago

FAA Clears Movie and TV Drones For Takeoff

RubberDogBone Re:Application (50 comments)

There will be no other drone permits in the area so no interaction with other company's drones.

I am not sure I read anything that prevents a leasure user from flying his or her drones into the airspace being used by a movie or TV production. In fact, somebody playing around with a drone they got off eBay or Amazon has less regulation to worry about and/or probably doesn't know what the rules are anyway. And what better place to play with it than the set of Batman 8 or Transformers 891?

Productions are going to probably notice rogue private drones but even if they don't LIKE it, I am not sure they have any standing to do anything about it any more than if somebody was in an office or apartment overlooking a movie set below.

about three weeks ago

FAA Clears Movie and TV Drones For Takeoff

RubberDogBone The drone has already left the building (50 comments)

Can hardly turn on a "reality" TV show these days without some shots clearly from some kind of drone. This camera work has been going on for years, quietly.

Goofball shows like Gold Rush even worked the camera drone into an epsiode -they used a blimp drone but it was still a drone and still used for filming, albeit to wimpy effect. I saw a show the other day, clearly shot IN the US which used a drone for a nice swooping panorama -I wish I could remember which one it was. And I remember thinking, this shot is hella illegal. But it still got filmed. I am not sure reality TV can film now without these tricks. They've forgotten how to get the shot other ways.

All Hollywood is trying to do here is say I'm sorry after the fact, instead of please may I beforehand. And the FAA is going along with it, as they should frankly. It can't be stopped at this point so they might as well regulate it.

about three weeks ago

NASA Panel Finds Fault WIth Curiosity Rover Project's Focus

RubberDogBone Re:NASA bureaucracy at it again (51 comments)

Tin foil wheels? Did they ever, I dunno, make one and test it?

I wonder what the design spec was like. "Make a wheel out of some of the flimsiest stuff possible and make it travel over extremely aggressive terrain in an extreme environment" Sounds like a great plan. At least they didn't choose tissue paper -THAT might have been worse.

about a month and a half ago

Why Do Humans Grow Up So Slowly? Blame the Brain

RubberDogBone Re:not so fast (128 comments)

It takes a long time to teach our kids because the system we have for teaching them is horribly inefficient and has been for thousands of years at this point.

But it carries on not because it's good but instead because it is so indoctrinated and there is no allowance to try anything radically different. If you try even things like "new math" parents freak out because that's not what they learned.

In fact, the entire schooling process we have, from primary schools to colleges and post-graduate should be reexamined at every level. Does it make sense to do it this way, or are we doing it this way, effectively spending a third of someone's life on school, only because the system is dedicated to this method?

Basically, the concepts of college as we know them are at least several hundred years old. Virtually every area of science and medicine and life itself has changed over that time, however we still teach basically the same way. This doesn't make any sense. That process should have changed and evolved like all the others but it largely hasn't. This should be questioned by anyone -are we doing this the right way? Does it make sense? Or is there a better way?

However everybody currently on the loose was educated that way so they have no incentive to change it for new kids, and of course the educators themselves have little or no incentive to reinvent how they do what they do, and even the parents have no incentive to let their child try a new way that may jeopardize the child's accomplishments compared to other kids -nobody wants their kid to be the first one to never actually have a diploma for something, for example.

Spending a third of someone's life on schooling years is on the face of it ridiculous. But I don't think this can possibly change. And that's too bad.

about 2 months ago

Dropbox Caught Between Warring Giants Amazon and Google

RubberDogBone Re:BTSync (275 comments)

Dropbox gave me 50GB free because I bought a certain cell phone, but I left the moment it became clear they let the NSA do anything they wanted.

Hell no.

That has actually burned me on cloud for anything that isn't PGPd already, but honestly I should have been doing that from the start. Lesson learned.

about 2 months ago

How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

RubberDogBone Lots (260 comments)

I run three wifi routers in my home, using up three 2.4GHz channels (yes neighborhood, I am the one taking most of the bandwidth; bite me) and two more on 5GHz, with the option, if I wanted it, to have two more guest channels on each band. Don't currently use the guest networks.

One of the 2.4 channels is dedicated to the wifi cameras on the back of the house. The second 2.4 is for the cameras on the front of the house. Each one has multiple camera feeds going on so they continuously saturate the bandwidth, or at least hog it, and this many cameras requires more than one channel to be effective. The third 2.4 is for any other wifi device that lacks 5GHz, which right now is a Roku and a laptop which is usually wire-connected anyway. All of these channels have different names so devices will not hop channels.

The two 5Ghz channels are for smartphones, the only things I have which can use 5GHz. Really only need one of these to be active but I am testing a new Netgear router so doing A-B compares on which one performs better at 5GHz.

And of course all of the APs and routers are tied into gigabit ethernet. I don't use WPS.

about 2 months ago


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