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MacBook's "Unremovable" Battery Easy To Remove

Russ Steffen Re:What happened to the Torx screws? (476 comments)

BTW, a lot of those easily stripped "Phillips" screws are actually JIS screws. They look similar but the angle of the point is different. A Phillips driver doesn't quite make enough contact and will just core the head right out if there is any resistance.

more than 5 years ago

Matter Discovered Traveling at Near Light Speed

Russ Steffen Re:What's the speed of force? (403 comments)

I asked this question in a physics class and the answer I got, which makes quite a bit of sense, is that force travels through a material at the speed of sound. So if in your example your 500 foot pole was made of steel, the opposite end starts moving roughly 30 milliseconds after you push the near end. (The speed of sound in steel is very roughly 5000 meters/sec.)

more than 7 years ago


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