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Using WiMAX To Replace a Phone?

Ryandav The devices for this are coming to market (+links) (169 comments)

I was at CTIA this year looking for Wimax enabled devices and release schedules, here are some relevant links from people I saw on the show floor:


Go to the part about Wimax Phones. There are also Wimax video IP phones and wimax based surveillance systems shown there, see a product announcement here from Feb.


I don't see details on their site, but the handset I have a flyer for was called the Sting, and was dual mode Wimax/GSM.

Also saw one called the wiofone: http://www.wimax.com/commentary/blog/blog-2008/wimax-blog-wimax-desktop-phone

Placeholder website here: http://wioline.com/

Samsung was also present displaying a number of devices with embedded Wimax chipsets in them, intended to use VoIP as part of the connectivity, such as the PDA (SCH-M830 and M8200), an UMPC or 2 (all of which were Windows based devices), and some standard laptops with wimax chipsets in them.

It's a chicken-and-egg problem still, since the devices will become more common when there's more coverage, more markets, and more possible subscribers, but people will fund the growth of the network when there are devices available which use it. It seems pretty obvious from investments that Intel/Motorola et al are both trying hard to lock in a future where many devices will have embedded wimax chipsets simply included as bluetooth and wifi chipsets are today. And not just laptops, but cars, washing machines, refrigerators, anything that would benefit from network access.

more than 5 years ago

StarCraft II Beta Signups Open

Ryandav Re:Late (123 comments)

Man I wish I had mod points...


more than 5 years ago

Ham Radio Operators Are Heroes In Oregon

Ryandav Re:New form of file sharing! (326 comments)

Wow, I'm really touched by both this story and your offer. It makes a wonderful counterpoint to all the people on this thread who are complaining about the "curmudgeons" on Ham Bands... I'm glad to know that the spirit of Open Source positively impacts more than just one's choice of operating systems.

I had decided right before Thanksgiving to start studying for my Tech class license, and I anticipate taking the test next week or so, at the next local test I could find in Tacoma. Now there's icing on the cake!

Thank you.

more than 7 years ago


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My own open source project, iShudan

Ryandav Ryandav writes  |  more than 7 years ago I decided to try and roll my own Open Source project to scratch a newly acquired itch: a web interface for playing and recording Go* games on the iPhone and other "mobile" handsets. I picked a goofy name that looked available, made a google code project out of it, and announced it on my blog. I have some working code, a license, a wiki, and a subversion repository.

Tonight, my friend Adam and I are going to work on things a bit more. I downloaded a trial version of some JAVA centered IDE called IntelliJ IDEA, even though my code's just PHP. Perhaps I will qualify for the open source license for their software if I make a mailing list for the project as well...

Go Related blog for beginners:


The subversion repository for iShudan can be found here:

*: (or weiqi or baduk or hand-talk if you prefer)


David's Go Dojo

Ryandav Ryandav writes  |  more than 7 years ago I have started a blog at the following location, David's Go Dojo. It is for matters pertaining to Go, an ancient Chinese board game that has existed for many thousands of years, and is the longest continuously played game of all time, ever. It is currently believed that computers will never be a significant challenge to a determined and moderately ranked Amateur player on the full 19x19 board in our near future, our lifetime, or possibly ever! My personal web site is slanted towards people interested in the game who don't necessarily know how to play or know only very little about the game, and it includes photograph albums via Gallery, a PHP-based go multiplayer engine, and an iPhone optimized interface when detected as necessary. Please feel free to stop by and take a look and offer any comments or questions...

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