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Google Putting Crowd Wisdom to Work

RyoSaeba So.... (190 comments)

will it finally be able to tell us when Duke Nukem Forever will be release?

more than 9 years ago


RyoSaeba hasn't submitted any stories.



Need to find something...

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  about 12 years ago ... to do during those awful hours at work...
tried to read stuff on the web, too much is too boring... besides, what to read ?
need to find something to do, construct, build, constructive, whatever... but i don't know what...


End of week...

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  about 12 years ago Was only a 4 days work week, but seemed like a loooooong time... and to think i still have 7 weeks to go !!! argh !!! bored to death...
worst thing is that i'm often bored at home too... hell, need to find something to do, a goal in life, not to mention a gf....
*curls up in a corner & sleeps*


Back to Boring Land

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  about 12 years ago Back after 2 weeks of holidays.....
And still soooooooo bored.
Need to find something to kill those hours of either lack-of-work or evening..
Hell, not even feeling like studying either japanese or italian (though i read in jap often).
Can't even chat with friends, no icq/irc -.-


3 days....

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  more than 12 years ago 3 days & off for 2 weeks holidays !!
Can't wait....
Gonna play with my comp, maybe install linux, stuff like that.....
No more waking early & working like crazy, yeah !!


Finally week-end !!

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  more than 12 years ago Yeah, in <1h i'm in week-end !
After a week of >42h, pretty much of'em surfing idly the web....
Hopefully the week-end will be cool !


I'm sooooo bored....

RyoSaeba RyoSaeba writes  |  more than 12 years ago Sometimes it's cool to have time at work...
But having too much time sucks !!!
I'm a software developer in a contracting company (ie i work for other companies), currently working in a foreign country.
Tell you what, that company sucks. The people are slow, i have like 2 days outta 4.5 (leaving friday noon) where i have nothing to do...and when i have, it's in crappy VBScript (type-free language, sure, except why do i get 'incompatible type' sometimes ?)
And of course i can't use the computer for anything (can't even put a background pic !!), stuck with IE, can't download anything, horrible !
That's also why i subscribed to /., just to kill time waiting either for something to do, or just the day ending...
Worse of all, i don't have a comp during the week (not at home), so i can't chat with friends outside work !!
Well, considering how many people are unemployed, maybe i shouldn't complain that much.......

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