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20,000 Customers Have Pre-Ordered Over $2,000,000 of Soylent

SBFCOblivion Re:juicers (543 comments)

How many rabbits have you seen with glasses?

about 8 months ago

Twinkies: The Breakfast of Champion Programmers Still Hard To Get

SBFCOblivion Re:Fat Rage (223 comments)

Sure they care. But apparently not enough to do anything about it. I used to be fat. And I reached a point where I had had enough not being happy with the way I looked. So I made a lifestyle change and fixed it. It isn't easy. But if you want it bad enough, you can change it.

about a year ago

'Alternative Medicine' Clinic Attempts To Silence Critics

SBFCOblivion Re:Oblig. xkcd (515 comments)

Your ass makes you look fat!

more than 2 years ago

Imagining the CLI For the Modern Machine

SBFCOblivion Re:WHOOOOSH! (317 comments)

feh the picture!

more than 3 years ago

Google Is Serious, Chrome 13 Hides URL Bar

SBFCOblivion Re:Keyboard shortcut? (417 comments)

I always used alt+d back when I had an address bar.

more than 3 years ago

Google Is Serious, Chrome 13 Hides URL Bar

SBFCOblivion Re:To cluttered. (417 comments)

Thanks. I've been a fan of vimperator for a long time now and had no idea a bunch of the primary devs forked a new project.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is It Time For SyFy To Go Premium?

SBFCOblivion Re:There is no hope (607 comments)


more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Denies Sony Claims of Disruption, Credit Info Theft

SBFCOblivion Re:Confusion (275 comments)

Mercy? You want mercy!? I'm chaotic neutral!

more than 3 years ago

8.8 Earthquake Near Japanese Coast

SBFCOblivion Re:Look on the bright side (431 comments)

One of my coworkers was explaining how Hawaii needn't worry about a 7 foot tsunami wave because they sometimes get 30 foot wind waves. You know, because tsunami waves are exactly like wind waves. I'm sure Australia has nothing to worry about!

more than 3 years ago

J.J. Abrams Promises 'Fringe' Will Die Fighting

SBFCOblivion Re:SGU bad? (392 comments)

Spaceship penis.

more than 3 years ago

Duke Nukem Forever Back In Development

SBFCOblivion Re:Gearbox? Hell yes! (356 comments)

Honest question: Did you play primarily single player or multi-player with Borderlands?

about 4 years ago

Six Reasons Why Flash Isn't Going Away

SBFCOblivion Re:Browser as Gaming Platform (483 comments)

Unless you only play 10 year old 2D games, you're not going to have a whole lot of fun playing games with Wine.

I agree that for new games it's safe to assume you're SOL as far as Wine is concerned. But what you describe is utterly false. Years ago (2006ish I believe) I played WoW solely in Wine. And that is hardly 10 years old, nor is it 2D. I also played through all of Half-Life 2 via Wine three or so years ago. Played lots of Warcraft III, and various other games.

Again, I realize none of those are brand spanking new. But they are far from 10 year-old 2D games. You say you don't like people spreading misinformation about it working better than it does. On the same token I don't like seeing people stomping it down making it out to be completely useless.

about 4 years ago

The Vending Machines of the Future

SBFCOblivion Re:Why? (216 comments)

Only it's Japan. They actually sell real green tea over there. As in it isn't artificially sweetened like every god damn maker in the US does. Even Coca Cola sells the real deal over there.

And if you want real stuff here look for the Ito En brand. I live in South Dakota and was shocked when they started selling it at Target.

more than 4 years ago

Is PC Gaming Set For a Comeback?

SBFCOblivion Re:The publishers only have themselves to blame. (495 comments)

Stardock is another company that treats their customers like customers. Their games are DRM free. The only time you have to connect to their servers is if you want to patch your game. Windows only though.

more than 4 years ago

Tattoos For the Math and Science Geek?

SBFCOblivion Re:No. Tattoos look like trash. (1186 comments)

Do you have a letter I could subscribe to where you make known all things you approve/disapprove of? I'd hate to make a decision in life that you wouldn't be happy with.


more than 4 years ago

Bangladesh Blocks Facebook Over Muhammad Cartoons

SBFCOblivion Re:This is religious intolerance. (562 comments)

or he had a family with kids, or some other ridiculous nonsense....

I honestly don't understand why that is classified as nonsense and even gets some people up in a tizzy (not you, others I've met). Is it only because it would mean the man had sex with someone?

more than 4 years ago

Oil Arrives In Louisiana; Defense Booms Inadequate

SBFCOblivion Re:Not very critical, actually. (359 comments)

At least Bush was just an idiot with Katrina.

I hate Bush as much as the next guy but I don't understand why so many harass him for Katrina. Why not place blame on the people who were supposed to be running the state? They live below sea level for fuck sake. Did they not anticipate that something bad may happen?

more than 4 years ago

Toyota Partners With Tesla To Make Electric Cars

SBFCOblivion Re:I can't wait. (327 comments)

A traditional gas-powered car, when stuck in a snow bank, will idle with the heat running and keep you alive for a very long time.

Have fun with your carbon monoxide poisoning.

more than 4 years ago

Website Mass-Bans Users Who Mention AdBlock

SBFCOblivion Re:Find a new site (660 comments)

I've had that checkbox checked for quite some time now and I get mod points on average of once or twice a week.

more than 4 years ago

Google Backs Yahoo In Privacy Fight With DoJ

SBFCOblivion Re:Did Google Find Its Balls? (173 comments)

The only thing was required to prevent another 9/11 style attack...

And the whole thing would likely have been prevented if our security agencies would have actually worked together and shared information instead of each hoarding a piece of the puzzle.

PBS had an interesting show on it.

more than 3 years ago



Saga of Ryzom goes AGPL

SBFCOblivion SBFCOblivion writes  |  more than 4 years ago

SBFCOblivion (1041418) writes "Saga of Ryzom announced the full release of their source code and artwork today. The world data is not being released so you will first have to develop your own world if you wish to run a server. Unfortunately the world creation process relies on proprietary 3-D modeling software; but there is work already underway to enable the use of free software alternatives such as Blender. They're also partnering with the FSF who will be hosting the game's artistic assets. Brett Smith over at the FSF has a writeup with some additional details."


SBFCOblivion has no journal entries.

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