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Run Netflix On OpenSUSE

SIR_Taco Re:Right... (128 comments)

Editors!?! We don't need no stinkin' editors!

about 9 months ago

How an Astronaut Falling Into a Black Hole Would Die Part 2

SIR_Taco Re:Hopefully the last time too (263 comments)

It would seem that verbs enter a black hole, temporarily escape, and are again swallowed by said black hole.

about a year ago

Exxon Charged With Illegally Dumping Waste In Pennsylvania

SIR_Taco Pardon?! (246 comments)

"The inspectors discovered a plug removed from a tank, allowing the wastewater to run onto the ground, polluting a nearby stream." ...
“There was no intentional, reckless or negligent misconduct by XTO.”'

Not intentional.... okay.
Not reckless nor negligent?! I think someone needs to check the meaning of those words in a non-lawyer dictionary.

1 year,9 days

Ohio State Introduces Massive Open Online Calculus

SIR_Taco Is are (134 comments)

Is are a free English and grammar course too?

1 year,21 days

Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

SIR_Taco Re:Full Throttle (285 comments)

Outlaws was a great game.
Unfortunately, It just so happened to come out very close to the time the Quake changed the face of the FPS genre, and many people missed out on it.

about a year and a half ago

Groupon Still Losing Money, CEO Is Fired And Leaks Final Email

SIR_Taco Re:If Groupon was Battletoads (207 comments)

Put out enough and you're bound to get some return.

That's what she said!

about a year and a half ago

Google Brings the Dead Sea Scrolls To the Digital Age

SIR_Taco Quality... (202 comments)

" a quality never seen before.'"

With the exception of when I saw them at the Royal Ontario Museum.

At a quality never seen before *online* maybe

about 2 years ago

Samsung Claims iPad Mini, iPad 4, New iPod Touch Also Infringe Patents

SIR_Taco Mooooooooommmmm! (124 comments)

Samsung: 'Apple's looking at me!!!!'
Apple: 'Am not!'
Samsung: 'Are too!'
Apple: 'Am not!'
Samsung: 'Are too!'
Apple: 'Am not!'
Samsung: 'Are too!'
Apple: 'Am not!'
Samsung: 'Are too!' ...

Previously from our last episode:

Apple: 'Samsung's looking at me!!!!'
Samsung: 'Am not!'
Apple: 'Are too!'
Samsung: 'Am not!'
Apple: 'Are too!'
Samsung: 'Am not!'
Apple: 'Are too!'
Samsung: 'Am not!'
Apple: 'Are too!'

about 2 years ago

Facebook Confirms Data Breach

SIR_Taco Re:Anecdote Time! (155 comments)


I used to have a very common name. So common that according to the latest census there are 40,000 of me walking around the United States (first and last name). I have met myself (first, middle and last) four times and the second time I met myself I was 19


John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt? That's my name, too!

about 2 years ago

The Case For Targeted Ads

SIR_Taco Why not... (290 comments)

... do what television advertisers do and display ads based on the typical demographic based on the subject matter?

about 2 years ago

Converting RSS Feeds To a Dynamic 3D Scene In 120 Lines of Code

SIR_Taco Re:Underwhelming implementation (73 comments)

But 3D is the new 2D.

I'm just waiting for some advancements in augmented reality, so that I can see the world around me in 3D! /sarcasm

about 2 years ago

Apple Adds Samsung Galaxy SIII To Its Ban List

SIR_Taco Re:Clarification (553 comments)


about 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S3 Face Unlock Tricked By Photograph

SIR_Taco Last I checked.... (174 comments)

Last I checked on my Samsung Galaxy SII (with ICS 4.0.3), the "Face Unlock" feature was aptly labeled as "Low Security, Experimental".

The only item marked as "High Security" is the password option.

I don't have an S3, but from what I've read the UI/OS version is pretty close at the moment (4.0.3 vs. 4.0.4). And I do believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that "Face Unlock" is still labeled the same.

more than 2 years ago

Backdoor Found In China-Made US Military Chip?

SIR_Taco Re:Sun Tzu (270 comments)

What greater subversion can there be than to convince the enemy to hire you to build their weapon's systems components?


more than 2 years ago

Disney Research Can Turn Nearly Any Surface Into a Touch Screen

SIR_Taco Hmmm..... (96 comments)

Sounds a little mickey mouse to me....

more than 2 years ago

UT Dallas Professor Captures the Mobile Interactions of 175 Texas Teens

SIR_Taco Re:no privacy issues here (146 comments)

I think the problem lies with the headline for the article:
"UT Dallas Professor Captures the Mobile Interactions of 175 Texas Teens"

Makes it sound like the Professor built some sort of tower and/or monitoring device and took the information against the will/knowledge of the Blackberry recipient.

A better (truthful?) headline would have read:
"UT Dallas Professor Studies the Mobile Interactions of 175 Texas Teens"

more than 2 years ago

42% of Worldwide Households Expected To Have Wi-Fi By 2016

SIR_Taco But but but... (91 comments)

But there are people that are allergic to WiFi signals!
Almost half the households in the world having WiFi will cause all these people to leave populated areas and seek refuge in remote areas!

Nothing but good could come of this :)

more than 2 years ago


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