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Viability of Mobile Broadband For Home Use?

SJMinkoff Re:Linksys is my backup/roaming wifi service (177 comments)

This is actually a felony according to federal, and many states' laws. Theft of service, and some have even been charged with "hacking" type crimes, for using unencrypted open APs that they didn't have permission to use.

more than 5 years ago

Dungeons and Dragons Online Impressions

SJMinkoff Re:An MMO that requires character dexterity? Great (292 comments)

Where I feel the problem lies is this: The game seems to ignore CHARACTER dexterity in combat, and instead relies more on PLAYER dexterity. There is a difference. I am not in the peak of health (as my character is supposed to be) nor am I trained in combat (as my Fighter is supposed to be). I am also constrained by a very artificial interface (KBD/mouse/monitor) instead of being actually in the room. The role-playing implies that I am NOT my character and he is not me, but that the character is a separate role that I am playing, and should be as little restricted by my abilities as possible. Maybe it's just me, but RPGs just shouldn't be action/FPS (first person spellcasting) clones. It seems to me that the game mechanics and your character's skills should matter more than your manual dexterity.

more than 8 years ago


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