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Microsoft Porting Applications To Linux (Really!)

SUWAIN Is This New? (616 comments)

Perhaps I'm a complete moron (quite possible), but hasn't Micro$oft been doing this sort of thing for quite some time? A lot of UNIX web-hosting plans include FrontPage extensions. My take on this was that Micro$oft realized that it didn't have a monopoly in the webserver market, and decided to try to fix this by porting the FrontPage extensions over to UNIX. This way, people can create really buggy, really ugly sites in Frontpage, and then host them on UNIX. (I have a feeling that there are some "bugs" in this, so people will eventually switch over to NT, which "runs faster". Note that I do not side with Micro$oft about that quote...).

Another comment - Everyone has been dissing Micro$oft. While I probably qualify for the Micro$oft Hater's Hall of Fame, I would like to ask everyone to spend a little time thinking about the potentional benefits. Sure, Micro$oft might try to make Linux look bad, but I think most people are starting to get sick of their sly little ways. It is more likely that this will bring hoards of new users to Linux. And, ideally, they will eventually go the way I went, and eventually realize that everything Micro$oft is fscked up, and start using Netscape. :-)

And one last thing - everyone keeps talking about the "I Love You" virus wiping out systems. Hello? Unless Office runs with suid root (which it might), all it can do is wipe out your account. Of course, if "root" is dumb enough to run Office, it could do some pretty bad damage...

One last thing... I just can't resist commenting on it. Are they going to port that annoying little paperclip over to Linux? If they replaced it with Tux, I could probably stand to have it run for a while. But, personally, I'm all for learning *roff. I currently don't do any "word processing", but if I start to, I really do want to learn a way to do it without a GUI. A bit more work, yes, but no paperclips rambling about how great Micro$oft is, no "Insufficient memory" warnings, no crashes, no backwards compatibility, no 8 TB 1-page files...

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