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Computer Beats Pro At US Go Congress

Sabaki Re:With a 9 stone handicap! (496 comments)

I've played Kim Myung-wan. Kim Myung-wan is a friend of mine.

Mogo, sir, is no Kim Myung-wan.

And yes, pros are very strong. I've played many pros in simuls, being beaten even when I take nine stones. (I did win a couple of times.) I beat a another pro once with nine stones in a one-on-one casual game, but you never know if they let you win.

I was staff at the US Go congress where this happened. (In fact, I think Mr. Kim was using my computer) What happened was that they played a bunch of blitz games to set the handicap. Mogo won the last one, only because Myung-wan was misinformed about the rules being used.

more than 6 years ago


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