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CentOS Linux Version 7 Released On x86_64

Sadsfae Re:About time. (125 comments)

As of this posting it doesn't look like Scientific Linux has released an EL7 version yet.
Given the announcement earlier this year about greater collaboration between Red Hat and CentOS communities you'll most likely see more up to date releases and errata from CentOS than Scientific Linux I would imagine:

about a month and a half ago

Which desktop environment do you like the best?

Sadsfae XFCE stays out of my way. (611 comments)

Used almost every DE since 1998 or so, flopped between KDE and GNOME.
Moved to blackbox, then fluxbox for several years, back to KDE 3.x
Moved back to XFCE around the 4.6.x days and never left.

Occasionally I'll go back and try new things but nothing seems to fit as well as XFCE.
Fast, stable, stays out of my way with little changes over time - only small feature enhancements and bug fixes.
I prefer a "classic" experience, but it still needs to be functional and look decent. I've found XFCE + Compiz + Emerald Window Decorator
the trinity for me.

about 3 months ago

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

Sadsfae Re:No steering wheel? No deal. (583 comments)

A quick call to google's helpdesk is all that's needed to stop the car in an emergency.

Have you ever tried to actually call Google? I've not been successful finding any sort of phone contact for some of their products, voice for example.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Tell a Compelling Story About IT Infrastructure?

Sadsfae let them see how well it runs itself (192 comments)

Move over to the Engineering/R&D en masse, then they'll really appreciate your work when nobody is doing it (or at least doing it correctly).

about 3 months ago

Microsoft Continues To Lose Money With Each Surface Tablet It Sells

Sadsfae Re:Slow follower (179 comments)

The way things are moving, is that the "desktop" will be gone from all but high-end gaming/workstation systems, at some point you will only be able to build a gaming rig from the same parts as a workstation/server, as the desktop computer will be gone, replaced with ultrabook/surface/all-in-one devices. Apple already knows this. That's why you never ever saw an apple desktop, They were either laptops/laptop-all-in-one(iMac) or workstations.

The thing that kinda makes me laugh and cry at the same time is that the Xbone and the PS4 are basically substandard PC's, but they will be the baseline for all new games, which means 90% of the crap desktops and laptops sold (anything that uses Intel's video parts) will need to be thrown away if they are being used as gaming machines. People will just not play those games on the PC, and won't upgrade their desktops/laptops when they can buy a PS4 for cheap.

People have been saying this for the last decade, and it's much akin to the 'Year of the Linux Desktop' prophecies in terms of believability. You'll need to do better to support this view besides "Because Apple did it".

about 4 months ago

NASA Can't Ethically Send Astronauts On One-Way Missions To Deep Space

Sadsfae What about Death Row Inmates? (402 comments)

Instead of sending death row inmates to execution why not send them to deep space and collect data?
Heck, if they make it back alive give them their freedom.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is a Better Career Opportunity Worth a Pay Cut?

Sadsfae Re:Xero! (263 comments)

Hey All,
Since I am a big fan of the company that I work for, check this out!
We are hiring, and we offer awesome bennies/salary and we have a very vibe culture. Looking for devs, engineers, etc.

"Bennies" is only 1 letter short of "benefits", why abbreviate this? What's a "vibe" culture? It's cutesy reasons like this (and the fact you're spamming as AC) that you probably aren't going to get much interest, I certainly wouldn't take a second look at this organization after reading this.

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Service-Heavy FOSS Hosting?

Sadsfae Openshift PaaS (75 comments)

Try out Red Hat's Openshift, it has node.js and a bunch of other applications. Best part is it's free, so if you don't like it no reason to scale it up and pay.

about a year ago

LinkedIn Invites Gone Wild: How To Keep Close With Exes and Strangers

Sadsfae Linkedin, good for unsolicited sales pings (164 comments)

I've gotten quite a bit more unsolicited vendor contact which I can almost surely pinpoint to linkedin.
Aggressive sales folk have figured out most companies email addresses are first letter of first name, last name.
If yours fits in under the normal kerberos/(open)LDAP limitations.. yep, you can ascertain my work email.

I usually get a few a day, and digging through to the HTML link to unsubscribe seems to do nothing to fight
the overwhelming wave of incoming bothers. Most of these solicitations seem to be auto-scraped and generated,
for example any simple review of my profile would see I'm not interested in Microsoft solutions.. or they are not relevant
to my job function, seemingly to only generated by a keyword or two.

about a year ago

Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

Sadsfae Re:My theory (1010 comments)

There hasn't been a damn thing in the last several years worth upgrading for. Gamers and developers aside, there has been nothing at all interesting happening in the PC world.

I'm still on a 2.0ghz C2D laptop and had no intention of upgrading anytime soon.

The introduction of consumer SATA disks with perpendicular recording has gone a long way in providing much larger capacity, though I tend to agree with this statement otherwise.

about a year ago

The FreeBSD Foundation Is Soliciting Project Proposals

Sadsfae Re:ZFS boot support (58 comments)

stable and installer supported ZFS boot support for the / volume.

It's definitely stable (running 9.1-RELEASE here in a few places) but not in the installer until later.
Setting up a ZFS / install now isn't too difficult but does require using a livecd.
There is a great thread covering it from many angles here, including HD encryption.

One thing I did here was go upwards of 50-60G for root, I find the 10g or 20g in the
examples isn't sufficient for keeping full /usr/src and /usr/ports populated + port builds.

about a year ago

Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs

Sadsfae Less managers and supervisors? Good. (586 comments)

The already bureaucracy-laden world of Corporate America would be much more efficient with less middle-management in most place I've seen.

about a year and a half ago

MS Won't Release Study Disputing Munich's Linux-Switch Savings

Sadsfae show us (268 comments)

Show us your cards, it doesn't matter now Mr. Ballmer.

about a year ago

New Releases From FreeBSD and NetBSD

Sadsfae Working Great (149 comments)

I've been using 9.1-RELEASE since SVN was tagged 2012-12-04 on both my home and work desktop. ZFS root is awesome, and userland is pretty much the latest bleeding edge upstream, I've had absolutely no issues running a full-fledged XFCE-4.10, Firefox ESR 10.x with Flash, 3D accel, everything desktop.

I've used freebsd-update to go from both 9.1-RC3 and 9.0-RELEASE to 9.1-RELEASE also switching to pkgng.
I'd recommend folks to look at the following guides if they want to use ZFS root or create a nice, full-featured desktop OS. (ZFS ROOT) (good desktop guide)

Great job BSD devs, keep it up.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Current State of Linux Email Clients?

Sadsfae Re:no love for mutt? (464 comments)

While mutt and alpine run circles around GUI clients, I use both mutt (via ssh) and thunderbird (via IMAP). The latter sits hidden (FireTray) serving as a glorified biff most of the time, but when you receive mail from business people, it's usually an image embedded in a Word document, or at the very least a pdf. This is where mutt fails.

You can easily tie external program views for attachments, for example when I receive vendor quotes (always in .pdf) I just hit "v" to view attachment list and then hit enter and it spawns evince. Same goes for HTML email or any attachment.. libreoffice for documents, spreadsheets etc. Simple edit of a mailcap entry

== snip ==
# set mailcap_path = ~/.mutt/mailcap
text/html; lynx -display_charset=utf-8 -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput
# PDF wth evince
application/pdf; evince %s;

# spreadsheets
application/; oocalc %s;
application/vnd.openxml; oocalc %s;
application/excel; oocalc %s;
application/msexcel; oocalc %s;
application/x-excel; oocalc %s;
application/x-msexcel; oocalc %s;
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.spreadsheet; oocalc %s;

# slide decks
application/powerpoint; ooimpress %s;
application/; ooimpress %s;
application/x-mspowerpoint; ooimpress %s;
application/mspowerpoint; ooimpress %s;
application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation; ooimpress %s;
application/ppt; ooimpress %s;
application/pptx; ooimpress %s;
== snip ==

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Current State of Linux Email Clients?

Sadsfae mutt (464 comments)

I'm still using mutt here, and vim as my editor plus offlineimap + notmuch (for indexing/searching).
Once you learn the hotkeys it's much more efficient than any GUI MUA, and the notmuch indexing
functionality is worth it's weight in gold to me. I tend to get several hundred emails a day, the bulk of
which are neatly filed into IMAP folders inside offlineimap and nicely indexed by notmuch.

mutt itself is endlessly configurable, for people who are intent on sending HTML email
there are numerous ways to dump it back to TXT (which all email should be in). Say NO to HTML email, people.

about a year and a half ago

If Tech Is So Important, Why Are IT Wages Flat?

Sadsfae Re:Lucky (660 comments)

You could. Get some skills, maybe a few certifications. Apply for every possible job that looks remotely interesting.

It's your career- take charge of it. Nobody else will.

Nice sentiment, but it's rarely that easy. Take where I live, for example: Southern Indiana. Tech jobs are practically nonexistent, regardless of how much education I have, and the companies around here that have anything to do with tech simply aren't hiring for anything more advanced than tech support monkey, if they're hiring at all. Why is that? It's anyone's guess, but I have a theory:

The folks who have the (few) jobs above tech-support monkey are firmly entrenched in whatever company they work for, and aren't moving up, down, or sideways. They'll be doing that job with that company until they retire or die, which may or may not be their fault, the companies they work for aren't exactly overflowing with tech-based initiatives anyway. But that means if you start working under them, upward mobility is nonexistent.

So you take the only tech related job you can find, some low-level help desk gig, and make just enough to scrape by. Or, if you're lucky, enough to live on and be reasonably comfortable (i.e. can pay all your bills on time). And after a time you want to move up in the tech world. Only you can't move up in your current company because your boss and everyone in the chain of command down to you is 20 years from retirement; you can't go to another local company because they have all of their positions filled, permanently (nobody's going anywhere unless they retire, die, or get fired); you can get certifications (at your own expense, natch. the company isn't going to pay for them, especially if they're not directly related to your current job), but without some kind of actual job to put them to use, they're not going to do much good other than personal improvement; or you could move to where the jobs are, which would be great if you could afford to do that, companies these days aren't going to relocate you unless you're exceptional (and most of us, contrary to what we might think, are not), and since you're spending most of the money you make on living expenses and repaying student loans/certification expenses, good luck saving up enough money to both move to a new city and survive for longer than a month while you try to get a job, which is bad enough if you're a single person. Married and/or have kids? Forget about it. You'll have to save up for years before you have enough resources to move, and by that time your skills from your certs and education will have withered if you haven't been using them, and with your low-level support desk job, they probably will have.

So, what do you do?

Work for yourself, leverage the finer points of capitalism and charge less than those jokers. It's easier than you think, if you know helpdesk type stuff start with that and build up. If the opportunity isn't there with some established entity become an established entity.

about a year and a half ago


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