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Saint Nobody Correction (52 comments)

It's only tangential to the discussion, but RU-486 and the morning after pill are two very different things. RU-486 induces miscarriage, and the morning after pill prevents ovulation and/or implantation through massive doses of hormones.

I'm sure pharmacists know the difference, but that confusion is behind a lot of peoples' opposition to the morning after pill.

more than 9 years ago


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i'm a troll?

Saint Nobody Saint Nobody writes  |  more than 12 years ago

i had my first downmod in ages, and it dropped my karma below 50. apparently somebody thought i was trolling. i had finally had enough of the complaints of "it's not news for nerds/it doesn't matter" when an obituary gets posted, so i went off on a rant on somebody.

my guess is that the parent was modded down (and it was), and somebody saw my post out of context, and moderated it stupidly. either that or somebody thinks that using the word jackass in bold type makes you a troll. hopefully they'll get theirs in M2, though.


telling off MS

Saint Nobody Saint Nobody writes  |  about 13 years ago

i just got to tell off microsoft. it was fun. i was giggling with glee. you see, i'm finishing up college. so i'm looking fo a job. but when i got up this morning, i found an email in my inbox from microsoft. it seems that they want to interview me. i don't know why - i snubbed them by not submitting my resume. somehow, though they got a copy and decided that they like me enough to want an interview. they just never bothered to tell me until after the sign-up period. so i got to send them an email saying that i couldn't sign up for the job since they didn't tell me soon enough. then i told them it was a moot point since i didn't want to work for them anyway. yay!


Overrated? WTF?

Saint Nobody Saint Nobody writes  |  about 13 years ago

Here's something that's always annoyd me: people who moderate comments as "Overrated" or "Underrated." it's just a matter of not being able to come up with a decent reason to moderate something, and wanting to do it anyway. as far as i'm concerned, Overrated and Underrated should be banned as moderation categories.

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