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SaiyajinTrunks Re:PICO! (811 comments)

Heh, well maybe vi isn't the best thing for you to write a letter with.

Back in my Slackware days, I used emacs because I was coming from dos (win95 just came out and I was scared) and emacs let me use arrow keys and seemed more intuitive. It was more like edit.com (the only good thing from 95 (well dos7 really, ever use edit.com from the GUI?); multiple open files, yay) in a nutshell. Then somehow I royally fucked something up one day, had to boot in single-user mode and had to use ed (I think). Vi is super-intuitive compared to ed (especially on a jacked system w/o man pages ;-) so I have used it ever since.

Emacs' commands are hard for me to keep straight (flame away, this is the place) even after attempting the tutorial numerous times. I get my arrow keys with vim now anyway :-) I don't think I have ever even seen pico, but I have heard it sux for anything but simple editing.

Anyway, I have been on plenty of (vastly) different *nix systems that didn't have emacs or pico, but have never found one w/o vi!

more than 13 years ago


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