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Russia Wants To Establish a Permanent Moon Base

Salafrance Underhill Re:So.. (312 comments)

Hey, not all Westerners are American :P

3 days ago

British Domain Registrar Offers 'No Transfer Fees,' Charges Transfer Fee

Salafrance Underhill Re:Why stop there (76 comments)

That's actually a kilogram, you barbarian!

about two weeks ago

UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5M For Extended Support of Windows XP

Salafrance Underhill Re:Re:well then! (341 comments)

There goes the neighbourhood.

about two weeks ago

Mystery MLB Team Moves To Supercomputing For Their Moneyball Analysis

Salafrance Underhill Re:The Million Dollar Question (56 comments)

Cricket isn't really about the game. It's more about the small hamper of cream buns, punnets of strawberries, the chilled champagne, the lounging around in the sun with your girlfriend/boyfriend. That and being frightfully English.

about two weeks ago

oVirt 3.4 Means Management, VMs Can Live On the Same Machine

Salafrance Underhill Re:Still trying to wrap my head... (51 comments)

Play with one under a decent system at some point. They're useful for all of the reasons people have already given, plus they make fantastic forensic, repair and testing environments.

about three weeks ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

Salafrance Underhill Re:Next goals: (107 comments)

Nature optimises for survival, though, whereas a designer pathogen can be optimised to infect, lie low, and then kill as many host organisms as possible, perhaps by employing some kind of biological trigger in the environment to synchronise its action.

It doesn't matter whether its first efflorescence is sustainable in the long term. There will always be a role for it in human politics.

about three weeks ago

Gunshot Victims To Be Part of "Suspended Animation" Trials

Salafrance Underhill Re:Space travel (357 comments)

And by the way, since we hacked the algorithmic and neurological underpinnings of intelligence, way back when, we've been so much smarter than you people that it's just not funny.


We think you're *so* adorably kawaii!

Who's a good boy! Whooo's a gooood boy!

Mummy loves her little guy, yes she does!

about three weeks ago

Viruses Boost Performance of Lithium-Air Battery Used In Electric Cars

Salafrance Underhill Re:Practical use?? (66 comments)

It's done. My antediluvian Nokia C2 has a cheat code which allows you to force the battery management software to give the entire charge, not just that fraction offered to maximise the number of charge cycles.

about 5 months ago

Viruses Boost Performance of Lithium-Air Battery Used In Electric Cars

Salafrance Underhill Re:Lithium and water? (66 comments)

Would you like to cook some quality methamphetamine at my sekrit underground lab?

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Warns of Zero-Day Attacks

Salafrance Underhill Re:New Attack? 0 Day? (165 comments)

Exactly how do you tell the difference between an accidentally introduced vulnerability facilitating a back door and a back door engineered to look like the former?

There's a phrase you should google: 'plausible deniability'.

about 5 months ago

Project Seeks To Build Inexpensive 9-inch Monitor For Raspberry Pi

Salafrance Underhill Re:Gee, they're going to build an ARM-based comput (176 comments)

The Pi is cheap to the extent that you can throw a bunch of them at specialised applications and use them in environments where you wouldn't risk other options. It's cheap to the extent that you can play around with electronics, without agonising about the cost of doing something stupid. It's low-powered - you can run one on AA batteries making all sorts of mobile applications practical (the avionics for a drone, for example). You can give them to your kids to do with as they please.

For the form factor, they are *powerful* little beasts, making them extremely flexible. Try running python and gpu-intensive code on a pic controller.

Of course, your imagination *does* limit what you can do with them.

about 5 months ago

UK Police Seize 3D-Printed 'Gun Parts,' Which Are Actually Spare Printer Parts

Salafrance Underhill Re:Speaking as a Brit (279 comments)

> Do people in Manchester call their police "gimps"?

Well, it's spread to Wales as of my reading this - it's a nice alternative to 'The Feds', 'The Dirt' and/or 'The Bottom Inspectors'.

about 6 months ago

Cyborg Cockroach Sparks Ethics Debate

Salafrance Underhill Re:Cockroach rights? (512 comments)

The first time I ever saw one was on a trip to a ghetto area in Philadelphia. I've never seen one in my home country.

about 6 months ago

USAF Almost Nuked North Carolina In 1961 – Declassified Document

Salafrance Underhill Re:A little drastic but... (586 comments)

I'm not making any claims one way or the other, but the incidence rate of apparently magical things happening *did* seem to go up a lot during my phases of hitting the bong.

about 7 months ago

Physicists Discover Geometry Underlying Particle Physics

Salafrance Underhill Re:Hold up. (600 comments)

I agree with your points, but Occam's Razor is a heuristic and should be treated as such - often true but not guaranteed so.

about 6 months ago

What's your favorite medium for Sci-Fi?

Salafrance Underhill Re:Movies (322 comments)

There's an epic rocket launch scene in Solaris.

about 7 months ago

Computer-Designed Proteins Recognize and Bind Small Molecules

Salafrance Underhill Re:Recognize? (70 comments)

The parent was using the word 'recognise' in a metaphorical sense. Obviously.

about 7 months ago

What Marketers Think They Know About You and What They Really Do

Salafrance Underhill Re:From what they know about me... (277 comments)

Hey, I'm a cat that likes boobs, too...

Wanna hook up?

about 7 months ago

Court Orders Retrial In Google Maps-Related Murder Case

Salafrance Underhill Re:The playbook is now written (152 comments)

There's a place called Pant Y Gwdr in the centre of Swansea, which happens to offer the largest market for magic underwear in the Western Hemisphere and is perhaps the reason for the anomalous concentration of Mormons in the locale. I believe the name roughly translates to 'pantie-girdle'.

about 7 months ago


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