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NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Salo2112 I have no interest in a Tesla (455 comments)

but I would love their business model to be used by all auto manufacturers.

about 7 months ago

Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year

Salo2112 As good as European cars? (431 comments)

Please - the German word for "pedestrian" is Volkswagen.

about 7 months ago

Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?

Salo2112 Lawn mowers (432 comments)

The guy who I take my lawn mower to tells me the Ethanol gas is damaging lawn mower engines. Not sure if the newer ones are engineered to burn E-gas, but the older ones certainly aren't. So you go out of your way to a marina to get unadulterated gas for your mowers.

about 8 months ago

Facebook Data Miner Will Shock You

Salo2112 Platform Apps (164 comments)

The first thing all the security people tell you to do is turn off platform apps, and this site does not work without them. Nice.

about 9 months ago

iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling

Salo2112 Shuffles (386 comments)

I hope they keep making shuffles - great for wearing when you exercise. I can see losing the classic iPods - the cell phone makes them redundant, but until they make phones small enough to clip to your workout gear, there's a place for the shuffle.

about 9 months ago

Jesse Jackson To Take On Silicon Valley's Lack of Diversity

Salo2112 Re:Fuck that guy. (397 comments)

so unless Jackson thinks HP should hire unqualified people just because they are black or latino, he should probably focus his efforts earlier in the pipeline

He does.

about 10 months ago

Detroit Wants Its Own High-Tech Visa

Salo2112 50 thousand new residents (398 comments)

doing what? Haven't most people left because there aren't enough jobs? You want to pay off your debts, charge people an exit tax.

about a year ago

U.S. Teenagers Are Driving Much Less: 4 Theories About Why

Salo2112 Cash for Clunkers (635 comments)

The crappy cars teenagers had access to were destroyed by the Cash for Clunkers program.

1 year,7 days

Healthcare.gov and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality

Salo2112 Re:Time for change (494 comments)

Evidently, you are unfamiliar with our form of government: this project was the responsibility, solely, of the executive branch, and the President is already limited to two terms. Congress was not a part of the failed implementation.

The task was simple. Make a friggin website that takes user input and spits out insurance options. If this happened where I work, they'd fire the whole lot without question. Probably enact some kind of legal investigation as to where all the money went too.

If Congress can't handle a simple friggin website project, it's time to clean house and Enact term limits. Restructure the entire congressional seating process, and give people more control over who's buying the laws for us. It's time to change that whole mess.

about a year ago

Failed Software Upgrade Halts Transit Service

Salo2112 Re:Strange times (125 comments)

Patch *Tuesday*. Duh.

about a year ago

More Evidence That Piracy Can Increase Sales

Salo2112 That's how it works for me (196 comments)

I never would have bought an Evanesance album had I not downloaded it for free and decided they were way too good not to support buy buying their alums.

about a year ago

My view of touchscreen laptops:

Salo2112 It leads to the bad habit of.... (359 comments)

touching non-touchscreens, which smudges them up. Low ring in Hell....

about a year and a half ago

What Features Does iOS 7 Need?

Salo2112 A master volume control (262 comments)

I would love to be able to lock down the volume so my autistic son, who lives on the iPad, doesn't max out the volume on everything he does.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Said To Be Working On a 'Watch-Like Device'

Salo2112 Re:Oh, the irony! (291 comments)

I enjoy long walks - for exercise and stress release. I don't want to be in communication with anyone, but I do want to know roughly how far I have walked and when I should be heading back in, and for this, a watch is perfect.

about 2 years ago

Companies Getting Rid of Reply-all

Salo2112 bcc to the rescue (248 comments)

If you put the distribution list in the bcc field, the only person inundated with stupid replies is the sender, which serves them right. It's also a way of saving idiots from themselves when the reply is....inappropriate.

more than 2 years ago

Mandatory Automotive Black Boxes May Be On the Way

Salo2112 Taxes (619 comments)

This will be used to track your mileage so you can be taxed that way. At least that is the ultimate goal. Masking it in safety will get it started, and I see a few sheep have already bitten that hook.

more than 3 years ago

Teenager Tries To Hire Hitman Via Facebook

Salo2112 Craig's List (464 comments)

Aren't you supposed to use Craig's List for this sort of thing anyway?

more than 3 years ago

Should Colleges Ban Classroom Laptop Use?

Salo2112 The clacking of keys.... (804 comments)

Had a guy in a class I took who was a speed typist or something - you could barely hear the lecture over the machine-gun sound of his typing. To me, the distraction factor was in the noise created by the tool. If it had been done quietly, I would not have known or cared.

about 4 years ago

FAA Adds a Study On Adding Drones To Commercial Aviation

Salo2112 Re:Drones in US airspace? (215 comments)

Eventually, commercial planes will be unpiloted - pilots are expensive. I'm guessing this will be a good test of that eventuality.

more than 4 years ago

Rumor — AT&T Losing iPhone Exclusivity Next Week

Salo2112 Verizon (353 comments)

If Verizon gets the iPhone, I'll be there next week.

about 5 years ago



Bitcoins siezed in drug bust

Salo2112 Salo2112 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Salo2112 (628590) writes "In a case believed to be the first of its kind, federal authorities have seized a Charleston man’s virtual currency due to an alleged drug law violation with possible links to a shadowy online black market."
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