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Annual "Worst CEO" List Released

SalsaDoom Re:Missing names (121 comments)

I don't know. Ballmer is one of my favorite CEO's in IT today, possibly in all of IT's history. Speaking as a Linux user, I hope he stays with Microsoft for as long as its operating ;) BALLMER RULES!

about a year and a half ago

Are Open-Source Desktops Losing Competitiveness?

SalsaDoom Uninteresting crap and total bullshit nonsense. (663 comments)

Frankly, I love my Linux desktops better than any Mac or Windows nonsense. I find Windows's gui insanely bad and frustratingly limited. You guys who don't like 'em can go away if you like, no one will miss you anyway. I like all of them, Unity, Gnome3 and KDE4 just fine. I think they are different but all great in their own ways. Gnome3 and Unity might not be popular with some people but they are innovative. Whether you like that innovation or not is your own opinion.

KDE4 gets solidly better and better with each release. So some Dolphin developer decides to throw a hissy fit and leave, honestly, whatever. I personally have not seen this great exodus of Linux users to OSX, nor do I hear "normal" non-fanboi people fawn over OSX all that much.

more than 2 years ago

AMD To Open-Source Its Linux Execution & Compilation Stack

SalsaDoom Re:Is this... (81 comments)

Lets get Linus to try it on government next!

more than 2 years ago

I typically carry X many forms of photo ID; X =

SalsaDoom Re:Yeah. (380 comments)

Or if you live in an anti-freedom socialist wasteland like Canada, your worthless PAL! :)

more than 2 years ago

Michael Bay To Remake TMNT As Aliens

SalsaDoom Re:Teenage _________ Ninja Turtles.... (481 comments)

I mean, FFS, it's in the goddamn name. It's like remaking Pirates of the Caribbean with Cowboys instead of Pirates.

I would go see Cowboys of the Caribbean.

more than 2 years ago

Google Works On Kinect-Like Interface For Android

SalsaDoom I hope this is just a funny joke (49 comments)

Because otherwise, Smartphones and Tablets really are getting out of control.

I thought -- and still do -- think its stupid to have a speech interface for a phone. I mean you look stupid talking to a robot woman on your phone. The last thing I want to do is start dancing in front of my phone.

"Give me a sec, I have to do the shuffle to unlock my phone, and then the achy-breaky to open my email."

I'm actually pretty happy with smart phone interfaces these days, just the way things are..

more than 2 years ago

Iran's Smart Concrete Can Cope With Earthquakes and Bombs

SalsaDoom Disturbing (609 comments)

Now cement is dangerous? "experts" are worried!

OK, Iran is an evil sexist country with a lot of political problems being handled poorly. Not a country I'd ever live in.

But guys? Can you really afford another war? You hardly finished in Iraq - you'll be doing it again in twenty years. You're doing worse in Afghanistan!

Let them have the damn cement, it sounds like they could really use it anyway. So could we, actually.

Just let this one go, try to devise a long term plan to improve relations over time - its has to be cheaper and frankly couldn't be worst then ranting about ways you'll kill them even if they do hide in these possible bunkers.

Its a bit insane sounding. Imagine being from Iran reading these paranoid threats?

Canadian for the record, but we are generally loyal to even our loud, obnoxious, untrustworthy friends to the south.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With University Firewalls?

SalsaDoom VPN? (582 comments)

Why not just setup a VPN real fast with someones DD-WRT router. I did this at a job that had a really obnoxious content filtering thing that actually prevented me from doing my job. I just vpn'd to home, but you probably have at least one friend in town that has something good enough for you to work with. Even a shitty VPN will do, since your not trying to protect anything so much as evade things.

more than 2 years ago

KDE KWin May Drop Support For AMD Catalyst Drivers

SalsaDoom Re:No good choices here. (148 comments)

You sound a bit like a nasty little troll here, but I'll reply anyway.

Because they work fine in Linux, thats why. Are you talking about OpenGL performance? Well, not so much. But otherwise I've had very little trouble with AMD graphics in Linux. There is more to this than whats immediately obvious anyway. At the time, I worked at a local computer store and I got laptops for cost, well, at the time nVidia's laptop graphics where total shit and the ones with AMD's where far better laptops in general. So I picked the best one out of the choices available to me, and that was what was available.

And, seriously, don't tell me nVidia's graphics drivers don't have a shit tonne of problems too. I know they do, because I've another laptop with a nVidia in it and its actually more of a pain in the ass for me.

Let me also touch upon the first comment here. As a MLZ, the difference between nVidia's bullshit proprietary drivers and AMD's bullshit proprietary drivers is pretty much zilch. I'll go for the functionality first, sure, but they are both proprietary and in that regard suck equally. Actually using the Open Source drivers for my AMD now at the recommendation of an above poster -- I wasn't aware they had progressed this far actually -- I've got no proprietary drivers now. So I'm actually quite happy with my AMD graphics choice.

Don't agree? Well, those are your opinions.

more than 2 years ago

KDE KWin May Drop Support For AMD Catalyst Drivers

SalsaDoom Re:No good choices here. (148 comments)

Actually. Your right. I'm running ArchLinux here..

I removed the catalyst drivers and installed the radeon driver... a few desktop effects don't work (such as wobbly windows) but the important ones that I actually care about work just fine. Video seems to play fine. Interesting! I had to tweak my monitor detection script a bit (xrandr seems to call displays differently according to the driver) but it all works fine. The KMS looks much better with my bootsplash too.

Maybe this doesn't matter? :)

more than 2 years ago

KDE KWin May Drop Support For AMD Catalyst Drivers

SalsaDoom No good choices here. (148 comments)

The problem comes in with the fact that the open source drivers don't support everything. I seem to be in a real minority -- I really use Linux for all my desktop stuff, except playing the odd game. All my music, movies, everything I do from my linux laptop generally. The open source drivers won't allow me to do all the stuff that I do -- mainly, I won't be able to watch high def movies -- no hardware decoding support. There probably never will be either, without using catalyst. Do not also forget that since I'm on a laptop, I've got concerns regarding my power usage too on occasion, and the open source drivers consume a lot more juice. So the open source drivers *I would much rather use otherwise* don't support all the features that I use frequently. So this is bad for me, at least. My laptop isn't old, either -- its video card is a Mobility Radeon 5870, still pretty spiffy if you ask me.

Also, the desktop effects do more than just look pretty, a number of handy features for organizing windows and seeing what apps you have running require it.

So yeah, I just can't see this making AMD finally bring their drivers into the last century. Speaking as a Militant Linux Zealot who aggressively hates and seeks the destruction of everyone who doesn't wholly agree with me -- The linux desktop numbers are fairly low, I personally think they are higher than most people think -- but thats still a low number. Then cut that into a third or so which is the KDE desktop people. Thats one third of a small number ... I doubt AMD gives a shit. I see what the developer is saying here, but it seems that his choices are 1) Irritate a lot of users who use AMD graphics, probably lose a number of them who use the catalyst features, 2) Continue to support code for the sake of AMD being kind of a shit company.

I'd rather not get screwed by this, so I hope he continues to support GL1 for now, and maybe we can find another way to push AMD into updating their drivers because I don't think he'll get the response from them that he thinks he will.

more than 2 years ago

2011 Was the 9th Hottest Year On Record

SalsaDoom Re:Finally time to annex Canada! (877 comments)

Eh? What are you talking about? We've been storing the damn things for you yanks for decades now.

more than 2 years ago

DHS Monitors Social Media For 'Political Dissent'

SalsaDoom Re:DHS = Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit (385 comments)

And what with the US trying to extradite a UK citizen from the UK for trial in the US for something that happened in the UK, when the government of the UK refused to prosecute him for said 'crime', I think we all need to ask that question.

This happened in Canada too, with Mark Emory.

Our Government shipped out him nice and proper. Its illegal to do that in Canada, according to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but no one here is actually read that interesting little document. At least in the US, people have heard of the Constitution.

more than 2 years ago

DHS Monitors Social Media For 'Political Dissent'

SalsaDoom Re:DHS = Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit (385 comments)

Did you actually just suggest we would have greater rights if we had remained colonies of Britain?

Seems to have worked well for Canada.

Just sayin'.

Er, what?

We do not have greater rights in Canada, not by a very long stretch. The only thing that keeps Canadians safe from our government is the fact that our government doesn't seem to actually do anything. At all. Except absorb tax money.

We don't even have a right to bear arms in this country, we don't have any rights to property, our courts and entire legal system is a complete joke... The police are completely above reproach and are entirely off the hook, our police chiefs lie publically and nothing ever happens to them.

This whole country is totally fucked, its just somehow stays somehow working because neither us or the government gives a shit.

As a Canadian, I am very jealous of a lot of the freedoms many American states have. Not all of them are any good, but there are states that are far, far more free than Canada.

more than 2 years ago

China To Begin Submitting Air Pollution Reports

SalsaDoom Re:Measuring CO2... only? (176 comments)

there is too much money to be made on "popular" science like this

Oddly enough far, far less then can be made from working with various PR groups (eg. Heartland Institute) denying it. A puzzle writing snakeoil salesman like Monckton makes more money as a travelling climate "expert" than any Nobel prize winner, and it's the same with the various economists that are rolled out to supply the feelgood message that we don't have to do anything.
Do you really think people are freezing their arses off in the coldest places on the planet faking data when they could be at home faking it where it is warm?
This weird science denying crap is annoying.

Well, is that a fact, though?

Also, even if so, that doesn't actually change anything -- because what you are talking about are lobby groups, not scientific researchers. Lobby groups always make a tonne of cash, but take a good look at the number of environmental organizations that are actually lobby groups, there are a great many of them and they all appear to be well funded. Its easy to say, "oh look, this climate change skeptic got paid a bunch.." but look at the other way, entire pro-climate change organizations get massively funded as well.

Let be clear here, I never said that pro-climate change people are "faking data" -- you just made that up, I never said it, and I don't even believe that. What I'm saying is that they have data showing something, and that they seed models with that data and that I doubt those models are as accurate as they believe they are. The only way to actually tell the accuracy of those models is to wait and see what happens.

If you are going to fake data for money, you should at least make the attempt look believable, so yes, you would go and chill out somewhere cold for a little bit even if you just made the numbers up.

Finally, "science" means "testable claims". "weird science denying crap" seems to have nothing to do with anything I've said. Climate research does not turn up a lot of short-term testable claims, and that's the problem with this whole issue, is that actually testing these theories is extremely difficult.

more than 2 years ago

China To Begin Submitting Air Pollution Reports

SalsaDoom Measuring CO2... only? (176 comments)

This is a funny numbers game. CO2 is far from the worst greenhouse gas, so all these people posting their reactions about Americans and their big suv's, cars whatever, need to look more closely at which gases cause the most greenhouse effects, and where these gases come from.

You can fit me into the "greenhouse deniers" if you like, but I'm suspicious of pretty much all the data that is surrounding this issue -- there is too much money to be made on "popular" science like this for there to be any real hope of getting sound scientific data right now...

I've also yet to hear anyone make a reasonable sounding proposal to make any positive changes, its always up in the air stuff like "We all need to hold hands and plant trees and drive less" -- that's absurd. Lowering pollution is a good idea whatever the effects on temperature so I'm all for this goal, but to actually get to the point of seriously damaging the economy and lives we've all come to like living isn't going to happen and shouldn't. These are scientific issues and probably have scientific solutions.

People seem to want impossible things on this issue. Hippies are an illogical group of people who work solely in knee-jerk reactions and boogey-man scare tactics, they just complain without making much sense. Coal power bad, but nuclear is bad too! Damn, these goes our safest and best way to generate power. It all has to be hippie-power, hydro and solar. Yeah, well, if that worked then why wouldn't they use it, they can fleece us on power bills with solar or hydro just as easily as coal or nuke.

I don't see a lot of logic and reason with this entire issue.

more than 2 years ago

Securing Android For the Enterprise

SalsaDoom Re:OpenSSH (136 comments)

ConnectBot works great for that kind of thing. Yeah, I've never really hurt for a VPN client on my Android. I played with the PPTP for a bit but dropped it when I couldn't find a point to it. A few firmwares support OpenVPN though. I can't recall exactly, but I think cyanogenmod does.. I can see the point of VPN on a laptop or something, but the things you do on a phone aren't quite the same. You could do it with ssh anyway.

more than 2 years ago

Are Engineers Natural Libertarians Or Technocrats?

SalsaDoom Re:Libertarians? (727 comments)

Interesting point here, is that in Canada we still pay a lot for some drugs. I had a ex who was on certain drugs that we had to discontinue because we simply couldn't afford to have her properly medicated. There isn't any dental coverage for the normal working person here either, and the coverage you do get is fairly expensive and doesn't cover enough to get any serious work done, maybe just one or two cleanings a year. Actually those on welfare get dental and drugs, but the normal working person doesn't unless his job provides such benefits and a lot of jobs here do not.

I often find Americans think our medical system is better and more complete than it really is, that said, it does generally protect you from financial ruin in a life threatening situation and I don't see how any system that didn't at least provide that could at all be moral.

more than 2 years ago

Are Engineers Natural Libertarians Or Technocrats?

SalsaDoom Re:Libertarians? (727 comments)

Obama is right of center

Only if center is the Communist party.

By most of the worlds standards Obama is indeed right of centre, there are few if any American politicians who aren't. Ask anyone with a basic knowledge of Politics, from Europe, South America or Asia, hell even Canada and they'll give you the same answer. A lot of us also think your medical system is a complete disgrace.

I'm Canadian. I'm also a conservative. I consider Obama to be a right wing politician. I don't think the US has any left-wing politicians that I know of. The difference is that definitions of left and right wing really vary per country. If Obama was a Canadian politician, he'd probably be fairly normal for a conservative here. To us, both the American political parties appear right wing... I actually have trouble telling them apart aside from a few talking points -- the philosophy that the parties claim to follow doesn't seem to have much in common with their actions.

It kind of sounds like I'm attacking your political system here, btw, and maybe I am a little bit but you should feel free to attack ours back -- its all bullshit up here too :)

more than 2 years ago

Are Engineers Natural Libertarians Or Technocrats?

SalsaDoom Re:Libertarians? (727 comments)

A lot of us also think your medical system is a complete disgrace.

Feel free not to use any of the advances we develop, on principle.

Its a deal if you promise not of use any of ours either. :)

Don't be a jackass, the US isn't the only hub of medical science in the world. That's not even related, he's talking about the availability of medical care to the population, not the number or quality of your medical scientists.

more than 2 years ago


SalsaDoom hasn't submitted any stories.




SalsaDoom SalsaDoom writes  |  about 9 years ago

So, check it out. I'm back up to positive Karma. All the way from negative five billion. What a swell guy I must be.

Too bad I'm still stuck posting at -1 by default! Grrr! Whats wrong with this stupid thing... I should be at least even by now damnit.

I'll have to look around or email someone I guess.


Help me ;)

SalsaDoom SalsaDoom writes  |  about 10 years ago

Ok. Boy. I need mod points. I COULD go and create a new account, but then, it wouldn't be with my name, SalsaDoom. It'd be with another name, but I don't go by any other names. Just that one, so, I'm forced to just touch it out in -1 world and hope that enough people give me mods points that I can actively participate in discussions again. Its hard going!

I'd like to do it honorably, but posting good, intelligent things, but at this rate, I think that I am going to start doing cheap crap, like starting my posts with, "I'm going to get modded down for this, but" then say something completely inane. See, the mods see that an think, "Well -- I'm gonna think out of the box on this one, and think objectively.. why, I can't mod him down just because I disagree with him!"

Its all rubbish of course. I've seen so many +5 Insightful posts starting with that its not even funny, its sad.

I mean, for fuck sakes! I've been using linux since 94. 94! I deserve a positive score on slashdot if only because of that. And not redhat or some shit, Slackware! Ok, I use Gentoo now, and have since.. uh, sometime. But I'm not a Gentoo troll -- check my post history, no Gentoo trolls. None. And I don't update my friggan portage every two minutes either. And... I help people on IRC all the time! I deserve positive mod points.



Let me tell ya something

SalsaDoom SalsaDoom writes  |  more than 11 years ago

If you are going to have fun with the mac users.. DON'T DO IT ON SLASHDOT good lord, because they are testy as hell. They get all their mac friends to log in and mod you down if you ever say anything bad about their OS.

But of course, they claim WE do that with our linux. Yeah, if that is so true then why I do I always see comments like "I know i'm going to get modded down for this.. but !" at Score: 5 Insightful.

It was in a poll even! And In My Opinion, the flamewar that resulted was fun and had some good points thrown back and forth. Obviously, "I hit the keyboard with the decapitated head of a mac user" wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

So there.

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