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Apple Rejects iPhone App As Competitive To iTunes

SamP2 Re:Isn't it about time the law did something? (375 comments)

You overlook something critical. Apple does not have a monopoly. Rules are different for monopolies, pure and simple.

This used to be the case, but not anymore. In the world of (legal) digital music distribution, Apple has nowadays at least as much marketshare and influence, as MS ever had for desktop OSs. And whereas MS steadily loses its market share every day, Apple keeps gaining more and more, with hardly any end in sight.

I can install Firefox and VNC on OSX any time I want.

Your statement reminds me of the old Soviet joke "I too can go to the Red Square and say that Reagan is an idiot, and nothing will happen to me". VLC (thats what I meant to say, was a typo) and FF are not competitors to Apple's business model, just like iTunes isn't a competitor to Windows. The bottom line is that Apple blocks what it percieves to hurt its business in an uncompetitive way. Music competitors to Apple is as Firefox/VLC is to MS. If we wouldn't tolerate MS blocking Firefox on Windows, we shouldn't tolerate Apple blocking a competitor to iTunes on iPhone/Pod.

more than 6 years ago

Hands On With Nvidia's New GTX 280 Card

SamP2 9800GX2 != 2x9800GTX (212 comments)

The 9800GX2 card is made up of two 9600GT cards in quasi-SLI (as in dual everything but don't require 2 slots). Individually, each of those is inferior to a single 9800GTX, but the 9800GX2, which puts 2 of those together,(usually) beats a single 9800GTX.

If the GTX280 card outperforms two 9800GTXs, it'll be vastly superior to the GX2.

And about time, may I say. The last major increase in performance was the 8800 series. The 9800s were just marginally better, and while they support DX10, who needs that when games under the wonderful OS Vista run twice as slow than they do on XP?

more than 6 years ago


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