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Ice Age Beasts Blasted from Space

Sammy Loo Creationists? I beg your pardon! (202 comments)

I'm a noodlist, a branch of pastafarianism. WWFSMD!? the world was created by the touch of his noodly. and those stupid animals were destroyed for their insolence!

more than 7 years ago



Contemplations on Microsoft's Long Term Future

Sammy Loo Sammy Loo writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Sam Liu writes "
Well. My dad bought some shares when M$ was at around 25 bucks. Now its like 33ish. So in was a decent investment. And of course, it still is. It is growing in many ways. Sure, is M$ an evil corporate monopoly monster? Certainly. But it is doing well. And after staring at the stock ticker for a couple minutes I decided to write a little about its current happenings. See here:
Conclusion: Microsoft is still a good investment as of now, but its long-term company interests seem to have a few outstanding issues. Also, demand for operating systems seems to be falling, as evidenced by the relatively slow take on Vista as opposed to win98 to win2000, or even the uptake from win2000 to XP. How this will influence the company's future as an Operating System provider is anyone's guess."

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