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Google Launches PayPal Rival

Sanga Re:Interconnected services (449 comments)

Okay let us create an account B for GBuy; account M for GMail; account T for gtalk; O for orkut. That should work and be compartmentalised. Right?

No. Now OP receives GBuy email in B -- and has to login as B to see what is going on. Wants to hang out on orkut -- logout and login again.

Either do a lot of cookie-editor plugin dancing or just stick to having one GCompartment for all!!

more than 8 years ago


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PIOs in slashland

Sanga Sanga writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Mostly a lurker in slashdot, I have taken up befriending "Persons of Indian origin".

To what greater end, I do not know. This is done as an effort to see who is out there.

Comments are enabled, please feel free to introduce yourselves and indicate others that I have missed.

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