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How much use would you get from a 1 gigabit internet connection?

Scotch42 Re:More useful if symmertical (224 comments)

I could be rid of my full rack in the data center and build my dreamed private cloud distributed accross relatives and customers with full replication for our 8 TB professional data. GNU/Linux + openVPN + CEPH + openvswitch + KVM + freeNX would be just fine...

about 9 months ago

Apple Urges Arizona Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Legislation

Scotch42 news ford nerds? (917 comments)

is this really a news for nerds? Is this site becoming a local politics news outlet?

about a year ago

Fire Destroys Iron Mountain Data Warehouse, Argentina's Bank Records Lost

Scotch42 Re:Classic Slashdot (463 comments)

I guess I will...
I know! this a totaly unuseful comment but an opinion.
I usually don't comment here but lurk at least twice a day for more than two years before registering.
I guess I will have to find another site where I can find news for nerds and stuff that matters...

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Do You Move Legal Data With Torrents?

Scotch42 In France... (302 comments)

...the so called "freebox" (ADSL modem with lot of extra features) includes a bittorrent client. I use it to get and share the full gutenberg project.

about 2 years ago

Of currently dead inventors, my favorite is ...

Scotch42 Re:Bill Gates (542 comments)

Hint: it's a poll for your favorite dead inventor.

No I understand why CowboyNeal was not in that list. He is alive!

more than 2 years ago

Countries Ranked In Terms of Internet Freedom

Scotch42 What about France ? (98 comments)

with the HADOPI and LOPSI laws... isn't it woth of evaluating or the response would be scary at best?

more than 3 years ago

Income Tax Quashed, Ballmer To Cash In Billions

Scotch42 Re:I live in Seattle. (650 comments)

funny for an european (I mean from EU). we pay both... the Value Added Tax (VAT) was invented in order to replace other taxes but that was theory. In practice it was just added to other taxes...

more than 4 years ago

Who Invented the Linux-Based Wireless Router?

Scotch42 ReseauCitoyen.be (154 comments)

we did that at ReseauCitoyen.be several years ago. At that time there was nothing nor on the Internet nor elsewhere... We never claimed invention for that as this was obvious for us who where in the field... But we build some devices... We had some design published as public domain ones in hope to see them builded by corporations. And finally that was the case. So I can not understand that someone is now claiming a patent on such kind of ideas... PS: I'm not an english language native, so forgive some faults in my wording!

more than 4 years ago

French City To Use CCTV For Parking Fines

Scotch42 already running in other cities nearby (297 comments)

This system is already in use for awhile in Cannes (the film festival city) and for sure in other cities in south of France... And the enforcement is drastic. You stop in front of a shop to pick up some ordered goods, you've got a ticket coming home...

more than 4 years ago

Best Way To Archive Emails For Later Searching?

Scotch42 Re:Storage and search can be different problems (385 comments)

The Archiveopteryx solution is the one I have setup for a customer of mine with similar requirement. He has about 600GB of email now... You can access the email trough IMAP with any client or use phppgadmin or any other tools to access the database directly with any custom queries you need.

more than 4 years ago

Where Were You When PLATO Was Born?

Scotch42 playing with it at that time (162 comments)

We had a wonderfull time playing fligh simulator (remeber becoming so often a peperoni pizza) or dungeon of moria with PLATO when I was freshmen ;-)

more than 4 years ago

Anyone Can Play Big Brother With BitTorrent

Scotch42 not fresh news for me (436 comments)

A friend of mine (I'm a debian sysadmin) has developped a tool to find who is downloading a given file in realtime. It is used by police to track chlidren porn downloader in several european contries. It's quite effective and has a long strory of success. I wanted to sell that product to the police of my country (european) to track those guys but they wanted to use it to track music downloaders (our license restrict the use of the tool to track chlidren porn downloaders). We did not agree here but in other places we did. So I know for sure that those kind of tools is around for years...

more than 4 years ago

What Is the State of Linux Security DVR Software?

Scotch42 Re:surveillance software (112 comments)

Just the same. Monitoring about 13 IP axis cameras ans 2 webcams, following a network of about 100 one-wire sensors and vocal feedback with flite and pulseaudio. All is done on a shuttle with Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 430 @ 1.80GHz and !GB of RAM... All is wired with bash and perl scripts launched in response to events fired by motion or by the one-wire monitor. A couple of one-liners are a sufficient glue to configure complex strategies having defined a nice collection of standardized behaviours. Was not *nix designed to manage telephone system? Is a building more complex than a phone system? My guess is that *nix is well fitted to the task near natively...

more than 5 years ago

Ethics of Releasing Non-Malicious Linux Malware?

Scotch42 Don't let a server call home! (600 comments)

Why should a (web)server be allowed to issue any request ? It should be configured to answer queries only, no ? iptables is great and easy to set up for that task. Even for software update, one may push the package needed to the target server in place of the usual pull from the target; so no exceptions are needed on the firewall.

For desktops it's a little bit more complicated... but using a home partition mounted with noexec should suffice. Installing a new software is not a casual issue but a real event and should be taken care of by someone knowing what he's doing. That's why root was invented, isn't it ?

more than 5 years ago

GPL Case Against Danish Satellite Provider

Scotch42 linux is not freeware (297 comments)

at some stage, manufacturers will realize the hidden cost of using GNU/Linux in their embedded platforms... For commodity gadgets and tools, it will not be an issue to share the internals are the hardware will be the added value. But for unique items that should not be the case and therefore some other toolkit with no ogligation to share modifications should be preferred.

And I'm making my living with GNU/Linux tools only ;-)

More often, I see my customers using GNU/Linux because it's without licenses to pay for the final product. But they do not realize theyr obligation to share... And it'is very difficult to educate them.

Does fellows /.ers have similar issue with customer?

more than 5 years ago

An Early Look At What's Coming In PHP V6

Scotch42 Re:So... (307 comments)

I'm with you on this... I still have production site running in php3 on old debian boxes. and the customer doesn't want to upgrade an old time zinning team... just 0.05 EUR...

more than 5 years ago

European Crackdown On Skype "Loophole"

Scotch42 what about private VoIP? (230 comments)

what if one uses a dedicated VoIP network with strong encryption and white noise generator when idle so you may not know when in use or not?

How could interception works if no key where exchanged on the wire?

How could law be written to take care of this while keeping some reserve for legitimate uses?

more than 5 years ago

Verizon.net Finally Moving Email To Port 587

Scotch42 Re:Remembering credentials?! (195 comments)

I like the suggestion that people are somehow lax in security because their mail client remembers their password. Who are these guys who type the password in every 3 minutes when they check their mail?

once per session is enough... the client may keep the password in RAM never writing it to a file.

more than 5 years ago

Amazon 1-Click Lawyers Make USPTO Work Xmas Eve

Scotch42 Re:Not everyone's Christian... (117 comments)

Christmas is a religious time. As far as religion can be envisionned without any deity. Santa Claus is not a god in any fashion. It's more an impersonnation of some fundamental principe. It's all about the winter solstice. It's the time to celebrate hope. The hope of the return of the light. This is taking place in the longest night of the year. When men are about to forfeit hope against darkness. This celebration uses a evergreen tree illuminated by lights. All girl are called "lucy" and running with lights in their hairs. and so on...

Christianity just put the birth of JC at the same time because is also celebration for hope from they point of view.

PS: I'm not native english speaker, so forgive any language mistakes.

more than 6 years ago


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