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Iranian Government Cuts Off Internet Access Again

Scruffeh Re:That's news to me... (374 comments)

I can see why this is marked as Troll, but the poster does have a point, at least in terms of numbers of losses etc. Nevertheless, it would be far better to point out the massive number of innocent casualties from US/UK trying to police the world, and also the way in which such statistics are reported. For example, the "enemy combatant" definition was stretched for the purpose of reducing the number of innocent casualties that were reported. I'm from the UK, and I'd really rather they spent the tax money on health, education or transport, than on terrorising other countries. It all seems rather hypocritical

more than 5 years ago

Why the UK Needs the Pirate Party

Scruffeh Re:Sounds promising, but... (363 comments)

And come on - do you really think by giving them your vote you would risk a sudden abolishment of copyright?!

I would be uncomfortable voting for a party under the belief that their policies are less extreme than publically stated. I'd much rather a party attempted to engage in intelligent debate, as opposed to shock tactics. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate that you are probably correct.

more than 5 years ago

Sore Thumbs and Texting

Scruffeh Re:GSM and the USA (170 comments)

I'm pretty sure that T-Mobile is still known as T-Mobile in mainland Europe. It definately is in the UK (and it's probably the worst of our big 4 providers). I think they use the 'T' brand in Germany for the mobile phone part of the business; or at least the 'T-Com' that appears on the front of Bayern Munich's (football team) shirts would indicate this.

more than 8 years ago


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