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Physicists Attempting To Test 'Time Crystals'

ScytheLegion Re:Bose never got a Nobel (231 comments)

Well, there are four sides to that question. It's going to take simultaneous 24-hour corner days to come up with an answer.

Of all my time on /. (since the very beginning), that joke NEVER gets old :) Gene Ray will finally be vindicated!!!

about a year and a half ago

Lake Vostok Reached

ScytheLegion Re:We all know what will happen (156 comments)

Best use of a movie quote in a long time! Didn't connect the reference until the CAPS

more than 2 years ago

Finding Someone To Manage Selling a Software Company?

ScytheLegion Re:Zomg, news for nerds (165 comments)

That's what she said...

about 5 years ago

"Breathtakingly Stupid" EU Cookie Law Passes

ScytheLegion First Post (447 comments)

I'm going to toss my cookies...

more than 5 years ago

Google Earth As a Game Engine For Ship Simulation

ScytheLegion Land Shark (84 comments)

It's actually pretty cool - just tried it out with XP, Vista: IE, FF / OS X: Safari, FF, Opera (slow day...). Obviously, loading a layer on top of Google's API, because the best part is you can "sail" over/through anything! I chose the Container Ship (very slow maneuverability) and inadvertently "sailed" over land, then right through downtown Rotterdam. Also dragged the anchor across land - didn't seem to slow me down. The horn and anchor don't work in all browsers...

All ships are defaulted to Rotterdam, so that's the only point of origin.

Here's the direct link to load the "game" - requires GoogleEarth browser plug-in. http://ships.planetinaction.com/

more than 5 years ago

Machines Almost Pass Mass Turing Test

ScytheLegion Re:Apparently Geeks Should..... (580 comments)

I think this is pretty impactful. All jokes aside, the fact that Jabberwacky held an 11 hour conversation with a teenage girl is pretty astonishing. Obviuosly, a conversation of that nature is going to be all about emotion - not logic, reason or an empirical display of intelligence. Isn't that the point for AI to seamlessly interface with us? (I realize it's not necessarily the scope of the Turing test). Humans are teriible at logic and reason. Emotion is one of the key components which defines us as a species. I know a lot of humans who couldn't carry on an 11 hour conversation which primarily focussed on emotion... let alone with a teenage girl discussing nothing but fluff, pop-culture, or black and white ideologies.

I actually think it's funny, interesting and astonishing at the same time!

Oh yeah... I, for one, welcome our new teenage girl conversationalist... never mind...

more than 6 years ago

Machines Almost Pass Mass Turing Test

ScytheLegion Re:And here on /. (580 comments)

Nice try AI Robot. I will not fall for your ploy to trap me into a gauged response!

wait... oops...

more than 6 years ago

Robotic Suit For Rent In Japan

ScytheLegion Obligatory... (202 comments)

I, for one, welcome our new $2,200/month Robotic Suit Overlords.

more than 6 years ago


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