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Here Comes the Panopticon: Insurance Companies

Sean Re:real vs pretend (353 comments)

> The government scares me less because they don't want to maximize the money they get from me.


about 7 months ago

How Often Do Economists Commit Misconduct?

Sean You don't bite the hand that feeds you (305 comments)

Who purchases the services of economists? Who consumes their work product?

A lot of economists are paid by central banks one way or another:

One useful tactic for managing the economy is manipulating public opinion. Especially the opinion of those members of the public who manage huge quantities of other people's money. The job of the economist then is not necessarily to discover the true state of the economy, but to convince others that is it in a certain state in order to influence their behavior.

about 7 months ago

Amazon's Android Appstore Coming To BlackBerry

Sean Re:Finally (76 comments)

It sure does. No access to incoming SMS. I also can't get GCM working properly. Their docs are bad and their developer forums are a wasteland.

about 7 months ago

California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs

Sean All Uber in endangering... (314 comments)

is the revenue of competing services.

about 8 months ago

Typo Keyboard For iPhone Faces Sales Ban

Sean We need reform (205 comments)

Asserting a patent that turns out to be invalid or not applicable should cost the accuser big time. All of the defendants legal costs plus 5% of annual worldwide gross revenue would be a good start.

about 10 months ago

After FOIA, Homeland Security Releases Social Media Monitoring Guides

Sean Here's their spam filter (21 comments)

Note - Analysts are to refrain from generating IOI reports that:
1) Include any form of unauthorized PII
2) Include public reaction to DHS programs, policies and procedures unless they are operationally relevant (e.g., long wait times at TSA checkpoints)
3) Focus on individuals' First Amendment-protected activities unless they are operationally relevant (e.g., protest shuts down I-95 - in which case the report should focus on impact to operations and not the subject of the protest)
4) Overview proposed legislation or legal challenges on enacted legislation
5) Have an obvious political bias or agenda
6) Are predictive or futuristic

about 10 months ago

TrustyCon Session Videos Now Online

Sean Thanks for posting (6 comments)

Great videos. Shame this didn't get more attention.

about a year ago

Live Q&A With Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrington

Sean Re:Confiscated electronics (141 comments)

TSA forces passengers to surrender electronics? Under what circumstances? I've never heard of that.

about a year ago

DEA Presentation Shows How Agency Hides Investigative Methods From Trial Review

Sean In the grand scheme of things (266 comments)

The DEA are the real criminals.

about a year ago

Anonymous Slovenia Claims To Have Hacked the FBI and Posted Emails To Pastebin

Sean Post the pastebin link (152 comments)

Will someone just post the pastebin link so we can look at judge for ourselves?

about a year ago

OpenBSD Moving Towards Signed Packages — Based On D. J. Bernstein Crypto

Sean Re:Very surprised that it took this long (232 comments)

And how exactly do you get the OS and compilers to build the source code with?

1 year,11 days

Phil Zimmerman Launching Secure "Blackphone"

Sean Re: Open Source? (156 comments)

Really? It's not safe if you're using any common software such as Linux, Windows or OS X. Nor is it secure if you're running it on any modern hardware with a CPU from Intel or AMD. And forget about any arm based mobile!

Secure, real time communication is difficult right now.

What do you think you can run that is secure from the likes of the NSA?

1 year,13 days

The Far Future of Our Solar System

Sean Rational spending (122 comments)

> how much you think is "invested" on mapping any potential space threats compared with, i.e. spying on ourselves

Which do you think is a more realistic threat, being obliterated by an asteroid or being attacked by other humans?

1 year,24 days

Hacker Barnaby Jack Died of Drug Overdose

Sean Re: Hackers are the new Rock Stars (195 comments)

I'm not debating you. You may think you're the voice of reason here, but you really don't know anything about the situation, and I don't care what you think.

1 year,25 days

Hacker Barnaby Jack Died of Drug Overdose

Sean Re: Hackers are the new Rock Stars (195 comments)

Barnaby would routinely party until 5am then deliver the first talk in the morning. And deliver the talk well. His research was good, but then again so was the research of others who weren't nearly as much fun. Conference organizers aren't robots.

His hard partying ways were well known in the security community. Reading all of this conspiratorial talk reminds me how foolish we can be when we talk about people we've never even met.

Does anyone seriously expect a bunch of other well known hackers to admit in public that they routinely binged on drink and hard drugs with Barnaby? Merely to put to rest wild speculation by some randoms who didn't even know him and will likely continue to believe whatever they want to believe?

1 year,25 days

Photos Stream Back From China's Lunar Lander

Sean Re:Those who think that moon landing was a fake .. (268 comments)

Hopefully the Chinese will release some high quality pictures. I'm not suggesting the moon landings were fake, but given the overall cost and engineering that goes into such an endeavor, I don't think it's unreasonable to expect photos of the same quality I can take with my cell phone.

I read that the first images we see now are low quality to keep transmission time low. The high quality ones, including full video of the decent, will follow.

about a year ago

Switzerland Wants To Become the World's Data Vault

Sean Where ever you put it (131 comments)

Good luck keeping guys with tens of thousands of exploits out of it

about a year ago



Google AppEngine Vulnerable

Sean Sean writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Sean writes "Google's AppEngine is vulnerable to attack according to security expert Justin Ferguson. It's not just Google, it's potentially all interpreted code. Developers who believe they are safe from memory corruption problems that plague C and C++ programs should think twice about that assumption. Justin has uncovered serious problems in popular scripting languages Perl and Python."
Link to Original Source


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