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Students and Bodies Tracked Via RFID Tags

Seeka I'm waiting for this system to get hacked. (437 comments)

How long will it be until a smart kid figures out how to program his own cards, OR figures out how to get access to the school administration system in a way that he could arbitrary change the locations (or HISTORICAL locations) of him and his buddies or his enemies. Want to get someone in trouble? Just change their ID badge location to say they weren't in the right place at the right time -- this is assuming it would be independent of other checks though.

Either way I'm against this system. It's lame. How hard is it to track a bunch of kids without making them wear tracking devices? I seriously fear the future. These are PUBLIC schools from what I understand, and I think it's a breach of freedoms to have these kinds of things in place. If we can do it in a school, we can do it to ALL CITIZENS. Imagine .. You're an illegal alien.. The border patrol guy checks his screen against all registered units (people) .. He sees you moving, and BAM, you're dead... Shoot first, ask questions later. Then they roll the guy over and realize they shot somebody really important, and go, "Oh shit." :)

more than 9 years ago


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