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Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Shrinking Storage Space In iOS 8

SenseiLeNoir Re: Entitlement (325 comments)

Not to be too pedantic, but MTP actually has certain benefits over USB mass storage. It doesn't require the SD card be unmounted first, which causes many problems with appa which use SD card storage. Also file reads are atomic on MTP which is also important for these devices.

There are some downsides to MTP but practically it works. And is a lot better than Apples nonexistent file system access.

about three weeks ago

Google Earth's New Satellites

SenseiLeNoir Re:ONLY 2" resolution instead of 1"?? (118 comments)

Feel sorry for us Brits who have to deal with both, in a confusing mishmatch :)

Metric for most things, with some bizarre use of imperial for inertia reasons.

road/railway speeds - imperial(mph), scientific speeds, and any other speed, metric.

road distances (signs usually are in miles/yards or fractions), however, the distance markers on the side of the motorways used by workers, etc are in KM.

Car economy is in mpg (though our gallon is slightly bigger than the US gallon), but we buy our fuel in litres, and
pay for it in litres. Possibly a good thing considering the price.

Most items are bought in a supermarket are given metric mesurements for weight and volume, eg litres for drinks, grams/kg for food weights, yet MILK is still sold in pints.

Beer is still sold in pints in a pub....

about a year ago

Nokia Still Experimenting With Android Smartphone

SenseiLeNoir Re:Simpler explanation (63 comments)

or rather:
d) Leave s40 exactly as it is.

The people who buy this do NOT want a smartphone. Just a simple phone that is cheap (around the £10-£20 mark), durable, makes calls and text, long battery life, easy to use, and maybe have a torch/fm radio, at the most have bluetooth. There is NO need to replace S40, it is not broken.

about a year ago

Microsoft Donates Windows 8.1 To Nonprofit Organizations

SenseiLeNoir Re:Windows 8.x is horrible! (224 comments)

I have both 7 Ultimate and 8.1 on my computer (dual boot on seperate SSDs). Her is my positives and negatives of Windows 8 over win 7.

- Really fast and smooth compared to Win 7. The difference is noticeable, even in boot up.
- I am not too bothered with metro itself, nor do I care much for the loss of the start menu. Rarely used it on seven other than to open frequently used app, or search for other apps. I rarely even know whats on my start menu aall programs list, as its hardly used)
- Lightweight. It appears that Microsoft have finally got rid of some in built junk
- Metro apps have their uses. I can think of many types of apps that I would rather not have to install into my windows system normally (as an admin no less) complete with the potential to add further junk to my system folders complete with system wide spyware, and being unable to guarentee a clean uninstall. Metro apps seem to be a bit better isolated.

- Metro apps are still tooo touch focused, and certain things are less intuitiuve with KB and mouse only.
- MEtro apps and dual monitors. Despite the improvements in Windows 8.1, there are still huge usability problems still existing for dual screen users. For example, when running a metro app on the left hand screen, its more involved to bring up the charms panel with just the mouse. Whereas with a single screen, you can blindly flick the mouse up and to the right until it gets to the upper right corner to bring up the charms panel, with a dual monitor, the mouse will simply go to the next screen, making the user have to concentrate more in actually positioning the pointer in the exact region to show the panel.
- I still feel the desktop UI is very poor. I enjoyed aero on Win vista, and more so on 7. The transparency effects give me a lot of cues to order, and overlap. The new UI is frankly ugly, and personally a lot worse than win 7.

about a year ago

Apple and Nokia Outraged That Samsung Lawyers Leaked Patent License Terms

SenseiLeNoir Re: Where's the Samsung fanboys now? (201 comments)

Even in the USA there are "bribes" paid by businesses. Its called campaign donations, political sponsorship, etc and is quite legal.

Find out how much the companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Exxon, Big Cigarette, Media, etc pay as political donations... Bet your bottom dollar there are strings attached.

It is corruption, for in a true DEMOCRATIC government it should be the desires of the voters that dictate the laws and governance moving ahead.

One person one Vote, and not One Dollar One Vote

about a year ago

Ars Technica Reviews iOS 7

SenseiLeNoir Re:Try a Windows phone, that's an experience (233 comments)

You are not going to get hammered. I agree, the Windows Phone interface is actually very good from what I felt when I played around with a Lumia. Its other things about the OS that makes me stick with Android.

To be honest, although I myself would NOT be interested in a Windows OS phone, I can see my parents being quite comfortable with one.

Now coming to windows 8.... thats a different kettle of fish! They should have kept a limited aero for desktop use. I completely hate the lack of contrast on the new desktop (I do not mind the metro interface in "metro" world, I just HATE the desktop interface)

about a year ago

Man Of Steel Leaps Over Record With $125.1 Million To Mixed Reviews

SenseiLeNoir Re:that money (364 comments)

Remembering the 80's Superman, especially the aweful Superman 4, I think the reboot was a good thing.

(the First was not too bad, and nor was the second, the third was getting a little silly at times, but all of them had a strong stereotypical american view which may have worked then, but is kinda tiring now.)

about a year and a half ago

Google To Buy Waze For $1.3 Billion

SenseiLeNoir Re:Geotarding? (153 comments)

See the next announcement that Apple is pairing with Microsoft to bring Bing maps in 3.... 2.... 1.....

about a year and a half ago

Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers

SenseiLeNoir Re:Not much into photography.. (316 comments)

I can tell the difference between a "beginner" and a "professional" irregardless of what they are using. A professional with a camera phone, will tend to record the moment better than an amateur clicking away with a fancy DSLR on automatic mode that he or she bought at Best Buy to show off!

In fact most pros have a bit of a dont care attitude about their tools, because ultimately its whats in their head, and their skills that make the photo.

Ultimately though, it doesn't matter what tool, or the skill of the photographer, if the photo is a recording of a once in a lifetime event.......

about a year and a half ago

Chicago Sun Times Swaps iPhone Training For Staff Photographers

SenseiLeNoir Re: Why the iPhone of all thing? (316 comments)

Don't get me wrong; I am a DSLR photographer (amateur not professional, its not my day job!).

You are absolutely right about the technical quality of a DSLR, crisp clear photos when used with Primes. Nice fill in flashes. Filters. Large Sensors. nice DOF effects, etc.

However, do not dismiss a cam phone. set up of a DSLR can take time. And it is bulky to carry. A phone is always there.

Remember the biggest aspect of a great photo is actually being able to capture that moment, and sometimes its only with a phone. It doesn't matter how bad the quality is, or anything at that point, as long as you can sufficiently captured that moment.

I think a lot of photographers (mainly amateur, who are just starting out with DSLR) have forgotten that.

about a year and a half ago

Testers Say IE 11 Can Impersonate Firefox Via User Agent String

SenseiLeNoir Re:Hmmm (252 comments)

Mozilla suite was not credible for the normal users. Don't get me wrong, I used it as my main browser, hell I even used phoenix as my main browser on my laptop, but I just could not recommend it to most people at the time. Firefox was just right.

about 2 years ago

Falling Windows RT Tablet Prices Signify Slow Adoption

SenseiLeNoir Re:Who is the core audience for Windows? (290 comments)

....The wipe (with a clean linux disk) and reinstall... 2nd or 3rd time I need to clear someone's computer, they get Linux... at least there's less chance of being overwhelmed by viruses.. not perfect solution, but at that point the person can't be trusted.

Wiping the computer and forcing linux if you have to clean their computer more than 3 times?

Calling a person as "Untrusted" simply because they got a virus?

God you are a piece of work, and you call THEM untrustworthy?

IT is their computer, their right to do what they want with it. IF you don't want to support them, you tell them you don't want to, or charge them appropriately. Don't wipe their computer and install a alternative OS, and treat them as if they are untrustworthy

I hope you were joking when you said what you said above. Even so, I hope this is a joke you dont share with normal people.

about 2 years ago

Testers Say IE 11 Can Impersonate Firefox Via User Agent String

SenseiLeNoir Re:Hmmm (252 comments)

If I had mod points, I would award you all of them.

Its easy for some "Younglings" today to criticise what happened then. I personally didn't like IE back in 2000(Active X drive by installs, toolbars, and standards compatibility). Hell, life was bad back then (1997 - 2004) when Nutscrape and Exploder each having their own view of "Standards" (I am ignoring the Mozilla Suite and Netscape 6/7 as both never truly gained critical mass, and were not really for the masses anyway).

Until Firefox was released in 2004, there was no credible standards based browser, apart from the rather good Opera, which was pay ware at the time. Even then it was the surge of appalling viruses and drive by installs on IE, that finally got people to notice Firefox with its better security, and seduced by features such as pop up blocking and tabbed browsing.

Thanks to the efforts by Mozilla, which were then cemented later by Apple with Webkit/Safari, Standards Compliance has become a desirable feature for browser developers, rather than a drag.

Even Microsoft has slowly gotten their act together, and improving their own standards support.

Today we are in a better place, but its easy to forget how bad it was. even though Firefox was released in 2004, it still took a while to overtake IE.

In companies, where they are very much into standard installations and frowning upon installing software, it wasn't until Windows 7 came that IE 6 was eventually replaced together with XP. Therefore coding for the crappy standards of IE6 was the only realistic path available.

Its easy for most of us working in Tech companies to say otherwise, but in other companies like banking, and government, its a different environment.

about 2 years ago

UK Bloggers Could Face Libel Fines Unless Registered As Press

SenseiLeNoir Re:OUTRAGE! (394 comments)

Then... Slashdot woudl have to change its tag line! (News for nerds......)

about 2 years ago

Apple Faces Lawsuit For Retina MacBook Pro 'Ghosting' Issue

SenseiLeNoir Re:Mildly annoying (195 comments)

I am no apple fanboi, but I bought one of the 15inch retina macbook pros for work reasons.
  It has an lg screen.

Now don't get me wrong, I have a lot of frustration with this machine. Its the only machine in the last 2 years I have had to force turn off by holding the power button due to some weird osx issue. However I have never experienced the ghosting issue? Maybe it doesn't affect all?

about 2 years ago

Andy Rubin Steps Down As Chief of Google Android

SenseiLeNoir Re:Quit, landscape, MTP, Linux, root (156 comments)

There are MANY technical reasons why an android devices cant present itself as USB mass storage. The two MAIN ones are:
- USB Mass Storage (USM) is a block level service which would NEED to be formatted in some form of FAT. Since Android is Linux based, the file system internally is ext4 on recent devices. No windows machine out of the box can mount ext4. (see below for implications on Nexus devices)
IT is extremely difficult, and dangerous to "Simulate" FAT where the device is not internally FAT.
- When a storage device is USM mounted, it has to be unmounted from the host, otherwise data corruption is likely to occur (especially with FAT) meaning that apps which write to that storage will find the storage no longer available, and would need to be cleanly unmounted from the attached PC before removal too.

There are other issues that FAT has no security around it, which is required for many internal and other applications in android.

MTP solves the mount/unmount problems, by presenting a higher level file/directory access that is filesystem agnostic. The computer or any other connected device does not require to understand the file system layout, etc, hence the OS can use any FS it likes internally. Indeed it can even present a virtual directory tree if it wants. It does not require to be unmounted, and can guarantee writes (no caching). It also does one op at a time. This is what makes it seem slow, there is no write caching, nor multi tasking on this.

However, I find that in terms of actual transfer, MTP on my Galaxy S2 is only very slightly slower than the USM mode when transferring large files(>1MB). Smaller files take a little longer, but still not that bad.

The nexus does NOT have a FAT system, and since it only has a single partition, it cannot expose itself as a USM. However, you can use all storage for apps.

The Galaxy s2 partitions its storage into separate ext4 and fat partition, therefore has a (fairly well hidden) USM mode for both internal and card storage. However, it ends up limiting the Application storage space to just 2GB of ext4.

The NEXUS 4 has a single filesystem allocated for the runnign OS.

about 2 years ago

TSMC Preparing To Manufacturer A6X Chip As Apple Looks to Ditch Samsung

SenseiLeNoir Re:Jobs' prideful legacy will be their downfall (172 comments)

See thats the problem, Apple got good quality supplies from Samsung, however Samsung is also a competitor. Apple should have used some of the cash they have to actually work on sorting out alternative suppliers earlier. Instead they got involved in their thermonuclear games for far too long, starting lawsuits etc, without actually coming up with alternatives.

People talk about apples cash pile as a good thing. In business it is not always a good thing to have such a large pile of cash. It is seen by investors that the company is just relying on milking the goose that laid the golden egg, rather than spending on research. Apple has spent some of their cash on lawsuits, but win or loose, they are achieving a poor reputation in the industry.

They have not paid much dividends in recent times either, therefore what incentive do stockholders have in KEEPING apple stock, while at the moment its going down? These are all the concerns about Apple going around in the market. Yes their are investors praising Apples performance, but notice they are often stock holders themselves, therefore they may have some self interests.

Nevertheless, Apple has made some tremendous blunders in terms of how they conduct their business. Steve Jobs may have been a legend, however he was dying, and knew he was dying. It is quite likely in the last couple of years or so of his life, his decisions may have not been brilliant. Pair that with Apple continuing how "Jobs would have done it" after he retired, might have been a mistake too.

A company does not succeed on just tech products, they need to run a business well. Currently they are coasting on a huge cash pile, and a huge fan base, but they need to get their business process back on track, otherwise Samsung will really start eating in.

I bought my wife a Galaxy Note 2. its an incredible device that is innovative and unmatched....

about 2 years ago

TSMC Preparing To Manufacturer A6X Chip As Apple Looks to Ditch Samsung

SenseiLeNoir Re:Ditching strong partners -- smart move! (172 comments)

Samsung are not stupid to copy any of the Apple designs, unlike other issues, these manufacture contracts have plenty of Clauses in them. Plus they don't NEED to, they license ARM designs themselves, and develop their own processors (Exynos). They also use Qualcomm chips in some US models.

3d (Not holographic) has already been done in Android already.

Why is it you always assume Android is always "catching up" and stating it as a fact? There are cases where Apple came out with stuff before android, and there are times when android came out with stuff before apple (Dual Core, etc).

Your comment would have been insightful had it not been for that nasty bit of "Blind" non objective fanboism you demonstrated.

about 2 years ago

Windows 8 Graphics: Microsoft Has Hardware-Accelerated Everything

SenseiLeNoir Re:crash faster (563 comments)

I use Linux (fedora/ubuntu), OS X (personal rMBP), and Windows (7 64bit ultimate at home, 32bit professional at work).

I have always wanted to "hate" windows, and "love" Linux, and in the past I have wanted to "love" mac os too.

in the past I have had plenty of reasons to hate windows, but by XP sp3, it was less, thoguh now that I am on 7, i actually HATE xp.

I was probably one of the few people that didn't hate Vista. Maybe because i used the 64bit version, I dont know, but it was stable if not particularly spectacular. It got the job done.

Windows 7 is a phenomenon in comparison. Together with the SSD, it just worked. Being able to send movies to my TV with a right click on the file, and without installing anything. Windows 7 just works, and although i do have a dual boot Ubuntu partition on my computer, i rarely use it. My chief annoyance is its inability to read any file systems on USB Mass Storage other than FAT/FAT32, and is the real remaining evilness of MS (forcing manufacturers of devices such as cameras to support FAT and pay their "tax" to MS)

OSX, is pretty, but not necessarily better than 7. It is not more easier either (keyboard shortcuts are more extreme). OSX is just different in my books. It too has some evilness such as the restriction on supporting TRIM only on Apple approved SSDs. It also has in some ways less application support (excluding BSD)

Linux is the OS i prefer to use for development, and also servers. However, I still spend way too much time configuring it than I have time for. When I was younger, and have time, it was fun. These days, I am married, a professional, and simply don't have time.

more than 2 years ago


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