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Satellite TV Hacker Tells His Story

Serapth What an arrogant douchebag (160 comments)

I mean...

Since NDS fired him he's been consulting for two semiconductor companies and a manufacturer of dongle tokens, but he misses his life in electronic warfare. If NDS doesn't want him, he says he'd be happy to work for Nagrastar -- jumping sides once again. "I could design a whole entire chip for them like I did for NDS," he says. "NDS thinks today that their technology is superior to everybody else's and it probably is, because they're 17 years ahead of Nagra technologically. But Nagra could catch up overnight if they used my services. "I'm a very valuable asset as far as smart-card technology goes," he adds. "I know everything about (NDS) as far as their intellectual property models go."

Then again, its Wired magazine. They exist purely to create arrogant douchebags, dont they?

more than 6 years ago



Sony forgot to mention the 56 developers working on PlayStation Mobile titles!

Serapth Serapth writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Serapth (643581) writes "This is a list of the developers officially developing for their PlayStation Mobile effort ( previously PlayStation Suite ) that for some mind boggling reason Sony failed to mention on stage. The list has some pretty heavy hitters like Sega and From Software. The list was extracted from a PDF file attached to an official Sony Japanese press release announcing HTC device support.

It seems to me news that all of these people are developing games for their Vita/Android efforts would be much bigger news than a gimmicky book!"

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Inside the Playstation Studio SDK

Serapth Serapth writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Serapth (643581) writes "Sony recently released the PlayStation Studio SDK to open beta. Using PSS people are able to write games for various PlayStation certified devices in a C#/Mono based environment. This post takes a look at what's included in the SDK, which is surprisingly quite a bit."
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Can't surf Slashdot from work? New site can help.

Serapth Serapth writes  |  about 5 years ago

Serapth (643581) writes "The new service Flexamail presents a different approach to help users stuck behind firewall, email. For example, if you wanted to browse Slashdot, it's as easy sending an email to www@flexamail.com with the subject line set to www.slashdot.org. Special services also exists specifically for Facebook, Twitter and Google. Since it is email based, 99% of firewalls won't get in the way. Additionally, if you have an email only cell plan, this can save you from having to sign up for an expensive data plan for the ability to surf. As email clients vary in their CSS and script support and simply don't support Flash, results will vary from site to site and email client to email client from readable to pixel perfect."
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