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24-hour Test Drive of PC-BSD

Serilkath_Montreal Re:I've also test driven PC-BSD (285 comments)

I might be being a tool, I might be a complete n00b with it, maybe I should STFU... maybe. But if I didn't find it to be an easy alternative when I've got experience with unix-like systems and am not afraid of doing some research (although I admit it was pretty limited)
I used to use Linux up until I had to do it for real (i.e. in production and quickly), then I switched to FreeBSD. Why ? Because it's an OS... A real one, not a patchwork of more or less random stuff put together to cater to the pimple squad. Each distro has it's own particular way of doing thing, there's no consistency between one or another and most of the time you got a couple of gigs of totaly useless stuff. I recently had to work with Linux, my god, I missed my FreeBSD so bad, there is not a distro that hasn't a major flaw and each time you switch from one to another you pretty much have to start from scratch... If you ask me, windows or Linux, it's all the same...

more than 7 years ago


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