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LHC Reaches Over One Trillion Electron Volts

Sgt. CoDFish Re:Translation into sensible units (305 comments)

With anything scientific, people generally talk about giga (G) being 1x10^9. That's an American billion.

A French/British billion (1x10^12) is tera (T) in SI prefixes.

So, since we take 1 eV to be 1.60x10^-19 J (to 3 sig. figs.), 1TeV (units are case sensitive) is:

1.6x10^-19 x 1x10^12 =

1.60x10^-7 J, or, with SI prefixes, 160 nJ (nanojoules, 10^-9)

(Strictly speaking, the Joule isn't the SI standard. In base units, the Joule is:


because W (energy) = F (force, in newtons, which is also not an SI base unit) * d (distance, in metres, which is a base unit)
F (force, N) = m (mass, in kilogrammes, a base unit) * acceleration (in ms^-2, which is expressed in base units)
So W = mad or, in units, kg * ms^-2 * m. Which simplifies to give the unit above.

But everyone just uses J.)

You may or may not have known all that, but other people may benefit. Disclaimer: I don't claim to be perfectly right, but this is my understanding of the SI units, and it's served me well so far.

more than 4 years ago

Digital Drugs

Sgt. CoDFish Re:Pointless scare mongering (24 comments)

I'm not saying it's proof, but I definitely felt different. I know what I felt. That said, 1 of my friends is completely immune to them, another only really got affected by the "opium" one, another one is mildly affected by various different ones.

I don't know, it seems quite hypnotic to me. For me, it works. If it's placebo, or if it's hypnotism or if it's binaural beats, I don't know.

But hell, if you're a cynic, download some and do it yourself.

That's the site for the program I use, you can get a free trial set (includes alcohol IIRC) and then you have to pay. Or, I'm sure you'd be able to find it on a torrent or something, I can't see any obvious protection... if you're that way inclined.

They do take a while to do, from 5 minutes to 40+, with most being around 20-25.

You probably don't trust what I say, and I wouldn't expect you to, but I'm adamant that for a laugh at LAN parties when someone's installing a game, it's good fun for me and the guys it works on.

more than 6 years ago


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