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Ask Microsoft's Linux Lab Manager

Shackleford What Kind of Impact Do You Expect to Have? (545 comments)

I recall hearing from people who have worked at Microsoft who have had ideas on what can be done to improve products. What they mentioned was that there is very much bureaucratic red tape that they must go through in order for their ideas to be considered. Perhaps some people at Microsoft may take your input seriously. But considering the many public statements that they have made regarding open source software, do you believe that you will have much impact on Microsoft's overall strategy for dealing with open source software?

more than 9 years ago




The Price of Comic Relief on Slashdot

Shackleford Shackleford writes  |  more than 11 years ago As of the time that I am writing this, I, so far, have only come up with one post that was given the "funny" modifer. That was this post here. It was one of the first times I came up with an attempt at humour, and it wasn't the last. It isn't something that I do very often, as the contributions that I try to make here usually include adding to the serious discussions and contributing stories. This is because I think I'm better at that. It's also because serious discussion is encouraged here more often. But there's another reason for it, which I'm discussing here.

I've sometimes found that some people just don't get the jokes and as a result of the misunderstanding of the post, will mod it down as being off-topic. And this just isn't something that I want to happen to any of my posts. Another problems that arises is when I'm asked to metamoderate a post modded as being "funny." What if I don't really get the joke? I suppose I don't actually need to metamoderate it, but then, there won't be as many metamoderations to be reviewed, to determine if material that's actually funny is being modded appropriately. And the term is, I would say, the most subjective modifier. What makes me laugh just might make others groan, and vice versa.

But I suppose I'll keep doing what I'm doing. The system isn't perfect, but I'd say it's close enough to perfection for me. And I enjoy the odd comic relief here, despite the problems with it. If it hadn't been for it, wouldn't Slashdot be nothing but dry technical discussions?


Who Am I?

Shackleford Shackleford writes  |  more than 11 years ago So I got this account here on Slashdot and I've been making plently of use of it. But something I haven't done yet is make use of this journal that I have here. It was said in the FAQ on this site that what I write here doesn't really matter to those who run the site. So what I am I going to do? I'm going to make some use of this journal. To record my thoughts, opinions, whatever is going through my mind at a time that I want to record my thoughts. So how should I start? Maybe I'll just write a bit about myself.

For the two of you who bothered to read this, I'm a university student who is studying Computer Science. I'm just about to finish getting my bachelor's degree, and I can't wait until I get it. And as I mention on my personal page, I am a computer geek, and enjoy writing. I've been visiting this site often and will continue to do so, as this site allows me to write about geek-related matters. I suppose I could also mention that I'm male, Caucasian, and Canadian. And where did I come up with my name? I needed a fake name and so I decided to go with the one sometimes used by a character on "King of the Hill."

I spend plenty of time learning more about coding and the issues relevant to us coders. You just can't separate technology from the politics of it. You can't work in a vacuum, although sometimes I'd like to. When things in the world don't seem to make sense, it can be good to actually turn to coding and stuff. When a compiler gives error messages, it does so for a reason. Everything there makes sense. But of course, it's good to get away from the computer once in a while as well.

So anyway, inconclusion, I'd just like to say that Slashdot is exactly what I think I've needed. A combination of technical-related news and useful commentary on it. Is it any wonder why I keep frequenting this site?

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