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Switching a College from Desktops to Laptops?

Shalda The labs have to stay (515 comments)

What I found when the university I was working for contemplated a laptop requirement was that the labs were going to stay. The laptops work great for general purpose stuff like Office and even Photoshop. But the heavy duty CAD and engineering software was a no go. Firstly, a 15 inch screen just isn't adequate for working on a large 3D model in Pro/E. Our labs had 21" standard. Some vendors wouldn't compromise on licensing either so that ruled them out. We also had a number of apps that were specific to either Windows or Unix (Solaris mostly - this was about 6 years ago and we were just getting serious about Linux). And lastly, the powers that be decided that it wouldn't be fair to the students to have them buy a new laptop halfway through their studies to stay current. That meant that when they were seniors - when they really needed to do actual work - that they would be trying to run their simulations on 4 or 5 year old hardware. And so, the labs stayed. Which was a good thing, since my job at the time revolved around running them.

more than 8 years ago


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