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Reps Introduce Bipartisan Bill To Legalize Mobile Device Unlocking

Shanrak Re:A bit late (133 comments)

Exactly. I never understood why they bother to lock the phones in the first place. If you have a 2 year contract, they have your money already for that long. Locking the phone doesn't gain them anything. If you want to unlock your phone and go somewhere else, they just get free money out of you since now they don't have to provide you any service.

about a year ago

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for November 2011

Shanrak Re:And the working is expected (231 comments)

while variety is good, there is still a much better sense of atmosphere in a daggerfall city filled with actual living people rather than an imperial city with a handful of people and buildings. When I first played daggerfall, I was blown away by its size. I'd be willing to give up 100% unique citizens and variety for a better atmosphere.

more than 3 years ago

Gamers Abandoning DS, PSP In Favor of Smartphones

Shanrak DS player here... (305 comments)

Yes there are some nifty games on the iphone, but I'd prefer a dedicated portable entertainment device (the touch fits the bill quite nicely as well), over using my smart phone since after a 4-5 hour flight, I'd rather still be able to make a phone call. Get those battery performances up and maybe I'll consider ditching my portable gaming device.

more than 3 years ago

Wii 2 Unlikely For 2011, Maybe In 2012

Shanrak Re:One Word (303 comments)

More than one word: Not really. Sony is busy working on a slightly better version of what the Wii came out with years ago, and Microsoft's Kinect (although it has some pretty cool applications outside of gaming) is targeting a demographic that the Wii has pretty much saturated over the past few years. In the mean time, Nintendo has quietly brought out a 3D hand-held that does not require special glasses to play on.

The way I see it, Nintendo is just hedging their bets on being the first to heavily embrace the 3D market, I would not be surprised if the Wii 2 came out with 3D support at all, and once again, Sony and Microsoft will have to play catchup (assuming 3D takes off).

more than 3 years ago

Did Google Go Instant Just To Show More Ads?

Shanrak Re:No, not useful to me... (250 comments)

the https page works too, or you can just disable it in the settings tab.

Most of the time when I accidentally go to the none https page, I find instant search annoying since I usually know what I'm searching for and I'm done typing before most of the page finishes spazzing out anyway.

more than 3 years ago

NASA Preparing For Largest Hurricane Study Ever

Shanrak And don't forget the butterflies! (28 comments)

I'd like to see an attempt at a documentary about the effects of butterflies on hurricanes

more than 4 years ago

Valve Trademarks 'DOTA'

Shanrak Re:Business model (141 comments)

Every additional download of steam (which is required for alien swarm) means an additional exposure to some of their weekend and special sales. Its an excellent way of getting your advertising out, and at the same time it inflates steam user count so it shows publishers how big of a customer base they are losing if they choose to not publish on steam.

more than 4 years ago

Coronal Mass Ejection Hits Earth

Shanrak Everyone STOP MOVING! (154 comments)

The sun just lost a contact.

more than 4 years ago

DefCon Ninja Badges Let Hackers Do Battle

Shanrak oh the irony (77 comments)

Anyone else enjoying the irony that Facebook, with tons of known holes where private information can be leaked, is sponsoring the Ninja group at DefCon.

more than 4 years ago

Digital Distribution Numbers Speak To Health of PC Game Industry

Shanrak Re:Of course. (192 comments)

You can also attribute some of the big difference to Steam's great sales. Only a couple of my games list I purchased at full price some because I didn't want to wait otehrs because I wanted to contribute since it is such a good game: DAO, X3:TC, Sins of a Solar Empire, and a few others, almost all the rest of my games I bought in those sales where they were anywhere from 50-90% off and big game packs(THQ complete pack for 49.99, that comes out to be about 3-4$ per game).

more than 4 years ago

Prolonged Gaming Blamed For Rickets Rise

Shanrak Grain of salt... (254 comments)

I'm going to take this with a large grain of salt here. Does the publication in the British Medical Journal actually blame the rise on gaming, or is TFA simply adding the gaming aspect to it to generate a sensational article to post on a tech site with a large demographic who plays games. TFA only has a link to the BMJ homepage.

Oh, and obligatory: correlation does not imply causation

more than 4 years ago

AMD Delivers DX11 Graphics Solution For Under $100

Shanrak Re:Whats the point? (133 comments)

yet the majority of their monthly best video card for the money is ATI, I fail to see how they are nvidia advertisers.

more than 4 years ago

AMD Delivers DX11 Graphics Solution For Under $100

Shanrak Re:Whats the point? (133 comments)

MW2 does not have DX11, the numbers I'm quoting is on Dirt 2, which does have DX11. The whole selling point of this card after all, is DX11 support since there are much better cards for that value that does not support DX11. (Note I'm not an ATI basher, I have a HD 5850 which I bought for DX11 in Arkham Asylum and Dirt 2.)

more than 4 years ago

Air Canada Ordered To Provide Nut-Free Zone

Shanrak hell yes! (643 comments)

My first impression was hell yes, nuts like Sophia Huyer won't be allowed inside that zone where I will be sitting, and then I realized it was the other way around.

more than 4 years ago

Google's Nexus One Phone Launches

Shanrak Re:So what's the difference? (568 comments)

Yes, no kidding. Why can't they make a camera-less version for people like me who would prefer a slightly larger battery or more storage space instead of having the ability to take some blurry pictures or video that I will never look at again?

more than 4 years ago

Man Arrested For RuneScape MMORPG Online Robbery

Shanrak what kind of a bank... (118 comments)

Eve Online stole 200 billion "kredits", which he then used as a deposit on a real-world house

What kind of a bank would take 'kredits' as deposit for a house and where can I sign up for an account? I have 500 billion ZWD to use as collateral for a loan.

more than 4 years ago


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