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Best Filesystem For External Back-Up Drives?

Shazow Re:The best is... (484 comments)

Reiser4 is the killer one. My laptop can attest to it. :/

more than 5 years ago

Antarctic Ice Is Growing, Not Melting Away, At Davis Station

Shazow Re:Temperature (633 comments)

I don't know how cold it has to be for it not to snow, but I know that Canada has no problem with snow in -25 degree Celcius weather. One of many reasons I'm moving to California next week.

- shazow

more than 5 years ago

(Useful) Stupid Unix Tricks?

Shazow Favourite sshisms (2362 comments)

My favourite ssh thing to do is database dump/import over ssh:

ssh user@remotehost 'psql "COPY mytable TO STDOUT"' | psql "COPY mytable FROM STDIN"

Remote device images are also win:

ssh user@remotehost 'dd if=/dev/hda1' > sdb.iso
mkdir -p /mnt/iso
mount -o loop sdb.iso /mnt/iso
ls /mnt/iso # Win!

Not to mention combining ssh tunnel with more ssh tunneling and then more ssh! Mmm, ssh. Almost as awesome as netcat. - shazow

more than 6 years ago

What To Do Right As a New Programmer?

Shazow Goals, motivation, and good music (662 comments)

So far I like mr_mischief's reply best. Aside from that, here's what keeps me on track:

  • Triangulate. A common mistake I see that produces bad code is people assuming that their code will be used for one thing and one thing always. That is almost never the case, unless you have the time, resources, and naivety to write code from scratch for every project. Try to see beyond the original assignment; set multiple scenarios and applications to your code, and try to fulfill as many of them as you can. Unification is good, and specialization is good--learn when to pick each end of the spectrum.
  • Take pride. It's easy to come up with a 15 if-statement hack, but you'll always save more time in the long run if you spend that extra 15-30 min doing research on how to solve your problem elegantly. If you can't spare the time, do your best to isolate the hacks (such as into their own helper methods) so that you can come back later and replace them with something more sensible. Avoid duplicating code, avoid creating deep chains of method calls, avoid complex undocumented code (if you must write complex code, document what it does so you can keep skimming). In general, try to write beautiful code--something you'd want to paste to your friend, so maybe he can learn a thing or two.
  • Music. When you reach a certain level of confidence that lets you build a flow, try immersing yourself in some good music. For me, listening to The Knife or Justice can significantly enhance my productivity and artistic spirit. Find what works for you.

But much more importantly, get enough sleep. I'm at least x2 more productive when I have 8.5 hours of sleep than when I have <7 hours of sleep. That's 1.5 hours that makes the difference of +4 hours of useful work. It's worth it, if you care about your work at all.

- shazow

more than 6 years ago


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