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The Register Exposes More Wikipedia Abuse

Sheepdot Re:Stories like this are hurting credibility (524 comments)

Except this is Jimbo Wales, right? So it's not just any "group" of Wikipedians.

Also, if it keeps up, is it possible a new wiki will be taking willing editors from Wikipedia?

more than 6 years ago


Sheepdot hasn't submitted any stories.




Sheepdot Sheepdot writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Only on Slashdot can a Windows network administrator be commented down for posting that XP is a superior OS to 2000.

I like how moderators put more weight into comments by those that have no Windows experience or just say, "Windows 2000 seems less buggier". Okay, yeah, an OS that requires two freaking CDs is less bulky and less buggier.

An OS with 5 service packs has less security issues than one with 2 and a real firewall.

Give me a break.

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