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Sheeple Police Re:Grey areas? (582 comments)

Actually, just the other week, I got something which was perfectly timed. I was trying to shop for a birthday gift for a good friend of mine, who loves Smallville (TV show), and has just about every thing that corporate america can shove down our throats, so I was at a serious impasse. I was wading through the spam on my hotmail and got an email about "Meet Lex from Smallville! ADV." I checked it out, and it turned to be a spam for a comic convention that was coming the following week, which would have Michael Rosenbaum (who she has a big "schoolgirl crush" on) signing autographs. Talk about fortuitious!!

That was the one time spam was ever of use to me, and I still use spam filters and rarely sort through them, but this one time of good luck was immeasurably successful in obtaining her what she views as the "best birthday present ever"

more than 11 years ago


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