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Prediction Markets and the 2008 Electoral Map

Shelrem Re:Dolt (813 comments)

"After all, we're depriving private military, judicial, and police..."

That makes no sense. The government is charged with upholding the rights of the citizenry, and that can only be done through the courts and by force. Private implementations of force are rights violations.
You're absolutely right in everything that you said except "That makes no sense." That's because by your previous definition of socialism, a govenment charged with upholding the rights of the citizenry via the application of force IS SOCIALIST. That's because the government "Takes a service, prevents private organizations from providing it, and has the government provide it instead, funded through forced taxation." In this case, that service is police, military, and a justice system.

The definition of socialism you gave in the above post is reasonable, but contrary to what you now claim, is not the one you were using previously. That one had to do with the government providing services funded by taxation. There is a huge difference.

Also, to whomever modded the grandparent off topic: sorry to have ideas that frighten or anger you.

more than 6 years ago


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