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Ridley Scott to Produce Philip K Dick's The Man In the High Castle

Shortguy881 Re:Considering his history... (112 comments)

I'm glad they got Ridley Scott. While he may never fallow the book directly, he offers a new approach to the story, always in a fascinating and visual expansive way.

Different mediums require different approaches and while Philip K Dick is a giant among science fiction writing, Ridley Scott is an artist with the big screen. I am hugely excited to see what he will do with this book.


Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand

Shortguy881 Re:Coming to a plane journey (167 comments)

Actually Ebola can be transmitted through the air. During the initial discovery and research into the Ebola, there were two major groups involved: the CDC and USAMRIID (CDC's military counterpart).

The CDC's lead researcher of Ebola did a lot of onsite visits in Africa with patients and never contracted the virus, so the CDC's stance is that it is not an air born illness. The team from USAMRIID conducted tests on Ebola in a closed environment with an uninfected control group. The control group was in the same room as the infected group but separated by cages on either side of the room so there was no physical contact between groups. The entire control group got infected, so if you ask USAMRIID, its air born.

The result isn't surprising do to the nature of Ebola. The virus destroys all tissues including lung tissue. Any virus that is exposed to the air in the lungs has the chance of being air born.

Research in 2012 also confirmed this with cross species air born contamination in a controlled environment.

5 days ago

'Just Let Me Code!'

Shortguy881 Re:Code the way you want... (368 comments)

Yeah, this guy just likes to complain.

If you dont like where you work, work somewhere else (all those who think thats impossible are bad coders or wouldn't take a pay decrease to be happy at work).

If you can't find a place that suits you, start your own. I have my own company working on artificial intelligence programs. Granted, I do it in my spare time and am currently the only employee, but I am enjoying it.

about a week ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Shortguy881 Re:The problem with traffic engineers... (579 comments)

People can be engineered. Your story even shows that; implement change, more people crash. Granted, it is the opposite result as expected.

The problem is we don't fully understand how policy changes will effect the outcome, which is why we see things like behaviorism and evidence based economics becoming more prevalent. These fields look at the cause and effect of other policies and then can determine the best policy to accomplish the task at had.

As a large group, we are sheep and easily herded.

about a month ago

Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Can't Be Searched Without a Warrant

Shortguy881 FP (249 comments)

Holy Crap I dont believe it

about a month ago

Otherlab Working on a 'Fundamental Jump' in Technology for Exoskeletons (Video)

Shortguy881 Re:lololol (36 comments)

Ah, if only I had mod points.

about a month ago

Oracle Buying Micros Systems For $5.3 Billion

Shortguy881 Re:And, of course ... (71 comments)

Hmm. Maybe that's a new feature. The ones I dealt with were all old models with proprietary hardware and software and fully encrypted databases.

about a month ago

Oracle Buying Micros Systems For $5.3 Billion

Shortguy881 Re:And, of course ... (71 comments)

Having worked directly with both of these companies, micros as a competing point of sale company and oracle as a base infrastructure for a telcom company, I can say both charge roughly the same for hourly support. On one hand, we still own all data that goes through oracle systems while micros owns the data on their point of sales computers. If you switch pos companies, you lose access to all historical data.

about a month ago

Oracle Buying Micros Systems For $5.3 Billion

Shortguy881 Re:And, of course ... (71 comments)

Micros already gouged their customers with licensing costs. New boss same as the old boss.

about a month ago

NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

Shortguy881 Re:Speculation... (455 comments)

Except its not a capitalist system. Its a government sanctioned monopoly. Then you are at the mercy of the few who are allowed to sell the car.

about a month ago

It's Not a Car, It's a Self-Balancing Electric Motorcycle (Video)

Shortguy881 Re:Got it... (218 comments)

Doesn't change how ugly that car/motorcycle/whatever is.

about a month ago

U.S. Democrats Propose Legislation To Ban Internet Fast Lanes

Shortguy881 Re:Just do SOMETHING (190 comments)

The article you link to is about local governments at the city/county level. Government is always more efficient at that level as the elected are more at the mercy of their voters. Elected official's actions directly affect the day to day lives of the people and the people hold them accountable for it.

When I talk about government inefficiency I am usually referring to the federal level where they believe one policy fits all 300 million Americans. There are not a lot of success stories of national polices but tons of notable failures; national health care, medicare/medicaid, drug policies, copy right laws, and all the regulatory agencies: FCC, IRS, SEC, NSA, FBI, CIA, USPS, FDA, TSA, etc.

To use your article, the cable companies have a government sponsored monopoly at the federal and state level. These local governments are taking things into their own hands, because the people do not like these national policies created by special interest groups.

about a month and a half ago

House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary

Shortguy881 Re:Democrats voted (932 comments)

True, but the tea party will continue to have issues as long as crazy republicans jump on the band wagon, ie Sarah Palin. That one act did more to hurt the libertarian movement than anything else, in my opinion.

I see Brat as sitting on the edge of this line. While he has great stances on almost every issue, he brings in a heavy religious hand into his policies. One major point of interest is his view on ethics in government, specifically christian ethics. The problem I have with that is I can be another religion or non-religious and still be ethical and our current congress is direct proof you can be a christian and unethical.

All in all though, its a huge step in the right direction.

about a month and a half ago

Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

Shortguy881 Re:Why? (309 comments)

Because clearly there are no languages that do that already....

List of languages


about a month and a half ago
top Thinks Depictions of Pi Are Protected Intellectual Property

Shortguy881 Re:I <3 (264 comments)

I jumped through the preview, but thanks for the correction

about a month ago
top Thinks Depictions of Pi Are Protected Intellectual Property

Shortguy881 I 3 (264 comments)

Paul Ingrisano also owns "I 3" ..... Yeah ok.

about a month ago


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