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Why Offshore When Canada's Next Door?

ShwAsasin Speak English in Canada? (1111 comments)

"much of the labor savings, while Canadian programmers are nearby, speak English with nearly American accents,"

Speak English? Obviously you've never met a programmer in Toronto. And it's a sin to speak any other language except Quebecois in Quebec.

more than 10 years ago


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Development Update

ShwAsasin ShwAsasin writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I've realized that my linux port of my engine, should be the Xistence III game engine. For this reason, I've put my efforts into making levels using the new system and scrapping all the old code.

As for my home projects are concerned...

XIII Engine:
I've finished up some code which will allow me to add nice lights on different types of surfaces without worrying about their surface type. I will however have to check for the dominent axis and rotate the wall accordingly if a spotlight is required. If the map designer is looking for a rotational spotlight, no can do yet, only straight directional lighting is available. Also, if you take out the dominent axis system, the light looks like a nifty laser beam cropping into the ground, very nice effect. By the way, the light is Per-Pixel based.

Razor: It've completed texturing all the walls, and am now proceeding to add "stuff" to the level to give it a more realistic look. The design process is much more difficult than originally anticipated because of the large scale of level I have created. It is definitely worthy of a screenshot soon though...

Artic Racing: I textured more of the track itself and did more compatibility testing. The linux port looks much better then the windows version. I also added some fast food joints around the stands of the race track. A new shingle texture was created for the game as well. Things are looking good.


Red Hat 8.0

ShwAsasin ShwAsasin writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Red Hat 8.0 has been nothing but a perfect distro for me. After the issues with Mandrake 9.0, I was weiry of RH, but in the end it turned out being the more professional distro. The NVidia drivers worked without an issue, and the advanced power management functions didn't have the issues which Mandrake had. All in all, a superb job. Only disapointment is the Mp3 decoder was taken out of XMMS, this was a minor issue which was resolved quickly...

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