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YouTube To Pay For User-Generated Content

ShyGuy91284 Pointless lawsuits here we come... (128 comments)

I can see it now. The "starving artist" that creates a video "masterpiece" sues Google since a return was expected that he never got. Take what I just said as you will, but in some shape or form it will probably happen.

about 8 years ago



ShyGuy91284 ShyGuy91284 writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ShyGuy91284 (701108) writes "Like many people, I try my best on a job interview. It's no secret that small insignificant things can cause an employer to choose one candidate over another if they cannot find any definitive reason to make a choice, which is understandable. With the increased use of people's personal information on social sites such as mySpace and Facebook, the question of a person's social habits and quirks in relation to their performance and ability has become a greater issue then ever before. Is this an accurate prediction of a person's employment viability, or is this just a means to make a bind choice?"


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