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Apple II DOS Source Code Released

SickLittleMonkey Re:Legacy Support (211 comments)

Yes, I agree. Acorn did this with their Archimedes (ARM-based) computers in the late 80's with a BBC (6502-based) emulator in ROM.

about a year ago

How Does a Single Line of BASIC Make an Intricate Maze?

SickLittleMonkey Apple II version (438 comments)

10 PRINT CHR$(INT(.5+RND(1))*45+47);:GOTO 10

more than 2 years ago

Steve Jobs Dead At 56

SickLittleMonkey Re:I read somewhere... (1613 comments)

I think neither of you is giving Gates enough credit... most of the first wave of personal computers, including the Apple II, ran MicroSoft BASIC

The Apple I & II originally ran Integer Basic, written (on paper) and hand-assembled entirely by Woz.

more than 3 years ago

Nokia Windows Phone Revealed

SickLittleMonkey Re:It's reverse psychology! (211 comments)

Parent AC is a troll, in case readers/mods don't spot it.

Some of those quotes are taken totally out of context. Some of them are true! Carmack also says Direct3D > OpenGL.

How about I choose some quotes from terjeber:
"I also have to do cross-platform stuff. In such cases I am on Linux primarily. Some times I wander into Solaris territory."
"Ruby/Rails". (His preferred web dev platform, ahead of .NET MVC, Play! and Spring.)
"Being religious about what platform you use is a sure sign that as an IT professional you are ready for replacement."

more than 3 years ago

Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8

SickLittleMonkey Re:Hanselman has blogged about this dilemma. (580 comments)

Yes, really: too much work. Heh, I don't fit into the lazy but desperate group you allude to above.

One of my guys is writing a SL app that looks great. It still took a good amount of (great) work.

Another guy is writing a different part of our suite in HTML (because it's public facing).
Getting it working took more than SL, but not too much because his knowledge is good.

Getting it working on 3 versions of 3+ browsers was too much work, IMO.
HTML & JS aren't the platform. That and 9+ browser implementations are the target platform.
Tweaking the L&F in 2 or 3 libraries' CSS to match and get a consistent look is also too much work.

I actually agree with points in your comment, but as the guys who replied to you point out there _are_ more productive platforms.

more than 3 years ago

Silverlight Developers Rally Against Windows 8

SickLittleMonkey Hanselman has blogged about this dilemma. (580 comments)


Lots of interesting comments there, and yet MS keeps fueling the fire.
HTML(5)/JS is still too much work compared with SL for LOB apps.

I don't see SL going away any time soon.

more than 3 years ago

Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?

SickLittleMonkey One of my guys bought 3 with his own money. (1002 comments)

An Apple one and another 2 with IPS panels.
You need this when running 5 instances of Visual Studio.
(Perversely, he has VI plugins for VS, Firefox etc.)

I make sure all my guys have at least 2 if they want them.

more than 3 years ago

SQL and NoSQL are Two Sides of the Same Coin

SickLittleMonkey Dual ... monadic ... uhuh ... (259 comments)

"Relational SQL and key-value NoSQL models are mathematically dual, and provides a monadic query language for what they have coined coSQL."

I'm glad somebody clarified that! (Time to RTFA.)

more than 3 years ago

Is the Business Card Dead?

SickLittleMonkey Professional Geek (370 comments)

... is the title on the cards I've had since the early 90's.

It's an easy way to exchange email addresses, and business cards are still vital in Japan of course.

more than 3 years ago

Japanese Supreme Court Rules TV Forwarding Illegal

SickLittleMonkey Heaven forbid the stations see it as ... (177 comments)

a business opportunity!

My J-wife uses IP streamed 1-seg with a USB decoder.
The only alternative where I live is to get a satellite TV "Asian" package with a bunch of Chinese channels and *one* J-channel for like US$40/month.

about 4 years ago

Greg Bear, Others Cry Foul on Project Gutenberg Copyright Call

SickLittleMonkey Re:Neither forgotten or out of print. (721 comments)

Looking at Jack Vance's books on Amazon, many from the 2nd page onwards are not in print, which is a huge shame.

The only way to get some of his older stuff was to spend thousands on the VIE.
(MS's Paul Allen bought dozens of these collections for libraries around the world.)

more than 4 years ago

A Video Guide To Akihabara

SickLittleMonkey Good luck keeping it up to date. (121 comments)

Even when I lived 15 minutes away every visit was confusing because everything there changed so often.
And it's not as diverse and interesting as it used to be anyway. Things are moving online or into super-stores like Yodobashi.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Claims 'We Love Open Source'

SickLittleMonkey Re:Microsoft's new attack on Open Source ... (464 comments)

Show your face coward!
(Honestly, I don't know why I'm bothering ...)

My point is that MS finally gets it now.
They have found ways to _harness_ open source developers rather than fighting them.

You make a valid point despite your sarcasm.
J++ (and so J#) was a failed attempt to do the above.

more than 4 years ago


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