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Voynich Manuscript May Have Originated In the New World Re: Not new (170 comments)

As the only leftover wisdom from a (perceived) dying culture, who wouldn't want a backup?

about 8 months ago

Surviving the Internet On Low Speed DSL Re: How is this news? (277 comments)

Survived on ~28kbps satellite link in the Sahara doing fieldwork. Not getting shot also helped.

What were you saying, again?

about 9 months ago

Norway Rejects Bitcoin As Currency; Taxes As Asset, Instead Re: How is Norway going to know? (245 comments)

Norwegian here. Let me just say that officials will mostly comment without thinking, so the only practical magic they can apply here would be to find registered companies that sell BTC and have them report sells/buys to the govt. (Same transparency in stocks, I take it. But IANAE.)

about 9 months ago

Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target Re: About $13,000 per issue for content and design (57 comments)

Since they were the ones getting advertisers and distribution for the LXF mag (Future didn't do all this, check out Everard's interview on Linux Action Show) they shouldn't have a problem getting the wheels turning.

Raising this kind of support and publicity surely won't hurt either.

I'm just sore about not being able to afford the lifetime subscription..

about 9 months ago

Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target Re: Magazines in 2013? (57 comments)

Not everyone is online.
Not everyone reads online or on computers.
I personally spent some 2500-3000 $USD on books this year. Believe me, a lot of interesting books, albeit in niche areas, are only possible to hunt down and order online.

Makes you think about everything that's not mainstream enough to ever get the online baptism..

Back to topic; printed material is great, makes it easier to read and learn.

about 9 months ago

Linux Voice Passes Its Crowdfunding Target Re: Readership (57 comments)

I subscribed to LJ, Linux Mag and Linux Format in print. I stopped renewing LJ when they went PDF only. Still miss the BASH tutorials. I stopped renewing Linux Mag when I left corp IT (it's very business oriented).

Which leaves LXF. The magazine and the podcasts are informative, insightful and entertaining. And they represent both Free software enthusiasts and Open Source pragmatists, debating technology and politics without just looking at the cost/economic side of things (software as products for consumers).

about 9 months ago

The Climate of Middle-Earth Re: Model fails to account for magic and Valar (163 comments)

You hit the nail. While magic works in mysterious ways, science (working the same process) strives to declare its power to avoid mysteriousness.

It's inherited from the Enlightenment, probably.

That said, reading old folklore reveals a different picture. The supernatural wasn't questioned (that came with experimental science) instead it held the position our 'facts' do. Or, sociologically, they were facts.

This made the mysteries all the more mundane, taken for granted. This doesn't mean people was stupid, they were explaining phenomena in the way they could.

This is captured brilliantly by Dune, where high-tech takes a back seat even though it's there.

about 9 months ago

China Bans Financial Companies From Bitcoin Transactions Re: Went down, then came back. (110 comments)

Exactly. But that's true of any transaction-token regardless of expression; money, stocks, bitcoins, camels. (The last has other uses too.) Money is a technology.

You're failing to see what bitcoin is changing money-technology _into_.

about 9 months ago

Neo900 Hacker Phone Reaches Minimum Number of Pre-Orders For Production Re: Better, but still flooded marketplace. (109 comments)

I have an N810, which doesn't see much use but I'm looking at replacing my remotes with it.

Anyway, how does the keyboard compare?

about 9 months ago

Valve To Demo Prototype VR Headset, "Steam to Support and Promote VR Games" Re: Low persistance has upsides and downsides. (55 comments)

Did Q2 CTF:II on dual ISDN on a Quake server my ISP ran back in the 90's. Jedi Knight DF2 suffered badly under the same condition.
Bonus: no annoying phone calls while playing!

We need to clone Carmack who recognize gameplay over bling.

about 10 months ago

Smithsonian Releases 3D Models of Artifacts Re: Reading comprehension. (47 comments)

3D printed guns don't kill people, 3D printing puns kill people.

about 10 months ago

Google Makes Latest Chrome Build Open PDFs By Default Re: Great (202 comments)

Apple knows Apple users either call a cab or a limo service. Trains are for working class, not creative or life-fulfilling better people. Read the EULA.

about 10 months ago

NASA's Robonaut Gets Its Legs; Could a Moonwalk Be In Its Future? Re: Is "robonaut" the best choice? (63 comments)

Control: We seem to have a bit of a problem, sir.

HQ: Does it need a firmware update again?

Control: Not exactly, sir.

HQ: Well, then what? That's a multi billion dollar project you're talking about there, son. It's quite autonomous.

Control: Well. It fell over. Sir.

about 10 months ago

Silent Circle, Lavabit Unite For 'Dark Mail' Encrypted Email Project Re: Did the NSA just kill SMTP? (195 comments)

I agree that the threat is real. But we also must agree that there are real political issues that extreme groups are parasitic to; poverty, inequality, corruption and state (foreign or domestic) extortion.

The problem of terrorism isn't that they are "outside" the international community, but that they have reasons to, that are rational.

People are just people. They need proper incentive and motivation for letting themselves become extreme. We take away these incentives, extremists will become leaders of groups of one.

about 10 months ago

Astronomers Detect Planetary System Similar To Our Own Re: 2721 light years (54 comments)

Meh. If you ask me, they're overrated.

about a year ago

Astronomers Detect Planetary System Similar To Our Own Re: Similar to our own.... (54 comments)

No nerds will go there because of the sunlight. Ping too high for underground gaming. Society will collapse.

about a year ago



Best hardware/software for sea maps and navigation writes  |  about 3 years ago writes "My uncle is turning 50 years old this year, and in that regard the family is trying to get him an iPad to use with proper sea maps (they call it nautical maps?) and navigation. My uncle grew up with boats and is very experienced, and even built a traditional Norwegian boat by himself. Whatever solution the family ends up with will of course not replace the need for actual maps and other equipment onboard (as a backup at least), but should be good enough to be able to do so in theory.

I somehow doubt that an iPad with a sea map app is the most viable option (although I must admit navigating maps on the iPad is pure science-fiction nerd joy), both with regards to the harsh environment at sea and what serious nautical maps software exist today, and would like some nerdcore suggestions. Or if you know that the iPad can do all this and want to recommend an app, please do so too! I just want to check the other fruit before biting the apple, so to speak. GPS support is a must, maps should be updatable (subscription or not), free software/open source is nice but not a requirement. We live in Norway and my uncle is willing to learn but not a "computer wizard" either. Thanks!"
top writes  |  more than 7 years ago writes "Norwegian IT newspaper IT Avisen reports that a Norwegian bank, Skandiabanken, now excludes Linux users from their online services. This comes after a series of upgrades of their online bank system. According to Skandiabanken's representative Lars Holmquist, users should either change their OS or change to another bank.
You can easily bypass the problem by faking your Firefox user-agent info, but it still reveals the attitudes towards open source OS users.
The story is only in Norwegian."

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