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Future Airline Safety Instructions Will Be Given By Game Apps

Sigvatr Do I have to? (64 comments)

Will they kick me off the plane if I lose the game?

about a week ago

Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

Sigvatr yeeehaw (157 comments)

get that dang ol guvment out of my genomes thanks obama

about two weeks ago

Ultima Online Devs Building Player-Run MMORPG

Sigvatr Not altruism (75 comments)

This won't result in primarily altruistic and cooperative gameplay experiences but rather a tasteless mish-mash of anarchy.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Introduces Hack: Statically Typed PHP

Sigvatr Spy (230 comments)

Obviously a backdoor for the NSA 8)

about a month ago

Should Newsweek Have Outed Satoshi Nakamoto's Personal Details?

Sigvatr Great timing (276 comments)

He was outed from his anonymity at just about the same time as the CEO of a virtual exchange was found dead under mysterious circumstances. Good job, media.

about a month ago

Getty Images Makes 35 Million Images Free For Non-Commercial Use

Sigvatr Print Screen (66 comments)

Just save the frickin' image to your hard drive, or print screen and crop. Screw those jerks.

about a month ago

Google Tells Glass Users Not To Be 'Creepy Or Rude'

Sigvatr NO (341 comments)

Don't tell me what to do, Google!

about 2 months ago

New Encryption Scheme Could Protect Your Genome

Sigvatr hehehe (78 comments)

he said homo

about a month ago

Book Review: Survival of the Nicest

Sigvatr A common misconception (176 comments)

Survival of nice people does not mean that mean people don't survive. It just means that nice people survive. The mean guys aren't going to go away either.

about a month ago

Getting Young Women Interested In Open Source

Sigvatr Who Cares (545 comments)

This is a greater problem within society for humanity to solve. Nerds need to stop trying to be the white knight.

about 2 months ago

Why We Think There's a Multiverse, Not Just Our Universe

Sigvatr holy fuck (458 comments)

i'm so stoned this is the perfect article for me

about 3 months ago

Computer Scientists Invents Game-Developing Computer AI

Sigvatr Big Promises (103 comments)

Today, "We are gunna do this it's gunna be rad." Tomorrow, "Shit, making AIs is really fucked up."

about 3 months ago

How Machine Learning Can Transform Online Dating

Sigvatr Not for me (183 comments)

Somehow I get the feeling that I won't have any success with this. I'm a typical Slashdot user.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Will You Start Your Kids On Classic Games Or Newer Games?

Sigvatr Why not both? (285 comments)

My son is too young to be able to play games yet, but he watches me play both new and old games. I think some parents might be afraid that if their children are exposed to new games, they will never like old games, but I do not think this is necessarily the case. Maybe when the kids grow up they can be hipsters with good taste in old games, just to go against the grain.

about 4 months ago

Houston Expands Downtown Surveillance, Unsure If It Helps

Sigvatr A common misconception (60 comments)

The cameras are not placed there to prevent crime, but to assist in criminal investigation.

about 4 months ago

Simulations Back Up Theory That Universe Is a Hologram

Sigvatr No idea what that means (433 comments)

I have no idea what any of this stuff means, but I'm going to post it on my Facebook and claim that this is what I thought all along anyway.

about 4 months ago

Officials Say HealthCare.gov Site Now Performing Well

Sigvatr Hey Americans! (644 comments)

Just wanted to let you know that socialized healthcare has worked out great for the past several generations. Sincerely, the rest of the world. PS: We find your internal bickering over issues the rest of the world solved decades ago hilarious. Keep up the good work!

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Protect Your Privacy These Days? Or Do You?

Sigvatr I don't care (319 comments)

My idea of privacy is closing the window whenever I watch porn. I don't want to deal with my neighbors complaining to me about having to listen to loud screaming creampies. I don't give a fuck that the Illuminati looks at my browsing history, it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

about 5 months ago

At Long Last: IceCube Spots 28 High-Energy Neutrinos

Sigvatr Ice cube jokes (109 comments)

Please post your ice cube jokes here.

about 5 months ago


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