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Windows 7 To Include "Windows XP Mode"

SilentChris Won't solve a whole lot (364 comments)

Unfortunately, while this is a long overdue solution that other companies have used fine before, but it's going to prove problematic for Microsoft. Things that won't work (and Joe User will try to do anyway):

1.) Install their XP-compatible Antivirus program. "It said on the Windows 7 box that I could run old programs!"
2.) Install a printer which works on XP only. "The printer box said it works on Windows. Why can I only print from some programs (the older ones seem to work)?"
3.) Play an old game at reasonable speed. "I installed Super Hardware Killer Shooter for Windows XP and the 3D is running really slow!"

Virtualization is a great thing. I use it work all the time and love it. The public doesn't quite "get it" yet. They're going to see some things work, some things not and wonder why the hell that is. It happened when Apple moved to OS X, but the user base was much smaller so the complaints were less.

Until someone creates a hypervisor which is presented in a completely transparent way to the OS, in that things difficult to virtualize (e.g. video card hardware) run at normal speeds, it's just going to appear to the user "every time I run an old program, either it's too slow or it doesn't work".

more than 5 years ago

Massive EVE Online Alliance Disbanded

SilentChris Re:Oh joy (352 comments)

"That's what the ultimate goal is."

Of what, exactly? Team-based MMO PVP is one small subset of a genre of gaming (like many other small subsets of genres). While some may be into it, there's a huge number of people that are not. Your use of the word "goal" implies a destination everyone is trying to reach. That's not the case here.

more than 5 years ago

Java Performance On Ubuntu Vs. Windows Vista

SilentChris 3D in Java? (258 comments)

The two OSs were similar in ray-tracing, and Vista was faster at Java OpenGL due to shortcomings with the Linux graphics driver.

I know this will be seen as a troll, but who the hell uses Java for ray-tracing or with OpenGL?

more than 5 years ago

Users Rage Over Missing FireWire On New MacBooks

SilentChris Re:There's a Pro version for a reason (820 comments)

"Are there any laptops that don't suffer from terrible vertical viewing angles?"

Yes, the one right next to it. The new Macbook Pro.

more than 5 years ago

Ask Blizzard Employees About Things That Matter

SilentChris pay to play (504 comments)

To Chris Sigaty, lead producer on StarCraft II: has Blizzard ever considered making pay to play given the success of World of Warcraft?

more than 5 years ago

WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Release Date Announced

SilentChris Here, I'll get the basic comments out of the way.. (281 comments)

* "It'll be more of the same."
* "You can never win an MMORPG. It's a never-ending treadmill."
* "Thank God I got off that crack a year ago."
* "It won't be as good as Eve/Warhammer/etc."
* "Blizzard isn't going to get another one of my dollars after that DMCA bullshit."
* "I'm waiting for Diablo 3/StarCraft 2."
* "I hate PC games. Console games rule."

I think I've covered the major ones. On that note, I have my copy on preorder.

about 6 years ago

No XP Reprieve; Windows 7 Release Set

SilentChris Who? (609 comments)

"Who, if they have not already, would install Vista now?"

I heard Mac OS X 10.6 is supposed to come out next year. Who, if they have not already, would install 10.5 now?

more than 6 years ago



Radiohead offers "pay what you want" digit

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  about 7 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "Radiohead has announced that in 9 days they will be releasing their latest album through their website. The interesting part: you'll pay what you want. A physical version will be released in December for $82. No word yet on DRM, but given Radiohead's recent penchant for selling on MP3 sites, there's a good chance there won't be any. The best part: the record labels are completely uninvolved with this new venture."

TSA praised for being more intelligent

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "You may have seen recent news reports regarding the TSA warning about terrorist "dry runs" : a request for increased vigilance in airline security. Recently, odd things have been showing up at airports: cheese with a cell phone charger taped to it, ice packs with clay in them, etc. All the incidents turned out to be benign, but what's "unusual" has perhaps been the reaction. Rather than being ridiculed, the TSA is being praised for thinking outside the box. Said one CTO at a security firm, "It's refreshing to have something nice to say about TSA.""

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "Just wanted to point out an auction for quite possibly the geekiest children's show ever. I'm selling a Square One TV jacket I won as a contestant on one of their mini gameshows. A very limited number of these were made. If nothing else you can take a gander at the pictures and revel in the 80s of it all."

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "20-year old Andrew Rosenblum, host of a video game review show on MTV, has been arrested for sending a VT-style threat to an ex-girlfriend. In an e-mail he writes "(I)'m gonna (expletive) bring a gun to your school and kill you... it's gonna be VT all over again." This is possibly one of the worst situations in an industry which is currently under fire for the VT massacre."

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  about 8 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "In what's probably a first, AOL cancelled the "World Premiere" of Weird Al's newest video "White and Nerdy" due to it being leaked on the net. Weird Al writes on his MySpace page, "Apparently, the video has already leaked online, and AOL doesn't feel comfortable doing a 'World Premiere' promotion for a video that a number of people have seen already ... Anyway, it's really a bummer... it would have been great promotion for the album... but hey, life goes on." As for the video? Arguably Al's best work (but as a nerd I'm biased). :)"

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  about 8 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "CNN is reporting that a "mystery object" has broken off the Atlantis shuttle. It is unclear if the object is essential or not, and NASA says there may be no way of knowing exactly what it was. The shuttle's planned touchdown before dawn tomorrow has been postponed until engineers can determine if there's any threat. The shuttle has enough supplies to stay in space until Saturday."

SilentChris SilentChris writes  |  about 8 years ago

SilentChris (452960) writes "Amazon has officially launched its video download service: Amazon Unbox. Videos play in a proprietary player. Features include the ability to download a (monstrous) DVD-sized download or more bite-sized downloads for portable devices. Windows XP is required. While collaboration with many studios is evident, the selection is hit and miss. The Matrix is offered but its sequels aren't. Only one episode of the Mythbusters is offered."


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