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College To Save Money By Switching Email Font

SilentGhost Paper usage (306 comments)

How much more paper will get wasted because of this?

more than 4 years ago

USPTO Won't Accept Upside Down Faxes

SilentGhost Re:Post ideas here. (427 comments)

Why should our tax dollars pay for some clerk to spend 5 seconds per page of a 100 page document to flip every image, when it's the $500/hour attorney who screwed things up and who should refile, at his or her own expense?

there is a batch processing. and it's not lawyer's fault that USPTO exists in a stone age.

more than 4 years ago

Russia Plans To Divert Asteroid

SilentGhost Re:Uhhhh, excuse me but... (305 comments)

This would be the same people who just tried to engineer a winter without snow in Russia

no. it's not the same people. and the link you're providing has nothing whatsoever to do with your claim. No executing agency is mentioned, and Moscow ain't Russia.

about 5 years ago

Beautiful Security

SilentGhost Re:Andy Oram also edited... (81 comments)

Neat idea that needs to be advertised! Not every one enjoys being tricked into support of charities. I, for one, think that Beautiful Code was very poorly edited/organised and written. The only real ideas about beautiful code were Matsumoto's. And they certainly don't warrant either spending money on a book, nor supporting AI.

more than 5 years ago

Python 3.0 Released

SilentGhost Re:You got time machine! (357 comments)

import __hello__ doesn't work any more. that's backward-incompatibility for you.
doesn't work the way it used to in python2, that is

more than 6 years ago




Extensions in new OpenOffice.org 2.0.4

SilentGhost SilentGhost writes  |  more than 8 years ago Today, on sixth anniversary of OpenOffice.org project, next version (2.0.4) of the office suite was made available for the public. Number of bug fixes and new features is accompanied by Extensions functionality. Packages can be created on Java, Python, C++ or Basic.


/. moderation and commenting

SilentGhost SilentGhost writes  |  more than 8 years ago

third time I'm getting moderation point in less than a forthnight. Is moderators pool so small, that even people with handfull of comments and neutral karma got some influence? what bothers me most is a requirement to browse at -1. well, not a really a requirement, but anyway.

what would really add some qualitative feature to /. new discussion system is an obility to turn of some type of comments. i don't want sometimes f*cking read all those 'funny' comments under any scientific/astronomic/whatever entry.

oh! and those unreadable code tags are sooo frustrating

P.S. ...and 10 metamoderation points next morning! that was fun %) I've actually liked it better than plain moderation

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