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Rise of the Super-High-Res Notebook Display

Silpher Perfect news for the Oculus Rift. (333 comments)

This is perfect news for the Oculus Rift which I'm super interested in as the next leap in gaming.
But they need the most amount of pixels in the smallest amount of space so this arms race is perfect news!


about a year ago

Africa, Clooney, and an Unlikely Space Race

Silpher Re:send Clooney to space (137 comments)

In fact KSP teached me more than any documentary about space travel... period.

1 year,9 days

Killing Cancer By Retraining the Patient's Immune System

Silpher Re:Nixon 1 - Cancer 0 (175 comments)

I posted a bit of a flamebait there.. downmodding is appropiate.
just, you should really do some research about what highly refined foods do to a living organism. Just for yourself please let's not get into an ego battle here.

I cherry picked this article: http://medicalcenter.osu.edu/PATIENTCARE/healthcare_services/prostate_health/prostate_cancer/risk_factors_prostate_cancer/Pages/index.aspx

I'm sure you can find a lot more argumenting for both sides. I'm not some vegan saint sipping veggie juice all day but since I've informed myself a lot about food
I really notice that my body really reacts to what I put into it.


1 year,11 days

Killing Cancer By Retraining the Patient's Immune System

Silpher Nixon 1 - Cancer 0 (175 comments)

Just kidding,

Medical world 1 - (cancer = western highly refined diet) 3789411354

1 year,12 days

Puzzled Scientists Say Strange Things Are Happening On the Sun

Silpher Global warming.. (342 comments)

Just sayin.. you're warned..

about a year ago

German Report: Obama Aware of Merkel Spying Since 2010

Silpher Re:Germany sells nuclear tech to Iran (280 comments)

Dude you even spell it wrong, it's Siemens... And No I'm not feeding you another crumb you troll.

about a year ago

Is Choice a Problem For Android?

Silpher Breaking news! (361 comments)

Guy expresses personal opinion...

about a year ago

Come Try Out Slashdot's New Design (In Beta)

Silpher Blog (1191 comments)

It looks like a cheap ass blog...

about a year ago

GTA V Makes $800 Million In 24 Hours

Silpher Closure Current Gen (396 comments)

Nice way to say goodbye to the current gen and welcome the next.

about a year ago

Google Outage: Internet Traffic Plunges 40%

Silpher Re:As I keep having to say to my older family.. (352 comments)

Why is this, Who can explain this behavior? It's like lemmings running of a cliff or the herd mentality of larger herbivores.
My Parents also adopted this behavior and nothing keeps them from doing it.. Why?!

about a year ago

Despite Global Release, Breaking Bad Heavily Pirated

Silpher Broadcast.. (443 comments)

I want to see it when I want to.
I don't even have an subscription on a cable provider because of all the ridiculous amounts of crap they broadcast.
I live in the Netherlands.

Downloading is much more convenient.

about a year ago

Former Director of the ISS Division At NASA Talks About Science Behind 'Elysium'

Silpher In other words, (366 comments)

Easily doable if we changed our priorities a little bit. You know what I'm talking about..

about a year ago

ITIF Senior Fellow Claims "America's Broadband Networks Lead the World"

Silpher Re:So what does it cost in USA? (298 comments)

I live in the Netherlands and pay 40 euro's for 100/100

about a year and a half ago

Intel Announces New Enterprise Xeons, More Powerful Xeon Phi Cards

Silpher I do a lot of CGI Rendering (57 comments)

Will this be interresting for me? Price/value wise?

about a year and a half ago

MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher

Silpher Another nail in their coffin.. (463 comments)

But still.. the new Xbox will sell just fine and will do just fine because it's flowing in the mainstream..

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

Silpher If Sony releases PS4 first MS will be in trouble (581 comments)

Many people will buy the Xbox-one if it's released first because most people are impulsive and want stuff now...

If Sony will release the PS4 before MS the Xbox one they'll be in big trouble because not a lot of people will also spend money on a machine that's actually less worth
then what they already have.

Oh yea.. another thing I wont take the /. crowd for anything close representing the rest of the world because... that's just stupid.

about a year and a half ago

Water Isolated for Over a Billion Years Found Under Ontario

Silpher We all know (207 comments)

God put it there to rattle our belief..

about a year and a half ago

Irish Judge Orders 'The Internet' To Delete Video

Silpher Streisand streisand! (243 comments)

You dear man, just made yourself immortal on the Internet.

about a year and a half ago


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