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Time to Get Good At Functional Programming?

Silver Gryphon Re:Which is more likely? (620 comments)

Corollary to B:

Visual Studio 2010 will make parallel and multithreaded programming easier to accomplish. Essentially, instead of just
  for(x=0;x1000;x++) dosomething();
you'll have
  parallel_for(x=0;x1000;x++) dosomething();
and 2-1000 threads will kick off at once. I'm sure there can be thread pooling, locking, etc., but if the code is segmented well enough then parallel programming for 32 cores is probably not that traumatic for 90% of the world's code needs. Get into some high performance stuff or time-critical code, and you're probably already past the point where VS2010's new parallel code library is interesting.

more than 6 years ago


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