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If I could (or had to) ban texting in one place ...

SilverJets Movies theatres!! (417 comments)

There should be a special place in hell for jackasses that text in dark movie theatres.

about 2 years ago

Canadian File Sharing Plaintiff Admits To Copyright Trolling

SilverJets And this is where movie studios get it wrong (87 comments)

From the first linked article in the summary:
In recent years, American distributors have experimented with what’s known as premium VOD (video on demand), a scheme by which a newly released film is made available simultaneously on pay-per-view television for a high price. (This tactic is virtually unheard of in Canada.) Goon’s U.S. distributor, Magnolia Pictures, made the film available via U.S. cable providers for $30.

$30?? This shows exactly what is wrong with the movie studios and why they'll never "get it". It should be priced at $15 at the most. I hate movie theatres these days. Mostly due to the ignorant jackholes that can't shut up or stop checking their damn phone during the movie. I'd pay $15 to watch a first run movie on demand at home and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But $30? They can go blow it out their @ss.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Advice For Summer Before Ph.D. Program?

SilverJets Re:WTF (228 comments)

And once again, the collective /. intelligence drops a little.
"What should I do the summer before I start my PhD program, party or work?"

Drops a little?

To subby....WTF? You need to ask Slashdot what to do over the summer? Do you ask your parents for permission to stay out late on a school night too?

about 2 years ago

DoJ Admits Aaron Swartz's Prosecution Was Political

SilverJets Re:Why Always Suicide? (326 comments)

When are we going to ban JSTOR and PACER's theft from the public? When are JSTOR and PACER going to return their ill gotten gains to the people whose documents they stole?

For those who will make the argument: Copying is not theft. Keeping people from accessing things they rightfully own or should have access to is. A car is stolen when the owner cannot use it anymore, not when the same model is produced again by the factory. The owners of these documents are all the members of the public. Denying access to anyone for any reason is theft.

You obviously have no idea what JSTOR is or how it works. JSTOR is not withholding anything from the public. The articles JSTOR has are available through other methods. You want access to those papers? Well, then go use the other methods, including digging through print journals for them. Nothing JSTOR does is preventing you from doing so.

about 2 years ago

Everything You Know About Password-Stealing Is Wrong

SilverJets Re:The hell it doesn't cost consumers! (195 comments)

Not only that, but your reimbursement had to come from somewhere, and it's not the CEO's pocket. It's everyone else's pockets in increased fees.


As well as increased insurance costs. The authors of the article are rather dense if they honestly think that the costs of reimbursement are not passed down to consumers.

about 2 years ago

Professors Rejecting Classroom Technology

SilverJets Re:I am a chemistry professor... (372 comments)

Gee whatever did the professors and students do for all those decades of university courses before the invention of computer networks?

about 2 years ago

Woz Says iPhone Features Are 'Behind'

SilverJets Re:Apple - the phone for your parents (587 comments)

A phone immediately fails when you need to do any tech support for it at all.

So based on your argument, if you don't need to do tech support for an iPhone I'd call that a win. If Android needs tech support than it has failed as a phone.

about 2 years ago

Linux-Friendly Mini PC Fast Enough For Steam Games

SilverJets Re:So it sucks for games (93 comments)

Good to know it can run games from Steam in a completely unsatisfactory way.

It can't even run a 5 year old game that uses a 8-9 year old graphics engine.

Oh look, crappy hardware struggles to run old games. WTF was the point of this review?

about 2 years ago

Apple Angers Mac Users With Silent Shutdown of Java 7

SilverJets Re:Good (451 comments)

Java... free.

Rebranded Sun Java that was already free.

VirtualBox... free.

Rebranded Sun VirtualBox that was already free.

Oracle Linux... free.

Rebranded Linux distro that was already free.

How can you say they're greedy?

Look at the products Oracle made themselves and not those they acquired from Sun. They're greedy.

about 2 years ago

Typing These 8 Characters Will Crash Almost Any App On Your Mountain Lion Mac

SilverJets Re:Little light on specifics.... (425 comments)

Tried this in every app I could think of and have had no issues (TextEdit, Komodo, iCal, Eclipse, Libra Office, Chrome, FireFox). Not calling shenanigans, but a specific example would be nice.

Try typing it into the URL field in Safari.

about 2 years ago

Typing These 8 Characters Will Crash Almost Any App On Your Mountain Lion Mac

SilverJets Re:Sure enough (425 comments)

No crash in Firefox for me but it took down Safari.

about 2 years ago

Apple To Discontinue Mac Pro In EU Over Safety Regulations

SilverJets Re:"fan guards in the system" (371 comments)

Sorry, but if you are stupid enough to stick any part of your body into a moving fan you get no sympathy.

Laws like this are to protect the "too dumb to live" population, which should be allowed to die off so they don't infect the gene pool.

about 2 years ago

Is 'Brogramming' Killing Requirements Engineering?

SilverJets Re:Programs shouldn't NEED to be secure (432 comments)

Whoa. So much wrong with that statement. You do realize that insecure programs can cause many problems other than just exploiting holes in the OS, right?

So, yes while there are definitely problems with Linux, Windows, Unix, and Mac OS, programs themselves still need to be secure and application programmers need to be the ones making sure their programs are secure.

about 2 years ago

Current favorite still-image camera type:

SilverJets Re:the way folks use photos these days. .... (316 comments)

An with new optical technology thats in the works, this whole idea of a camera - a device whose sole purpose is to take still images will go the way of the buggy-whip.

Well unless they are finding a way for a phone to do optical zoom there's no way single purpose cameras are going the way of the buggy-whip.

And my guess is, if they do manage to offer optical zoom it will probably only be in the 2x to 3x range.

about 2 years ago

CES: Another Chording Keyboard Hits the Market (Video)

SilverJets ROFL (101 comments)


Oh. He's serious.

about 2 years ago

MIT Warned of a JSTOR Death Sentence Due To Swartz

SilverJets Re:Punishment to fit the crime (390 comments)

Usage of robots was/is prohibited by JSTOR.

Then its up to JSTOR to detect and block bots.

Putting a web server on the internet means that people will connect to it with various types of software. You don't get to determine what that software is -- a TOS that says "no IE" is meaningless, and so it one that says "no bots"; and using IE or bots to access that site, in and of itself, is not a wrong.

When you are selling access to your servers to academic institutions you most certainly do get to determine how those users then connect to you, how much they can download, etc. If the academic institution doesn't like those terms they can go elsewhere for the content.

about 2 years ago

Edward Tufte's Defense of Aaron Swartz and the "Marvelously Different"

SilverJets Re:It's all about liability (152 comments)

Blame the litigation happy culture that has arisen.

"My boy Jonny died on your property. Sure he had to climb a 10 foot electrified fence with barbed wire on top and then get past 5 security guards and surveillance cameras. But you should have done more to stop him. I'm going to sue!!!"

about 2 years ago

How Apple Killed an iTunes Competitor

SilverJets Re:Actually a competitor sold out ... (143 comments)

Oh, come on, please - that's intellectual dishonesty.

Yes, apple paid for it, but they certainly killed lala, and it was certainly part of the contract. They didn't want Google to get that power, and they didn't want an iTunes competitor. Trying to wrap this in a "free market" huggy-blanket is not just naive, it's dishonest.

You seemed to have missed this in the article:
Google was worried, they moved fast. They presented Nguyen with an offer for the company. Previously, Bill told M&A from Google what it would take to acquire the company. Instead of meeting his demands they decided (via a lowball offer) to see if Nguyen was desperate or bluffing.

Nguyen went to Google before Apple. Google had a chance but decided to play games by lowballing. They lost out. It's not like Apple shut Google out of a chance to buy Lala.

about 2 years ago


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