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Cops With Google Glass: Horrible Idea, Or Good One?

SinisterRainbow Unlikely because.. (192 comments)

... we already have plenty of cop shows that give us a general idea how officers let others off.. Further, I doubt it will be public record except later, or at hearings, and there will always be exceptions - like maybe detectives, or people who work contacts..

about 6 months ago

Britain's Conservatives Scrub Speeches from the Internet

SinisterRainbow Actions like this Built in by Definition: (234 comments)

I always thought this was built into the Conservative philosophy by definition, at least the far Right. You have principles you try to uphold for as long as possible, by any means necessary.

about 9 months ago

Is 3D Printing the Future of Disaster Relief?

SinisterRainbow Re:Missing the Point about Printing Food by statin (88 comments)

I don't think it will print strawberries either :) There are a good amount of things it could be early on already that don't require baking or where ingredients do not need to extremely fresh. Anything that can be in powder form, certainly, sugars, proteins, vitamins included. The technology by itself will not only evolve, but food packaging technology will have incentive to evolve with it as it becomes more popular, so do those markets. If we look at the medium term, we're already seeing developments in synthetic meat - you surely have read about the synth burger.. good texture, lacking some flavor at the moment supposedly.. they are next working on adding more fats to it to give it better flavor.. It's possible these all congeal in the medium term and you can do things like casseroles or many kind of cooked meals.

Even if not, you may get very flavorful food bars - full of nutrition - which sub in for breakfast, or for snacks or quick lunch/dinners. Or high protein snacks if you're working out. or help with diet plans by always knowing food nutritional information (and be quite precise about it).. However, this is worst case, it'll likely do quite a bit more if recent pasta developments in 3d are any indication.

Given this likely worst case, it's still quite appealing for the masses. Zero time to make breakfast? Want snacks on hand in a variety of forms? I'm not sure that will be niche.. Going to the store to pick up bags of chips is no longer required.. It's very easy to store the raw ingredients and have them shipped.. Your kids can use it when you have no time to cook.. it can likely monitor nutritional content, good for the layman and those on diets or need special eating habits.

about 10 months ago

Is 3D Printing the Future of Disaster Relief?

SinisterRainbow Re:Missing the Point about Printing Food by statin (88 comments)

I agree, it won't stay static, but I'd bet on the food printer in the medium run. I don't see a future kitchen without a food printer to be honest. The power of it alone is like nothing else.. it could remove entire industries and free them up for other things to lead innovation in new ways. just food printing alone eliminates cooking time, horrible fast food, multiple appliances, eventually expense, and definitely food waste.. It adds quality preparation, multitude of recipes, reduced space, perfect nutrition if that's your goal, it could add more taste, way better than I can cook or most of us. 3d printing overall may be out best bet on humanity's major breakthrough for boosting quality of life. Moreso than computers. More and more jobs are freed up for sciences, tech, jobs that innovate and improve the world.. It eliminates space - warehouses, inefficient distribution, inefficient supply, and therefore reduced costs... Hundreds of thousands of store chains eventually. More time to focus on design, on invention and innovation, on research... On relaxing even or being a bum.

about 10 months ago

Is 3D Printing the Future of Disaster Relief?

SinisterRainbow Missing the Point about Printing Food by stating.. (88 comments) stating the obvious. Who doesn't realize it's better to bring MREs and what have you at this date and time.. But this is being misunderstood on many levels. 1) COST. 3d printing is the future, and most of you know it. If it's as ubiquitous as the microwave, you can bet the machines themselves will be damn cheap, but that's the small point. The big point is related to : 2) SUPPLY. Do you bring a cake to a disaster site, or would it actually be CHEAPER to bring the supplies and 'bake it one site cheaply'? You bring flour and concentrated eggs. What's more expensive, set up a kitchen, or a printer? Don't tell me you bring MREs and feed people for WEEKS on these things. Does FEMA do this now? Of course not. 3) FLEXIBILITY: How many bandaids do you need? need a broken pipe fixed immediately with a special hard to find part? 3d printers will be EVERYWHERE, especially in NICHE markets where you may need anything on a moments notice, or where you can't predict supply, it'll be cheaper than overshipping, and better than not shipping enough. Since you can use, and will be able to use more, a variety of materials in multiple ways. You need pipes, pliers, medical tools? Bring a couple chunks of metal in perfect squares that stack neatly and can be printed in a million ways. 4) THE OBVIOUS IS NOT YOUR OBVIOUS: Who cares if it's the future, it's definitely not the "far" future. People are thinking about ways in which the technology will truly be beneficial. FEMA already deploys tons of it's own power.. What's wrong with a generator and solar cells? They are already shipped en masse. Do you all know anything about disaster relief? Just felt like being opinionated on it? The negative sentiment misses the points of everything entirely..

about 10 months ago

Is 3D Printing the Future of Disaster Relief?

SinisterRainbow It can ALREADY print food. (88 comments)

You haven't been keeping up with 3d printer developments. It can already print food. It's just a matter of time before it can do so cheaply. It's the next big thing every kitchen will have. Making something for dinner will have a whole new meaning. Example 1: Example 2:

about 10 months ago

DNA Sequence Withheld From New Botulism Paper

SinisterRainbow Re:Terrists (SIC) (182 comments)

The cocaine trade makes more and more sophisticated submarines and not all terrorists are stupid. Twisted, demented, ridiculous? Of course. And it only takes one or two. They have engineers that work for them, why not a chemist or a biologist or...?

We are entering an age of easily printed weapons (including biological), and have been in an age of free information. Until we enter the age of non-insanity we're always going to have to weigh security issues. Is this not the very definition of a potential WMD? Someday soon, if not already, it's going to be easier to make and deploy a virus than it is to make a long range missile with a nuclear payload, that is accurate. More of a threat perhaps than nukes if it's weighed on the damage caused / ease of implementation scale (where harder rating # is larger than an easier one, includes cost, ease of access to knowledge,etc).

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Deliver a Print Magazine Online, While Avoiding Piracy?

SinisterRainbow I was also involved in this - I have sobering news (298 comments)

This turned really long, but I believe it will be quite helpful. It has 4 themes: 1) Realizing what is happening, 2) what you are going to lose, 3) why this is happening and 4) at least one suggestion to turn it around.

I was also involved heavily in this industry, there's no two ways about it, you have to realize this isn't 'business as usual' any longer. The Internet is a revolution from print just as cars were from horses. Print won't be around a decade longer, and it's only embraced by those who still remember the old ways. Kids don't even bother, and older people are getting worse eye sight :)

If you don't adapt, you'll die. Frankly, you have already adapted too slowly. I think a lot of us sit back in amusement or get steamed about how slowly media is adapting to our wants.

While I understand the pain of such a brutal change, believe me, I made my money in media as well then went to nothing.. I had plenty of time to think about it, Even while I tried to adapt as my sales hit around 50%, it was still way too slow. (Mine died in 2 years, stopped making money in 4-5, but basically dead within 2)

As soon as the Internet was developed, you should have been trying to get on it, as should have I more-so. Now you're so far behind you are basically asking how to keep your old customers, and the Internet won't matter much. Time is doing pay for their mags and get online free which is fine, but they are still struggling getting new subscribers. For new customers, you need a whole new business model. They have grown up with free information, and 'worse', the belief that information ought to be free. If it is just information that is. What can you bring them they want to pay for? it won't be opinions and reports. They get that for free now, how will you convince them your opinions and reports are worth paying money for (and even a bigger stretch, worth paying what you previously had expected people to pay!)? You yourself can see everyone else adapting slowly but still dying. They aren't asking the right questions. They aren't seeing how the Internet is revolutionizing the world and how to contribute to it. You know you're dead when you're not trying to figure out your customers anymore, and instead stuck in the mindset of how do we 'make people stay with us'. We come from evolution, we either help progress the 'field' or we die. For some periods of time sure we can gain a foothold on the market with one innovation, but all innovations come to and end. Media had a really long run, they were the very few who were able to just do the same thing over and over again and in the process completely forgot how to innovate.

This is just how it is, there's no incentive to know what's going on anymore as in old times - the internet is truly making people more individuals. They don't care what you or I think is cool, they care only about their peers and their interests. This is why media is evolving into Niche markets.

Print is already dead in younger generations, and they are paying customers next year.The internet wasn't on until I was in college, and it was an instant sell to everyone in my age group. No one had to tell us, we all knew it and saw it's potential (hence the dot com boom). Cloaked in this revolution of information, are several residual effects, for example, water cooler talk has changed. It's not Seinfeld against Friends any longer, it's Game of Thrones -vs- Kardashians -vs- X-Games -vs- 1000 other programs.. I'm sure Radio stations wondered what they were going to do when TV started broadcasting. Some realized they must be on TV. But this is even potentially a bad analogy, as radio still has a use to exist (though an *incredibly* diminished one). Print media really does not. Before e-readers, yes, because it wasn't as easy to read, but with e-readers and with the growing problem of waste, storing heavy books, shipping times, environmentally friendlier (which will only get friendlier and friendlier as population grows and resources decline), etc, electronic media is what it will simply be, period. If you want to have a business, you need to start a new one and some revolutionary thinking like Amazon and Netflix are doing with TV.. Big TV is also struggling and hanging on thinking that they can do something to save it. They cannot, and because they are being slow to change, Netflix and Amazon are grabbing larger and larger portions of their markets.

You guys are supposed to be business men. The best businessmen, the Steve Jobs, are innovators. You can't just try to 'save' what you've been doing, you must figure out what people truly WANT, and if you're lucky you'll find a way to make money in the process.

But the fact is media is going to make a lot less money than before and it's simple economics. It's cheaper, and the supply is much much higher (blogs by experts, or cheap video (youtube)) , and the demand will not change or even decrease depending on how you look at it.

I'm sure you've heard many times that it is dying, but hopefully there's some insight here as to why. If you already know this then there's only one problem left, and that's denial. Because of such a long run, that's what life becomes and most involved in such a steady business surely aren't ready for complete revolutions all at once. But think about the economics, think about the future, and remember this happened to me - a dot com start-up guy, and realize you guys need to make huge jumps in thinking immediately.

All is not lost!

All is not lost though, I sit around and think about things like this a lot, and have many suggestions if you are interested. I will name one - think about how Google is solving debugging their software now. They are doing contests. This isn't just for fun, this saves them a couple full time employees a year, it does a better job in finding *and* patching problems, it gets them free press. This model of opening up to the masses is a great model, and one you must adapt to if you are an Intenet related company (and even those who aren't should embrace it's power). You may want to open source or start recruiting popular bloggers. You need that young generation, and they are already following not you. You can have current staff touch things up perhaps or start to advertise them as interesting people or have them start taking a more active editing roles for the new people coming in.

1 year,29 days

New Atomic Clock Could Redefine the Second

SinisterRainbow Re:Grumble.. (76 comments)

That's not what I meant, but kind replies are always nice. I understand the function, but just like most of us don't spend our off hours learning string theory and pondering just how small plank's constant is (at least, rarely), I doubt many of us keep abreast of experiments that use this type of precision or what truly interesting things that will come of it - at LEAST what truly interesting things that justify the seemingly inflated giddiness of the article.. Hence my dissatisfaction.

about a year ago

New Atomic Clock Could Redefine the Second

SinisterRainbow Grumble.. (76 comments)

Just when you start to think you know everything you read something and fail to grasp it's significance and feel dumb or naive all over again.

Well, then you just hope it helps make a warp core.

about a year ago

Patching Software on Another Planet

SinisterRainbow Ingeniously cryptic point! (96 comments)

Is this (another) failed sarcastic statement, or did I really just read that. I'm taking away the point that the world needs less true believers, and people need to stop writing sarcasm online.

about a year ago

Beware the Internet

SinisterRainbow Don't all newspaper writers (314 comments)

Don't all newspaper writers wish the Internet didn't exist? And just replace 'Washington Post' with 'all' while you're at it. You're only supposed to read those when you want to feel sad about human stupidity or see 'legal' corruption in action.

about a year ago

Edward Snowden is ...

SinisterRainbow Also Exposes Propaganda (601 comments)

The biggest threat to a nation is not other nations. The biggest threat is corruption and tyranny within itself as history has shown a thousand times over. Look what else he has shown - how hypocritical we (US) has been. I see it talked about no where, but do you think Washington will be talking about Chinese hackers so one sided any longer? Sullying a nations reputation from truth is one thing, but doing it hypocritically is quite another. What would u think of an individual person who did this? Would you not scorn him? Treat him like a bigot? When a nation lies to me, or treats me like a fool, I treat it as I would any other person.

about a year ago

MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher

SinisterRainbow Dear Microsoft (463 comments)

I hate you. Good bye.

about a year ago

Draft NASA Funding Bill Cancels Asteroid Mission For Return To the Moon

SinisterRainbow Re:Go for the moon (237 comments)

yah why don't we go there again and again and again and while we're at it, repeat all science experiments we did before, then show off our videos to China and Russia again and wave our flags and sing the national anthem and be gay. Or let's go do something more productive with today's budgets and do something new while we try to figure out how the hell to get to Mars.

about a year ago

Don't Panic, But We've Passed Peak Apple (and Google, and Facebook)

SinisterRainbow Absolute Flawed Causation (307 comments)

Has nothing to do with the size, has everything to do with one mind (or rarely two) that run the company (or who no longer runs it). And I see correlation with how old they are (related to being driven perhaps). Companies aren't a democracy, when they lose their big innovator they just become run-of-the-mill from what I can observe.

about a year ago

Do-It-Yourself Brain Stimulation Has Scientists Worried

SinisterRainbow There's nothing like it.. (311 comments)

Nothing like taking the most complex misunderstood piece of machinery and just throwing wattage up in there willy-nilly! Next thing i'll try is stabbing myself to hopefully become more pain resistant. Then eat some metal because I hear iron's good for you.

about a year ago

Steubenville Hacker Faces Longer Prison Sentence Than the Rapists

SinisterRainbow When your system catches... (297 comments)

... 75+% of murderers (relatively easy) but only 0.01% of hackers (relatively tough) you up the sentence a bit just for the annoyance. :)

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Can I Make a Computer Science Club Interesting?

SinisterRainbow Make it fun (265 comments)

When most people think of math/computers/etc they think it's boring. You need a bridge to show all the great things that can be done, I suggest make games/mods using UDK/CryEngine/Unity (unity especially for new comers picking up simple javascript/C#). Does more than teach com sci, teaches various math disciplines, physics, it's fun, most people have played several games and can relate.. relevant to most people.. If i had to learn linear algebra without games to visualize it I would have been bored out of my mind. Visualizing and applying it in a game environment was the difference.

about a year ago

John McAfee's Belize Home Burns To Ground

SinisterRainbow Infinite minor issues (131 comments)

Sure, governments are all corrupt. Sure, McAfee isn't the world's greatest human. Sure, no one here can possibly deduce what is truth and what is fiction. But sure, many here will offer their feeling-based opinion.

about a year ago


top allowing non-US Citizens to Sign Petitions?

SinisterRainbow SinisterRainbow writes  |  about 10 months ago

SinisterRainbow (2572075) writes "Recently a Jimmy Kimmel skit prompted some media outrage when a 5 year old's solution to $1.3 trillian was to kill all Chinese (another's answer was to build a great brick wall around the USA for perspective).

The petition has garnered now 42,000+ votes. While a similar one on has only 5,000, demanding 'the show be cut' and is akin to Nazi Germany rhetoric.

Suspiciously, most signatures appear to be Chinese, with some using the Chinese character set for city names. The Chinese government employees 2 million + censors, and this has gone viral on WeiBo in China. There are approximately 2.7 million Chinese currently living in the USA.

At the current rate, it will likely reach 100,000 signatures required for a response by the White House.

Does this sound more like genuine outrage from westernized citizens? Or a Chinese backlash in another cultural misunderstanding?"

Link to Original Source

Obama Campaign Pledge gets Put to the Test

SinisterRainbow SinisterRainbow writes  |  about a year ago

SinisterRainbow (2572075) writes "For those of us who dislike propaganda and bad government more than party politics, I thought it was noteworthy going back through Obama's campaign pledges. I found one that is quite relevant to recent news as it may raise eyebrows:

"Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. [He] will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. [He] will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process."

Barack Obama —"

Malaysians catching illegal voters with Camera Phones

SinisterRainbow SinisterRainbow writes  |  about a year ago

SinisterRainbow (2572075) writes "Poles closed earlier today on Malaysian elections on what may be the first time in 55 years it will see a transition in leadership. Though not without a fight, the ruling BN party, known for it's massive corruption and institutional racism, has been ironically, flying in foreigners to vote for it. While BN admits it's flying in foreigners, it says it's for 'a voter turnout drive' ( There has been a grassroots push to catch these voters on camera phones (ex: This begs the PR question, would you submit to extra racial scrutiny in order to ensure a more fair election process?"


SinisterRainbow has no journal entries.

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