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What Makes a Good Design Document?

Sir Tristam Re:Testing the design -- traceability (461 comments)

In the first spec, are users with such-and-such authorization allowed to change property yada?
Er, yes. Are you retarded or something?
No, I'm not. If you'd bother to read the sentence immediately after the one you quote, you'd see why I ask that question: "Although it implies it, the specification doesn't actually say that they can." You see, the reason they are called specifications is that you specify things in them. If you were supposed to just imply thing in them, they would be called implications.

But I'm sure you already really knew that your example had been shot down, which is why you resorted to personal attack ("Are you retarded") instead of trying to actually defend your position. I appreciate your acknowledging the error of your position by attempting to "defend" it with only a personal attack.


more than 9 years ago


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