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Slashdot Asks: The Beanies Return; Who Deserves Recognition for 2014?

Skewray Re:Sarkeesian, really? (299 comments)

Sarkeesian was the first to really stand up to it in a very public way, did a lot to draw attention to the problem and documented it in detail. I think it's fair to say that we wouldn't have come this far without her.

For me it's hard to pick between her and Snowden. Both have done a lot to draw attention to important issues, at great personal risk.

Snowden blow open something I already knew. But Sarkeesian let me in on the child thread of the above post. I was utterly unaware that so many readers of Slashdot were...well...whatever one calls those kind of people.

about a month ago

Cause and Effect: How a Revolutionary New Statistical Test Can Tease Them Apart

Skewray What if there is a third party? (137 comments)

So if Z causes both X and Y, I assume that this amazing test gives garbage?

about a month ago

Machine Vision Reveals Previously Unknown Influences Between Great Artists

Skewray Re:I don't see it (74 comments)

I guess they are trying to argue that the placement of the items is the connection?

Pretty much. I suspect this is one of those situations where "correlation != causality" is an appropriate comment.

I would say instead that, given a sufficiently large enough data set, patterns and correlations are bound to appear. The likelihood that thousands of paintings were analyzed in this way and no matches were found, purely on a random basis, is very small.

about 5 months ago

Which desktop environment do you like the best?

Skewray Re:something made of hardwood (611 comments)

large, flat, a couple of nice drawers, place to keep pens, pencils, a stapler, my kneadable eraser, and room for a teevee, good loudspeakers, and a nice computer. and a comfortable chair. now that's a nice desktop environment.

Don't forget a motorized standing desk. Who wants to sit all day?

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do I Request Someone To Send Me a Public Key?

Skewray Re:Extensions needed! (399 comments)

We need some developers to setup-in and develop in-browser Firefox/Chrome extensions ...

And we need a USB keyboard with encryption, in order to avoid key-loggers.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Is an Online Identity Important When Searching For Technical Jobs?

Skewray Re:Online presence is a self-marketing tool (358 comments)

I went to a job interview recently and one of the interviewers had a copy of my LinkedIn profile instead of my submitted resume. The two are essentially identical, which implies that I didn't tailor my resume to the job.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Does LED Backlight PWM Drive You Crazy?

Skewray Re:Sigh (532 comments)

I've seen these before, and I hate them with a passion. Can't see it if you look directly at it, but the more motion-oriented vision at the edge of my vision would catch it.

They seem to be rare, though.

Peripheral vision is much more sensitive to higher frequencies. The central vision taps out at around 40 Hz, while the far peripheral can sense up to around 120 Hz. Doesn't mean that the sensitivity is zero above that, though, just diminished. So any self-respecting system engineer would set the modulation frequency to twice that. Sadly LCD monitors are apparently not designed by self-respecting system engineers.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Bypass Gov't Spying On Cellphones?

Skewray Re:Disposable cell phone (364 comments)

Actually, I buy junky phones at Staples because I hate cell phones, but they are somewhat useful when traveling to meetings. I buy one for the day/week, and then invariably lose it later.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Bypass Gov't Spying On Cellphones?

Skewray Disposable cell phone (364 comments)

I buy a $15 cell phone at Staples. It comes with $10 in minutes. Then I chuck it.

about a year and a half ago

Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

Skewray Lie Detectors ans Friends (768 comments)

The government could put you on a lie detector or similar machine and ask you the questions. Even if you refuse to speak, the machine could detect a response which incriminates you. Given that there are now machines that can use 'mind reading' to control other machines, the likelihood that such machines some day soon be able to detect if you did it without your speaking is quite high.

about a year and a half ago

Not Even Investors Know What Google Glass Is For

Skewray Re:Google Glass records, too (496 comments)

Google Glass doesn't just present information; it can record, too. And if you record every little thing you see, it's possible to review and discover small, but critically important events later.....

Haven't you noticed that this is half of what makes Google Glass so horrifying?

about 2 years ago

Speeding Ticket Robots — Laws As Algorithms

Skewray not quite (400 comments)

I've seen badly parked cars with hundreds of plastered-on tickets. Clearly people can behave mindlessly in exactly the same way. Besides, it is illegal to be *caught* speeding; the speeding itself is okay.

about 2 years ago

Nathan Myhrvold Answers Your Questions, Live Q&A Today At 12 P.M. Pacific

Skewray Re:Oh geee... (54 comments)

No it's not. It means a patent is garbage that's been obscured and made useless for the purpose of CONVEYING KNOWLEDGE.

If I can clarify, patents have two parts. The first is a description written so that you can understand it. The second part has the claims, which are the incomprehensible part. If you want to implement the idea, you only need to understand the first part. The claims explain what aspects of the invention are covered by the patent. The claims are what you are interested in if you want to have your day in court. If all you want is to implement the idea in your back yard, read the first part and have at it.

about 2 years ago

Ask Nathan Myhrvold What You Will, Live Q&A April 3

Skewray Mosquitoes (124 comments)

The Photonic Fence project was proposed with much fanfare about six years ago, to rid Africa is disease-carrying mosquitoes. Rumor has it that the Gates Foundation has cut funding. The project appears to have developed nothing of practical use, although the project leaders responsible appear to still be in control. Is there going to be a serious forensic analysis of how the project went south?

about a year ago

Dr. Robert Bakker Answers Your Questions

Skewray Cynognathus? (47 comments)

I was left still wanting to know what ever happened to poor Cynognathus, who was superior in form but didn't survive.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Convince a Company Their Subscriber List Is Compromised?

Skewray Re:Is it fixed? (247 comments)

I do the same thing as the author in the article. To confirm this you need to change the email address you received the spam from at the same time you notify the company.


thecompany@yourdomain.com localaccount


#thecompany@yourdomain.com localaccount thecompany2@yourdomain.com localaccount

If 'thecompany2' address gets spam they're still compromised. Repeat until fixed or you lose trust in 'thecompany'.

Personal admission: I am already at amazon5@yadayada.

about 2 years ago

Homeland Security Stole Michael Arrington's Boat

Skewray Re:Oh no, he's rich. But we're looking at that wro (812 comments)

Dealing successfully with the ironically-named 'justice system' (where 'successfully' is defined as 'minimal loss of wealth/immediate freedom/future earning potential/continence' is based on two key factors: 1) Do not appear to have anything confiscatable 2) Flatter their ego Stupid people care about the law. They think that if they obey the law, they will be ok. The fact is, the law really doesn't matter. Cops don't know the law, they just enforce it. The most important thing is to not get involved with the police, and if you do, to not get arrested. If you get arrested, you have already lost. The law only matters after you are arrested. But even then, you will end up plea-bargaining to an unrelated charge anyway. The idea that you will stand up before a judge and he will see that you were in compliance with the law and you will achieve some kind of 'justice' is pure naivete. Even if the case is dismissed, you lost.

This is brilliant.

about 2 years ago

Pushing Back Against Licensing and the Permission Culture

Skewray BSD (320 comments)

Isn't the basic BSD license essentially the same as completely permissive? Anyone can borrow the code, do whatever they want, and not flow back changes. Yet the code is still licensed.

about 2 years ago

Mozilla Named 'Most Trusted Internet Company For Privacy'

Skewray Re:I skimmed the PDF... (70 comments)

...and it's all about perception and how people feel, not how the world actually works. Therefore, it may give people fuzzy/happy feelings, but it doesn't necessarily mean squat if it's not actually correct.

Well, the Ponemon Institute brought us Pikachu, which makes me feel pretty fuzzy/happy about Mozilla.

about 2 years ago



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