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Huge Shocker — 3D TVs Not Selling

SkinnyGuy Why is 3D TV Stumbling (535 comments) says "If there's one thing consumers won't put up with, it's the fracturing of the basic television-viewing experience. Not only do all current 3D TVs require glasses, they're not all using the same ones. Some knuckle-head manufacturers are even charging extra for these glasses, which may only work with a fraction of today's 3D TVs. Imagine if you bought glasses that only focused on buildings and signs but not cars and people.

more than 3 years ago



Scientists Teach Computers the Difference Between Forward and Reverse – In

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a month ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are now teaching computers to use life’s little physical dynamic queues to tell the difference between video running forward and reverse."
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CreoPop is How You Draw in 3D with Light and Gel

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a month and a half ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "The rather large pen weighs 113 grams or just under 4 oz. It stands out among existing 3D drawing (some mistakenly call them “printing”) tools. This uses neither heat nor plastics to create 3D objects that can stand on their own."
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Scientists Discover First New Polymers in 20 Years

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about 2 months ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "The world welcomed two new polymers on Thursday, codenamed Titan and Hydro, both of which came from the same reaction. One is rigid; it could become part of the next generation of computers. The other is a gel, so it it could be included in water-soluble nail polish or a life-saving gel."
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Dyson's Vision: A Robot Vacuum That Can See

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about 6 months ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Inventor James Dyson has a long history of re-imagining the familiar. From bag-less vacuum cleaners to touch-free hand-dryers in bathrooms, these are devices that do something commonplace, but in a way no one thought of before or imagined could work. Now, with Dyson’s investing more than $8 million in a joint robotics lab at Imperial College London, some might think Dyson is branching out. They’d be wrong."
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DNA Nanobots Could Deliver the Future of Medicine

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about 8 months ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Someday you will take a pill that will fix your body. Sounds like science fiction and, though not yet science fact, it is a tantalizing potential presented by a breakthrough in nano technology and biomedicine from researchers in the U.S., Denmark and Rome. Nanorobots that can deliver and release biomolecules based on temperature."
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Elon Musk: There Was No Falcon 9 Explosion

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about 10 months ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Shortly after reports surfaced on Monday that the private rocket company SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket may have blown up in space, SpaceX came forward to clear the air and caution a bit of patience — and founder and billionaire Elon Musk offered an outright denial."
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Now You Can Control Your Laptop with Your Eyes

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  1 year,4 days

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Tobii Gaze control dispenses with the mouse and puts your orbitz in control. Now it's embedded in a laptop. Here's the story of what it's liek to use one of the World's first consumer-level eye-control computers."
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Presto! Baxter Is Magic's First Robot Assistant

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  1 year,11 days

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Tempest, a cyber-illusionist already well known for taking technology to new prestidigitation heights is now working with one of the latest and most affordable androids: Rethink Robotics' Baxter and trying to turn him into The World's First Robot Magician's Assistant."
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Wanna See the Future of 3D Rendering? This Is It

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a year ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "The concept behind Lagoa is simple and smart. It’s a real-time, Web based, collaborative 3D manipulation platform that requires no software installation or localized rendering power. Lagoa is not for 3D newbies. It’s a powerful environment full of rich controls for manipulating pre-built 3D objects, scenes, light sources, textures and materials--all in the cloud."
Link to Original Source

Get Serious, Apple is Not Building a Smart Pen

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a year ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "While tech sites have been chasing each other's tails over a "new" Apple patent for a smart-pen-like device, the reality is much more interesting. This is the only story with the truth and insights from the actual inventor."
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'World's Smallest' 3D Sensor Is Ready to Go Anywhere

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "When we look back at this year's CES, we may remember it as the year of the sensor. Wearable and embeddable sensor technology will be everywhere, and right there at the heart of at least some of it will be PrimeSense. The Israeli-based company created the 3D environmental mapping tech behind Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor for the Xbox 360 and, at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, PrimeSense will unveil what it calls the "World's Smallest" 3D sensor: the Capri."
Link to Original Source

Hands On with iRobot's Throwbot

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "I always wondered what it would be like to take a military-grade, throwable robot on a tour of Mashable‘s office. Now I know. iRobot‘s 110 FirstLook, a five-pound surveillance robot that you can literally throw into the field to gain “situational awareness,” took the test and survived."
Link to Original Source

How Windows 8 Changes the Game for PC Security

SkinnyGuy SkinnyGuy writes  |  about 2 years ago

SkinnyGuy (697369) writes "Windows 8 shuffles the security deck by pulling Microsoft Security Essentials inside, rebranding it Windows Defender (actually adopting the name of a security feature already inside Windows Vista and Windows 7)."
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